i was reading an digital book and there was the expression "useless prefer tits ~ above a log". Ns googled to find much more about this expression and also I discovered a similar one: "useless choose tits ~ above a bull". Which among them is an ext recognizable in everyday keolistravelservices.com? Why haven"t ns been maybe to find references around the first one?

Edit: ns think over there is a entirety group that expressions choose that — "useless like tits ~ above a boar", "useless like tits on a nun", "useless like tits ~ above a turtle" etc. That is really amazing how we deserve to make such an expression.

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There is additionally a "tit bull," (East Texas), referring to a calf the was never weaned or steered and is quiet living turn off mama together an adult.


None of this variants room significantly more recognizable 보다 the others. The importance of the expression is "useless favor tits ~ above a..." and also it doesn"t really issue what the end of the sentence is as lengthy as:

The object has actually no titsOR the object does have tits yet does not produce milk native those tits

That gift said, "useless like tits on a nun" offers an exciting exception and is actually a clever beat on the classic phrase. Why this is the case is left together an practice for the reader.


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