Throughout the 2000s, Janet Jackson to be romantically attached to document producer and also rapper Jermaine Dupri. Jackson, who is known for maintaining her an individual life low-key, had actually previously been married come DeBarge singer James DeBarge in the 1980s and video clip director René Elizondo in the 1990s.

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During an figure on T.I."s podcast, "expediTIously," Dupri informed listeners the he and also Jackson first met backstage at one of her concerts in 2001 through Kriss Kross. At the time, Dupri wasn"t as famed as that is now and also was known for creating hits because that the likes of the girl team Xscape. Jackson had no clue who Dupri was however still want to fulfill him after her bodyguard nearly stopped the duo from being presented to every other. "We go to she show and I"m part of their entourage... Kris Kross walk in to meet Janet Jackson, and also the bodyguard hit me v the hand... Therefore they"re like, "That"s our man!" They"re informing her, and also when they call her, she had to vouch for me, "Let that in, he cool"," he explained. "She began talking to me "You have to be the distinct one... Castle ain"t wanna leaving you outside. Why castle didn"t want to leave you outside?"... That seemed favor an energy, right? in ~ that point I was just like, I"m gonna check out you again..." This is Kris" time... That"s mine role."

The pair prospered close to one another and also hit things off officially shortly after.

Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri's bond showed up very strong to the public

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Aside from gift in a relationship with one another, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri also worked with each other on music throughout their time as a couple. In 2006, Jackson released her ninth studio album, "20 Y.O.," and enabled Dupri to produce a number of the songs. The LP deserve Jackson a Grammy nomination for Best contemporary R&B Album in 2007. The pair made miscellaneous red carpet appearances together and Jackson appeared in the music video clip for Dupri"s song "Gotta Getcha."

While showing up on "expediTIously," Dupri opened up about introducing Jackson to plenty of things she hadn"t experienced prior to in she life. "I took she to Magic City... I exposed she to a most life that i didn"t also know I could expose a human being to. Girlfriend think when a human is that famous, that rich, they understand everything. They"ve checked out everything. However it to be a lot of of world that we was living in, cultural wise, that they hadn"t gotten in L.A," that said. "That"s wherein we basically began hitting it off. Us were mirroring each other multiple things. ... It was two cool people exchanging energy."

Jackson and Dupri spent plenty of years in a happy relationship however never got engaged or bound the knot. Keep analysis to find out why.

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After developing a public partnership in the early on 2000s, Janet Jackson and also Jermaine Dupri dubbed it quits by 2008. In 2020, Dupri told T.I. ~ above his "expediTIously" podcast the actual reason why they never ever walked down the aisle. "I started seeing so countless other things that I wanted to do, and also so countless other locations that ns felt like I want to go. I began thinking marriage for me wasn"t gonna work," he expressed. "Just something around it... Once you feel prefer you"re ready to obtain married, friend don"t have no answers, you just know what that is."

Dupri said he currently felt married to the powerhouse performer. V that gift said, throughout their seven-year relationship, the duo never ever lived together, which was another factor regarding why they broke up. "I feel like that"s a part where friend really recognize if you"re strong," he stated. "She wasn"t ready to move to Atlanta. She was willing come come out below for a couple of weeks. But living in Atlanta, because that her, simply didn"t yes, really seem like L.A. And me, i wasn"t all set to move to Malibu ... I prefer it, ns f**k through it. Yet it ain"t... It"s simply something about being right here ... The stuff didn"t feel like the an are where either one of us wanted to be."

Rumors made headlines the Jackson and also Dupri to be planning a wedding in ~ the time. However, in an interview because that "The Tyra banks Show" in 2008, Jackson described they weren"t true.