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Can anyone phone call me wherein I can find online vortec head("96 5.7) speak specs? additionally need to find a the talk sequence. Not certain if this is in the appropriate section.
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Like Al stated if you room using a new set of factory one usage bolts go through the factory specs (and the unique torque wrench that measures bolt strain and not speak by rotating a measured amount from a preliminary talk value).But if you space using ARP aftermarket bolts usage their speak chart and their lube (unless that goes into the water coat which every bolts perform in a share block; which requires a sealer to keep coolant from coming up the bolt threads). The only thing ns can add from memory is the it takes five pounds less torque for the entry manifold bolts, yet the exact same bolt speak as always for the header bolts.Big Dave
Thxs big al and also shifty ns think i will just use the 3 step process and complete with the 65lbs. Thxs again
i see various ratings depending on the engine listed. Determine the engine and go v that specification, if it turns out come 65ft lbs you"re OK.a friend of mine has actually a at sight high dissension Snap-On talk wrench that mirrors degrees. A actual nice torque wrench. Regrettably for me i"d never use one sufficient for it to pay because that itself... Therefore i"ll stick with my clicker Craftsman wrench.
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