Like the very first Virtual Villagers game, the sequel is pack with challenging puzzles and also quirks. To aid you succeed, I’ve compiled a perform of tips, tricks and cheats come make resolving the game less frustrating. There space some spoiler here, for this reason proceed learning that few of the guesswork is removed.

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If you haven’t download the video game yet, you can download virtual Villagers 2 here.

For a game walkthrough and hints for digital Villagers 3: The an enig City watch the advice for online Villagers 3.

General digital Villagers 2: The Lost children Tips

Finding much more food – if you are running low on food, you can video game the food mechanism by sending out every obtainable villager to gather food in ~ once. Send a fixed of villagers to harvest plants or a coconut tree and also you can often get far an ext than the normal yield for the food.Game Speed – while play the game, save it at common or 2xSpeed. When you action away native the video game for an extended duration (like 24 hours or more), be certain to stop the game so all your villagers don’t die.Villager Skills – Assign skills to each villager on the villager’s detail page. You deserve to train villagers by pointing castle in the direction the a job you desire them come do, favor farming or building.Exploration – obtain exploration skills by sending out villagers to study every corner of the map (and all the room in in between the corners).

Solving the Puzzles

The 16 puzzles require a combination of an abilities in order to solve. You’ll need a certain level of village technology, exploration skills, agriculture knowledge, and in some cases other puzzles completed before completing an additional puzzle. This perform of advice provides clues for solving each the the puzzles – there are spoilers here, so don’t read them if you want to be surprised.

Puzzle #1 – construct a fire in the fire pit by dragging a villager to the heap of dry hardwood in the southwest part of the village. After there’s hardwood in the fire pit, have them discover some dried grass west the the coconut trees. After ~ both grass and also wood are in the fire pit, drag a villager come the pit therefore they light the fire. The supply will need to be restocked periodically our her fire will go out.

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Puzzle #2 – build a dam to course water native the stream to a suitable farming location. After acquiring Level 2 Engineering, traction a villager to the rocks in the middle of the lower finish of the stream. As lengthy as you have the engineering Tech, friend will see a message about building a dam.Puzzle #3 – develop a scarecrow to protect the plants from bird by dragging a understand Farmer come the twisted wood and also vines located in the northern edge of the village. You’ll need to lug supplies ago to the farm yard area double in order to get sufficient supplies to finish the scarecrow. If friend don’t finish building and construction on the scarecrow, birds will certainly eat her crops.Puzzle #4 – do cutting tools to eliminate overgrown vegetation approximately the village. After ~ acquiring exploration Tech Level 2, drag a grasp Scientist come the northern component of the town to the rocks by the twisted wood and vines. Something will be discovered and also two trips will certainly be compelled to make special tools.Puzzle #5 – grasp six tree located approximately the village. Girlfriend will know each tree is mastered once a message appears on screen. Beginning with the odd-looking plant just left of the an extremely dry grass in the northwest component of the village, relocate clockwise towards the blue flower between the thorns and rocks. Next discover the small lavender flower in ~ the north end of the graveyard, complied with by the black flowers by the waterfall. Continue to the red flowers south of the dam. Close with the orangish-red flower in ~ the southern edge the the village.Puzzle #6 – friend must develop the Esteemed Elder, which requires having one villager end up being a master in 3 skills. A totem is developed in the village.Puzzle #7 – remove the birds in the ocean caused by end fishing. ~ achieving Farming technology Level 3, take a understand Farmer or understand Scientist come the pond whereby they will gather birds eating fish supplied to re-populate the ocean. Friend will have actually unrestricted fishing when sufficient fish are returned to the sea.Puzzle #8 – remove vines covering the wall surface on the eastern side of the village. Obtain Level 3 society Tech and also be certain to complete Puzzle #4 before dragging a villager come the vine-covered wall, the villager will begin cutting far the vines.Puzzle #9 – do stews for her villagers. Expedition Tech Level 2 is required, together with a cauldron indigenous the hardwood pile and mastery the at least one of the special plants indigenous Puzzle #5.How to make a stew:1 – place a villager ~ above the cauldron to put it top top the fire.2 – ar a villager ~ above the cauldron a 2nd time to acquire water for the stew.3 – place a villager ~ above a mastered plant to gather herbs because that the stew. (Each stew calls for 3 herbs)4 – place a villager on the cauldron and the villager will include food to the stew.5 – when the stew is finished, the villager will move the cauldron off the fire.The stews have actually varying results on villagers, indigenous curing an illness to making lock a little strange. Try different combinations of plants to get different results.Puzzle #10 – uncover the ancient covered floor in the southeast component of the town by dragging a villager through Level 3 of design Tech and Exploration technology to the location.Puzzle #11 – build a hospital. Get both engineering Tech and Medicine technology Level 3 and a foundation will show up for the villagers to build a hospital.Puzzle #12 – develop a sewing hut. Get society Tech Level 2 and Science tech Level 2. A foundation will show up for villagers to develop on. This sewing hut allows you to adjust the villagers clothing.Puzzles 13-16 are all component of the Gong that Wonder, i beg your pardon is the final challenge of the game. The 4 parts that the Gong of Wonder are:Puzzle #13 – take 3 Master building contractors to the crate on the coast where one of the gong pieces are hidden.Puzzle #14 – clear thorns blocking access to the gong encasement. With exploration Tech Level 2, clear away the thorns spanning the gong encasement revealing a piece of the gong.Puzzle #15 – making use of the stew making measures from Puzzle #9, make a stew to allow a villager to dive for the sunken gong item in the pond. Use one black color flower and two orange-red flowers from the southern side of the village. You have the right to see the forced herbs ~ above the wall surface where you gotten rid of vines in an earlier puzzle.Puzzle #16 – with Puzzles #6 and also #10 complete, drop the totem in the center of the mosaic found in puzzle #10. This will certainly assemble the gong. Bang the gong a preferably of as soon as every 24 hours (in game time) to see what influence it has on the village.For an ext Virtual Villagers game play, be certain to download the initial Virtual Villagers game and also read my advice on the very first Virtual Villagers game.