At some point while making use of your graphing calculator, friend will revolve on your calculator and be greeted with among the complying with messages:


Unlike in countless portable electronics, an altering your calculator’s battery does not simply average swapping lock out. In this article, learn around the various batteries in her calculator and also how to change them without losing your calculator’s data.

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1. An altering the battery on her Graphing Calculator – Preparation

Notice the place of the back-up battery (1) and also standard AAA battery (2) top top this TI-83 silver Edition

Your Texas tools graphing calculator has two to adjust of batteries: a standard collection of AAA alkaline batteries

because that day come day calculator use, and also a lithium or silver- oxide backup battery which is provided for powering the calculator’s memory once the AAA batteries room removed. On the TI-83, TI-84, and also TI-89, if you look in ~ the backside the the calculator and also remove the battery cover, friend will an alert a tiny cover held in place by a single screw (#1 in the picture to the right) which homes the back-up battery, and also four clearly shows AAA battery (#2).

In many cases, you will only require to adjust the set of AAA batteries. Before transforming the batteries, that is a great idea come backup any type of calculator program you have to avoid potentially shedding them, although with great practice this is typically not one issue. There space two means to do this:

You can archive your graphing calculator programs and applications, spanned in an ext detail in these posts for the TI-83 and TI-84 Plus and also the TI-89 or trip 200.You deserve to also earlier up the applications and programs top top your computer system using the TI-Connect software and also calculator connector cable, explained here

2. Removing and also Replacing the standard Calculator Batteries

Once your essential calculator programs space backed increase (or if you’re walking to it is in gamble and skip this step), you deserve to now change the batteries.

The very first step is to ensure your calculator is it is provided off. Press 2nd ON come ensure the calculator is off. Placing the cover over the prior of the calculator will ensure you don’t accidentally press any of the calculator keys and also turn the calculator on while replacing the batteries.

Remove one battery, replace with the new battery, then continue on to the following battery.

The best method to change the battery is to remove each battery individually, leaving the other three battery intact, and also replacing the battery you removed with a brand-new battery, repeating for each that the four AAA cells. If you eliminate all battery at once and also then change them with brand-new batteries, you run the risk of losing your calculator programs. Ensure the the + and also – end are put correctly. For ideal results, don’t usage both old and new batteries in the calculator. Also, never mix rechargeable and also non-rechargeable batteries.

Once you have actually finished replacing all the batteries, location the battery covering on the ago of the calculator, then strength up the graphing calculator by pressing the ~ above button. If you were receiving a warning message around low batteries before an altering the batteries, you need to no longer see this message.

3. Adjusting display Contrast

Sometimes after an altering your battery her calculator house screen comparison may be really dark or an extremely light and you will certainly have challenge seeing personalities on the screen. Fortunately, this is very easy come fix.

Press the second button on your calculator, then either the ▲ arrow an essential to darken the display or ▼ arrow vital to lighten the contrast. Friend may have to repeat this process several times, pressing second and the matching arrow crucial until your display has been returned to normal.

On the TI-89, to readjust the contrast, press ◆ + or – to readjust the comparison as necessary.

4. Instead of the backup Battery

Very rarely you might need to change the calculator’s back-up battery, usually as soon as every three to 4 years. The back-up battery have the right to be discovered in its very own compartment when you remove the battery cover, secured in location by a solitary screw. This battery is commonly a lithium cell battery and also shaped like a one disc, i m sorry are likewise used in countless wristwatches.

The calculator"s back-up battery sits in its own compartment and also is organized in location with a solitary screw.

To replace the back-up battery, repeat the procedures outlined in step 1 because that backing up her calculator’s applications either through archiving or computer system backup. It is very important that the standard batteries remain intact in the calculator while replacing the back-up battery, otherwise you will lose any kind of data save in the calculator’s memory.

After remove the conventional battery cover, usage a little Philips driver to eliminate the screw stop the backup battery sheathe in place. Very closely remove the round backup battery. Replace the battery slot through the new backup battery, making sure the + is encountering up.

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The TI-83 and TI-84 usage a CR1616

or CR1620
battery, which you can order with’s account to assistance our site. The TI-89 uses a different battery, the SR44SW
. Be sure to describe your calculator’s hand-operated for the proper backup battery to use, which might be different than what us have noted here.

Once the new backup battery is installed, ar the backup battery cover over the battery and also screw the compartment till it is snug. Finally, replace the key battery cover and you’re finished!