Many university students use highlighting as a reading tool. However, despite its popularity, highlighting has tendency not to it is in a an extremely effective analysis strategy. This handout shares effective reading techniques that you have the right to use instead of or in enhancement to highlighting and shares tips for highlighting well.

The temptation that highlighting

Why do students highlight? commonly students highlight due to the fact that they desire to focus on the vital parts that the text and highlight—literally and also figuratively—those parts for later on study. The problem is that instead of thinking critically around the content, they mainly spend your mental power sorting the content into what’s important and also what’s not. Focusing on i m sorry details to to mark can acquire in the way of a deeper expertise of the big picture.

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In addition, plenty of students that highlight while analysis then usage these highlighted sections of the message as the main substance of their studying, rereading this content as their major study strategy. Rereading in this way can add to illusions of competence—the feeling that us know much more than we in reality know. Why? after ~ looking at contents that’s grammar a particular way and presented on the same part of a web page a pair of times, the content deserve to pretty quickly end up being familiar to a reader. Numerous of us confuse this familiarity through a an excellent understanding that the material. And even if us remember or also understand this highlighted nuggets, yes sir no indication that we’re see the bigger snapshot and room able come apply, analyze, or evaluate the material—the types of higher order thinking that professors commonly invoke in their exam questions.

Effective analysis strategies

As the paragraph above explains, highlighting isn’t 100% negative in and also of itself, relying on what student highlight and also how they usage that content later. Part students choose highlighting or underlining because it helps them execute something through their hands and become an ext engaged through the text. If it is you, great—don’t avoid if it fkeolistravelservices.comtions for you. However read ahead to discover out exactly how you deserve to do more to engage while reading and also studying.

Effective techniques to use once reading space ones that connect your brain in deep thinking about the text. Right here are simply a couple of ideas:

Preview the text. Before starting to read, look with the chapter and also note text features like headings, interlocutor words, charts, graphs, images, and end of chapter questions. Usage this details to kind an idea of what the chapter is walk to emphasis on.

Know her purpose. collection a objective for reading before you start. (Think about what you require to be able to know or do after reading). Store that fkeolistravelservices.comtion in mind while girlfriend read, and also check to view if you have reached it by the end.

Annotate. Take quick notes in your own words around the main ideas and key words in the margins of her text. This is a quick and also engaging way to take notes.

Ask and also answer questions. turn headings right into questions and also then answer them as you read. Type questions if you read and try to answer them later. Prize questions noted by the book.

Summarize. stop after every paragraph or page and also write a brief an introduction of the main principles in your very own words. Summarizing have the right to be much more effective 보다 highlighting or annotating because it help you better gauge what you do and also don’t understand about a reading.

Highlighting tips

Only highlight after you’ve got to the finish of a i or a section. Stop and think around what girlfriend read and determine the key concepts before you highlight. This will assist you pinpoint an essential concepts and decrease mindless highlighting.Limit you yourself to highlighting one sentence or expression per paragraph. Look for the sentence that ideal expresses the key concept.Highlight key words and phrases rather of full sentences. As soon as looking ago over these words and also phrases, quiz you yourself on them prior to reading further.Consider color-coding: select one color for interpretations and crucial points and another shade for examples.Using your very own words, write summaries of the vital concepts you’ve highlighted in the spare or in a separate set of notes.

Fore more reading strategies, check out this handouts indigenous the learning Center:

Connect with resources

Make an appointment with an academic coach to comment on how to use efficient reading strategies, do a study schedule, or talk about any other academic issue.Attend office hrs for each of your classes and talk to her professor around the food materials, readings, and details study strategies.Attend a workshop around effective reading and study strategies.

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