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I have actually a Vizio VBR231 BLU-RAY DVD player and am do the efforts to regime my COX global Remote (used top top a Motorola DCT6416 DVR) to work with it. The 2 DVD player password (1064, 1226) detailed in the remote"s hands-on are useless and I cannot find any type of DVD password on the Vizio WWWeb site. Deserve to anyone help?
Let"s watch if the DVD codes room the exact same as VBR200W. Using Setup password 1064, tap the number 4 button on the remote. Check out if that toggles strength on the DVD player. Additionally check if the CH+ switch on the remote reasons a down arrow on the DVD player.If this work, we"ll be able to customize the far to regulate everything..
When ns tried the 1064 code on the Cox DVR global M7820 remote and also hitting `4" for power (or something else) the remote entered `cable" mode and also sent `4" together a channel selection.
OK, that"s the Channel Lock feature, i m sorry is mainly used on cable remotes to route CH+/- and also digit buttons come the cable box, even if the far is in TV mode. That"s defeatable, however let"s do the test in a different way. Again making use of 1064 (needs to be on the DVD or VCR device button, not on a TV maker button), insanity Setup and then get in the 5 number sequence 00053. When you go into the last digit (3), the remote will certainly send one IR signal. I"m hope that will certainly toggle the DVD power. Menu might be 00084. Pat is 00155 and also Stop is 00149.
I entered s/u code 1064 in DVD s/u and then touched the s/u switch once, then 00053, however got no response. I turned the DVD player on manually and also repeated the procedure w/ no response.

This could be like in search of a needle in a haystack. I recommend the you email Vizio and ask for the IR codes.They have supplied these for TVs, and the layout would look something like:Volume + ---- 02FD.Play --------- B04FI would not ask for a setup code. You"re looking for a perform of possibly 40-50 IR duty codes.
I contacted Vizio tech assistance with little success...Dear Valued Customer,Thank you for your recent inquiry with VIZIO. I would certainly be more than happy to help you v your concern. Below at VIZIO we carry out offer finest in course technical support.Currently the just code the VBR231 will respond to is 22563."I then replied that I require a 4 digit code for my universal remote and got this `final" reply..."I apologize but 22563 is the only code ns have. Us don"t have any 4 number codes for the VIZIO Blu-Ray players."So i guess I"ll be juggling through yet an additional remote...
Here"s an instance of an email from Vizio technology support. The important allude is to not ask for a setup code (they"ve already done every they can--22563 just means Video 2563; the leading 2 implies video clip to part UEI remotes.) rather you must ask because that the individual function numbers. The listed below email excerpt describes a TV, however they have to have comparable information because that the DVD. They won"t send this come you uneven you specifically ask for it, since most world have no idea what to do with the info.We use NEC protocol with resolve 04FB for every one of our TVs (except the really old ones, prefer P4)Key label CodeCH + 00CH 01VOL + 02VOL 03DEVICE PWR TOGGLE 07POWER 08MUTE 09MTS 0AAUDIO 0BSLEEP 0E0 101 112 123 134 145 156 167 178 189 19LAST 1AINFO 1BGUIDE 1CLIST 1DMUTE top top 20MUTE off 21
The brand-new sony vlz620 global remote has vizio blu-ray password 12563 ~ above board. The sony remote is UEI make remote, yet uses an extremely different prefix # because that its devices.
dude her the **** ......worked prefer a charm and also to think i had no faith in her numbers thanks AND an ext THANKS
Greetings, googled throughout these posts. Utilizing a RC65RBX DirectTV remote I provided the 21064 code & while the did not job-related according come the far the "4" button turned top top the strength as suspect by 3FingeredGlove... Not sure where i go indigenous here....Thank You.
Quote:Originally post by Roscoe76
/t/1288816/universal-remote-codes-for-vizio-dvd-player#post_24803561 Greetings, googled throughout these posts. Making use of a RC65RBX DirectTV far I used the 21064 password & while it did not work according to the remote the "4" button turned on the strength as suspect by 3FingeredGlove... Not certain where ns go native here....Thank You.
With Directv far you can"t carry out anything v that, the doesn"t permit for keymoves, or accepting advanced codes or to teach commands, you"re stuck with whatever"s preset.

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