Sailors Uranus and also Neptune have been cited together being two of the most influential personalities in fiction, not simply anime, for plenty of LGBT oriented millennials. Because that me, they to be my first examples the homosexuality in general and also served as a positive instance for me that those v differing orientations. Yet there appears to be a division in the Sailor Moon community as to which version of Sailor Moon represented their personalities best. Was it the initial manga or Toei Animation’s anime? plenty of have legitimate arguments for both cases, but the one I see come increase the most is that seafarer Uranus (Haruka) kisses sailor Moon (Usagi) there is no consent in the manga and also therefore no come off as positively as she should.

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I normally don’t prefer to talk around stories that are decades old and also have currently been analyzed through much more intuitive minds but this scene has been brought into concern yet again through the (surprisingly good) third season that Sailor Moon Crystal. I have actually been inquiry by numerous of my followers on my YouTube channel, CJ Vs. Manga, come talk around this step in particular, yet I personally think it is too sensitive a subject to speak on video clip and, see as lot of what ns say on that channel is fairly or unfairly misinterpreted, I will write around it right here instead.

The third episode ends with seafarer Uranus kissing seafarer Moon ~ warning she to not get in her means and to continue to be out the danger. Many people fail to identify what this scene was likely trying come convey. It’s instantly clear in this rotate of occasions that seafarer Uranus has a dominant presence over seafarer Moon. She offers this supremacy to send a clear blog post that seafarer Moon is disrupting hers and Sailor Neptune’s plans. The activity in chin is a plot device that puts seafarer Moon at a disadvantage versus Sailor Uranus. This kiss is something the confuses and also distresses her, much like actual sexual assault would, because… it’s sex-related assault.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. I know why numerous readers and viewers take worry with this scene. Unfortunately, this is where plenty of fail to check out the manga v a historic context in mind. Shojo manga has used sexual assault as a way to convey serious and humorous anxiety for most of that is history. One of the most typical tropes in the genre is as soon as a daring competitor of our protagonist’s lover will certainly plant a kiss on her, an activity that would be horrific in real life, the our key character will brush off nearly entrely. It’s, in my opinion, a really silly and unrealistic trope, yet understanding that trope gives us some context as to why seafarer Uranus kissed sailor Moon and, likewise, why Tuxedo Mask an extremely early on in the series kisses sailor Moon without consent while she is passed the end drunk.

It’s not funny to think the someone that sailor Moon is an alleged to to trust someone would carry out something favor that. Then again, once we look at this scene with sailor Uranus in the paper definition of the fatality Busters arc critically, the clear the readers and viewers are supposed to assume that sailor Moon cannot trust sailor Uranus.


Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune space antagonists in the an initial half of death Busters. They right up physically strike the group two chapters later and I insurance no one will complain about that as lot as they did v this sequence. Sexual attack is horrific, but physical assault is reasonably damning too. Sailor Pluto later on apologizes on behalf of seafarer Uranus and Sailor Neptune and also all 3 of them admit that, if they had actually positive intentions in distancing themselves from seafarer Moon and her friends, your actions were eventually wrong.

Later on, the is clear that seafarer Uranus still harbors some attraction to sailor Moon, however this is at some point revealed together affection, more so 보다 a physics attraction. The character defines looking top top the kingdom that had Princess Serenity together a beautiful, sadly unattainable dream. To this character, sailor Moon or Princess Serenity is like a celebrity or lengthy lost friend. To all of sudden overreact wouldn’t be the end of she character. Us see sailor Neptune together Michiru likewise play v Mamoru in a comparable way, despite much more controlled. It is in these different responses to civilization they admire the we space able come perceive your characters.

But perform I think that Takeuchi’s decision to have Sailor Uranus sexually attack Sailor Moon to be a critically great one? To be honest, ns wouldn’t mind the if it to be painted as being an evil action. Once Prince Diamond in the black color Moon arc forcibly kissed Usagi, it to be a horrific and also awful action. But why is the that sailor Uranus’s kiss is somehow no a poor thing just since she’s a “good” character? The article those scene in conjunction send is the if someone is your family or friend, that OK for them to sexually attack you. Ns don’t think I have to define how backward the is.

Of course, ns will also put the spotlight top top Toei Animation. The firm has, therefore far, do the 3rd season of sailor Moon Crystal more than worth watching however I execute wish it had actually taken some consideration to upgrade or change that scene. An embrace or maybe just having the dream sequence later of Haruka and also Usagi kissing would have actually been enough for most fans. You could still acquire the very same scene that some fans want without sacrifice the the aristocracy of sailor Uranus’s character or the intellect of seafarer Moon’s. Toei animation has already made some positive alters to the manga’s story so i am disappointed they go not address this issue.


There room obviously positive elements to sailor Uranus’s manga portrayal regardless of this step existing. She and also Sailor Neptune’s partnership was a bold relocate on Takeuchi’s part. They carry out come throughout as having actually “yuri” stereotypes, being heteronormative in their connection roles, etc., but they were still innovative because that the time. Ns still think that seafarer Uranus is a an excellent character, even if I carry out disagree v what she did come Usagi morally.

I can’t say this enough. You can like a character but you don’t have to constantly agree with them. One of my favorite characters in the sailor Moon manga is someone that kills turn off my other favorite character. Carry out I rejoice and also applaud their decision to straight up murder my other favorite character? Of course not. Likewise, despite Sailor Uranus having actually an easy to understand loving ar in countless people’s hearts, they carry out not always have to agree with the character. You don’t need to enjoy the “kiss” come still gain Sailor Uranus.

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In the end, sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are a positive example of a homosexual pair while quiet remaining complex characters. I think the both those who assistance the scene in question and those who execute not have valid factors for act so. I simply pray that people understand that characters, favor actual human being beings, should never it is in perfect and flaws space there come develop and also make characters much more realistic. In ~ the very least, i’m glad the fans still have a factor to talk about and gain this series.