Ready to find some UGG deals? We’ll display you how to score your favorite UGG boots and also slippers ~ above sale.

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The price of UGGs can range from $60 to $315 and beyond, but we’ll lower your supposed payout for these fashion faves.

Whether you’re a longtime UGG super-fan or make the efforts to gain your an initial pair, fine tell you where to shop, once to shop, and what kind of savings you can expect come get.

(Unless you’re looking for UGGs because that dogs. Us can’t aid you there.)


1. First, the poor news: Brand-new UGGs pretty much expense the exact same everywhere.

And here’s why: UGG controls the price retailers can advertise. It is why you’ll check out basically the very same prices because that a certain model throughout all retailers.

You’ll only see discount prices on stop models and colors, or on models that UGG has removed from their perform of price-controlled products.

Clearance is the crucial to detect affordable UGGs, my friends. Clearance.


2. Currently the great news: Krazy Coupon Lady has a secure stream of UGG deals.

We’re constantly spring for new UGG deals, and also when we discover them, we write-up them right to our committed KCL UGG deals page! girlfriend can even download the KCL application and collection up notifications for any time we post new UGG sales.

Sit ago and allow us do all the tough work for you. Below is a current deal us posted:

Buy 1 UGG Women's Zariyah Water Repellent ankle Bootie, $60.00 sale price, $150.00 reg. Price
Shipping: Free
Pickup: Free
FINAL PRICE:$60.00Save 60% ($90.00)
EXPIRED OCT 18, 2021

3. Normally speaking, Zappos is going to be the finest place to buy UGG.


Amazon-owned shoe save Zappos consistently has actually the biggest choice of UGG revenue items, and although various other retailers come close, they repeatedly win — if even by 5 cents. (And standard shipping is free; no minimum order!)

Zappos sells a massive variety of discontinued UGG boots, slippers, sneakers, and also sandals. You’ll conserve an typical of 30% ~ above MSRP, but we’ve seen discounts as high together 53%!

Some examples:

Zappos has totally free shipping and totally free 365-day returns. Sizes are commonly limited, so items market out relatively quickly.


4. Koolaburra boots by UGG room a an excellent under-$100 entry point.


Koolaburra boots and slippers cost between $40-$100 and use entirely artificial materials. Therefore while they’re cheaper than the conventional suede-and-shearling UGG boots, the top quality of craftsmanship is the same.

You yes, really can’t do much better than finding her Koolaburra boots at or

Here are the finest Koolaburra prices we might find:

Koolaburra had a stellar black color Friday revenue in 2019 and 2020: a week-long 25% turn off site-wide sale. Therefore it’s a good bet we’ll check out that again this year!


5. Use your Kohl’s Cash when Kohl’s has actually sales top top Koolaburra.


Because, favor with so many other products, Kohl’s Cash renders all the difference in acquiring the ideal price.

We saw the Koolaburra Classic brief Women’s Winter boots on sale for $67.49 (reg. $89.99) in ~ Kohl’s. Include in the $10 in Kohl’s Cash you’ll get, and also the final price is as little as $57.49 — 36% off. If just they sold regular UGGs, too.


6. Gain up come 75% off UGG boots throughout Nordstrom Rack’s “Clear the Rack” sales.

Nordstrom Rack holds clear the Rack sales at miscellaneous times throughout the year, and during this three-day sales, we’ve seen big discounts ~ above UGG boots — up to 75% off!

In previous years, clear the Rack has taken location every other month or therefore — therefore make certain to bookmark our Nordstrom Rack deals and get the KCL application to find out when the next one is happening.

The remainder of the time, you’ll uncover UGG boots at Nordstrom Rack for between 25 and also 60% off. And we can aid you hit even more off the last price with our Nordstrom Rack revenue hacks.



7. Conserve up come 60% once you shop digital clearance at the UGG Closet. has actually a “last chance clearance” section, but there aren’t many products detailed — over there were just 21 when I checked, and also only 6 of them to be footwear.

But a few magical times every year, UGG opens up up the UGG Closet — an virtual pop-up clearance shop. The newest products are discounted as much as 30%, and also other products — choose bedding, house decor, clothing, and shoes — space discounted up to 60%.

We last observed the UGG Closet open up in July and also September 2021, and based on previous years, we expect a feather closet sale in march 2022. Authorize up for the UGG mailing list, and you’ll get an email when they open up the closet.


8. Save about 60% once you wait to buy UGG at Macy’s until Cyber main or an end-of-season sale.

While Macy’s no have an excellent UGG deals most of the time, you’re walk to want to follow our Macy’s transaction on KCL so you don’t miss their notable UGG sales.

Some that the finest Macy’s UGG deals happen throughout January and July. In 2021, we witnessed UGG boots together low as $35.99 (down 60% native $89.99) — with an typical savings the 30%. You can shop deals in store and online.

Be sure to additionally check Macy’s during Cyber main in November. In 2020, we saw an UGG faux fur throw because that $73 (normally $163, 56% off) and the UGG Pismo Sneaker because that $49.97 (normally $130, 62% off).

And in December 2020, we additionally saw UGG boots and also shoes 50% off at Macy’s during a one-day flash sale.


9. Buy gently offered UGGs in ~ to get 60% off. is an online consignment save for buying and also selling high-end fashion and beauty products. Signing up for an account is free, and also you can collection alerts for your favorite fashion items.

Either buy her UGGs in ~ the seller’s provided price or haggle by making an sell — we saw an average of 60% savings because that gently offered boots.

We discovered the UGG Classic quick Suede v Shearling boots because that $50 (new MSRP $169.95) — it is 70% off!

Don’t feel favor buying supplied online? consider local thrift and also consignment stores. We even have thrift-store hacks from a professional thrifter to help you acquire the ideal deals.


10. Save 50% (or more!) top top UGG boots once you shop Zulily’s rotating speed sales.

Zulily is an online shop that has actually constantly rotating inventory and also lightning-fast deals.

UGG regularly shows up on Zulily, however once a sale item is gone, that’s it. No more.

In October 2021, we experienced the UGG Black standard Zodiac brief Suede boots for just $79.99, fifty percent off the $160.00 MSRP. Zulily likewise had UGG loafers for $54.99 (reg. $120.00) and also a zodiac-themed boot for $89.99 (reg. $200.00).

Get free shipping: once you shop for the first time, they’ll send girlfriend a password for cost-free shipping for the remainder of that day. Due to the fact that shipping is based on the items price, find an inexpensive item first and acquisition it. Zuliliy will send friend a complimentary shipping code, climate you can buy your UGGs and also you won’t have to pay shipping costs.


11. Shop UGG clearance in ~ DSW to acquire 50% off retail prices.

While we love DSW’s VIP Rewards, i m so sad you can’t use them ~ above UGG. Most DSW coupons won’t work, either.

Instead, inspect DSW’s clearance section to find some great deals on UGG boots and clothing. Recently, we saw the metallic yellow UGG Classic short II boot on clearance for $79.98 — that’s 50% turn off the normal $159.99.

DSW typically doesn’t have insane black color Friday sales, however in 2020 we witnessed UGGs significant 25% off!

If girlfriend love DSW, girlfriend should check out 14 DSW Shopping tips to conserve You at the very least 70%.


12. Save around 30% ~ above UGG boots in ~ is an online boutique with day-to-day rotating merchandise. You have the right to regularly save at least 15% on sleeve prices for women’s, men’s, and kids’ UGG items, when easily accessible — though their various other shoes mean 30% off!

Don’t desire to pay for shipping? authorize up at for 7 days of complimentary shipping. If you make a acquisition without signing up, you will do it pay $9.99 shipping, but then you’ll get cost-free standard shipping for 30 days after.

Recently, we found the UGG Greda Waterproof animal leather & Suede Duck boots for $98.99 (normally $150), saving you 34%!



13. Costco has a 27% turn off sale on pick UGG boots once(ish) a year.

These sales are member-only, so you’ll should sign in to watch prices.

We found the UGG Mini II boot for $109.99, i m sorry is 27% off the normal $150.00. During Costco’s 2020 UGG sale, we witnessed these boots because that $99.00 — therefore they’re more expensive this year.

You can additionally get the UGG Classic quick II boots for $124.99, which is 27% turn off the typical $170.00.

These walk super fast, so you’ll have to catch them while girlfriend can. Yet stay tuned come KCL, due to the fact that when Costco holds this sale, you will do it wanna jump on it.


14. An initial responders and also college students get rare discounts on brand-new UGGs.

UGG’s ar Hero Discount provides registered educators, an initial responders, medical professionals, and military personnel 10% off your full-price purchase from And their College student Discount also offers 10% turn off


15. Even if friend bought UGGs from a retailer, you deserve to return them come

That’s right. To return UGGs, they normally have to it is in in a brand-new and unused condition and purchased in ~ the critical 30 days.

If girlfriend bought her UGGs native, returns and also exchanges are free. If friend bought your UGGs from among their authorized UGG retailers (not Costco), friend won’t be able to get a refund, but you will get store credit to

The UGG vouch covers your UGGs because that one year. If you find “material or workmanship defects” in the time, send a case to obtain UGG credit. Unfortunately, castle don’t perform repairs.


16. Don’t buy UGGs native Amazon. . . They’re much more expensive than

I know, bummer, right? (It’s entirely weird, since they own Zappos.)

Unfortunately, every the UGGs on there space either the very same prices or higher(!!!) than, thanks to UGG’s price manage policies.

If you watch a suspiciously low price, it’s more than likely too great to it is in true. Counterfeits, dupes, and unauthorized sellers are common.


17. Buy discounted gift cards from Raise and also save up to 15% ~ above your new pair of UGG boots.

Buying gift cards indigenous Raise is the only method we’ve uncovered to save money on brand-new UGG boots. You will do it get everywhere from 3.5% to 9.5% turn off if friend buy a gift card from a retailer that sells UGGs, favor DSW and Macy’s.

Even better, right currently you have the right to use code first to obtain an extra 10% off every discounted gift cards if you’re a new member. My suggestion? authorize up, get a DSW gift card for 15% off (normally 5% off), then find that perfect pair in time for cozy season!


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