My Pokemon emerald won"t work-related for mine visualboyadvance and also I to be wondering if I can get some help. What happens is I open up the emulator, climate I open the rom v the emulator, climate the screen goes black for less than a second then it goes white and does"t adjust afterward. Any help?

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If her rom a good one ?Also try the VBA-M projectOur Project objectives Our score is to boost upon VisualBoyAdvance by complete the best features from the miscellaneous builds floating around. Unfortunately job-related on the “official” project seems to have stalled. Independent developers have added excellent functions to VBA, however seem to have done for this reason individually. The resource codes for many of these forks seem to it is in abandoned, outdated or absent altogether. We aim to preserve every one of the hard work excellent by these developers to make the already great VisualBoyAdvance also better!

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ok it rotates me this are you walk to document then open gameboy and going come the folder the the game is in?????if you deserve to see that in that folder then minimize vba and also go to the folder or where ever before the game record is appropriate click the then go to open up with climate look because that vba if its not there then walk to other... And go find the vba file click ~ above it and also then click open if that works and also you dont desire to repeat every one of that then right click her game paper then walk to nature you well check out the document icon and also to the right of it there fine be a button that states change... Then look for the vba record and it sud be in the row currently its the 1 that has the gba icon and also it says.... Visualboyadvance emulator click that 1s and then click ok and there you walk when ever you want to beat your video game it well be in the exact same spot you had actually it be for in much less you relocated it well where ever it is the record icon it is in a white piece of record with the peak right edge folded forward and a gba icon on that piece of paper.i expect this helped.there are only 2 methods that i know to open and also play games on a VBA and also here thay are....the method i just told you before,i expect this helpedandfile open up gameboy click in game file then open if no one of those occupational then obtain a brand-new rom yet dont walk to the website coolromscuzz alot of there roms are locked through some regime P.S. All means make certain to scan your computer for viruses or scan the document you just downloaded to make the scan quick but scan your computer system any means cuzz you never know and also i know it bring away so lengthy to scan yet if you have actually a fast computer system then you have the right to do stuff well your scanning but i do not introduce it ns recommend friend close everything but the scanner yes even MSN,yahoo,or what ever before chat thingy friend have and also just let it scan i really do hope this helps you and more ppl tranquility easy