Of Mice and also Men was very first published in 1937 so that is beneficial to learn around its social and also historical context.1. The life of the author. This help us understand what message around human life/nature he to be trying to obtain across.2. Life in America in 1937. This aid us far better understand the events, themes and also message of the book.3. Other famous publications / poems Steinbeck describes in OMAM. This likewise helps us recognize the themes or message.

1. The life of the author. Man Steinbeck was born 1902 in Salinas, California, whereby Of Mice and also Men is set. As a teenager, he invested his summers functioning at ranches (like Lennie and George) as a hired hand.

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He witnessed for himself the the men"s lives were hard, the bosses were cruel and also that cruel treatment made guys cruel and also suspicious of every other. He saw exactly how lonely the men were. Castle slept in bunk houses and none to be married. Together George says: "Guys like us, that job-related on ranches, space the loneliest males in the world. They gained no family. Lock don"t belong no place". As Crooks says: "I seen thousands of men come by on the roadway an" top top the ranches, v their bindles top top their ago an" that very same damn thing in your heads . . . Every damn among "em"s acquired a little piece of soil in his head. An" never a God damn one of "em ever before gets it." Slim likewise comments ~ above this on pp. 66/67.

Steinbeck make a speech explaining what "message" he wanted the human being to view in his books. He said he wanted to celebrate: "greatness of heart and spirit ... For gallantry in defeat, because that courage, compassion and love. In the endless war against weakness and also despair , these room the glowing rally flags the hope." Theme: Steinbeck saw just how a cruel world, cruel work-related makes men cruel. This made that think the civilization he resided in was tough (endless ... Weakness and also despair) and also he wanted to present if human being were kind, noble or brave, that was very rare and also special.

2. Life in America in 1937. The good Depression that the 1930s to be a huge global "credit crunch" however much worse. Many human being lost your jobs. There to be no welfare state or unemployment benefit. Disabled or old people had to rely on their households or charity and keep functioning for as long as they could. If castle did gain compensation because that injuries (like Candy) it was not enough to live on. Few "retired". If people had no job, they had actually no money and might starve. In the an excellent Depression, 25% of civilization had no job. Men could not afford to marry. Those that were currently married discovered when they lost their tasks that they might no much longer support your families. It was a frightening time.

There to be a most competition for jobs. Men became ruthless and also suspicious that each other as they combated over restricted resources (jobs). Few could afford come be kind or noble, giving up their time to look ~ the old or the weak out of kindness. The American Dream (working hard and making enough money to look after ~ your household in comfort) was the end of many people"s reach. Couple of believed it to be possible. Countless gave in come despair .

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Theme: exactly how a cruel world, cruel work-related makes men cruel. If anyone was type or noble, looking after the disabled, it was very rare and also special. Desires are important to help people keep going, however sometimes life is so hard it is difficult to think in them. If people believe in a much better world, maybe they can make the happen.
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