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While writing a examine is quickly becoming a point of the past, friend still have to know how to compose a check from time to time.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of different types of check you may need to write depending upon your circumstances.

Thankfully, filling out a inspect is a nice easy procedure and you simply need to readjust a pair items here or there to fill out each different form of check.

Today, we’ll it is in covering how to compose a inspect with zero cents.Check the end the finish of the article for photo of a perfect check based upon our example below.

Writing a check without cent is fairly common together many significant payments, together as creating a rent examine to her landlord, usually require entirety dollar amounts without cents.

If you should write a inspect with cents or a different kind of check, right here are a couple of other inspect writing and also check expertise guides we have:

Check Writing procedures For how To write A check With Zero Cents


Step 1 – go into the Date

It is essential you write the exactly date, particularly the year, due to the fact that checks can not be deposited before the day of the check.

Additionally, after ~ a certain number of months (usually three, 6 or twelve months) a financial institution will no longer cash a check that is perceived as stale or too old.

Step 2 – Write that The inspect Is For

Next, you’ll want to compose the surname or firm name the the human being you’re paying v the check. You’ll write the surname in on the line that starts with the words “Pay come the bespeak of” or something similar.

In this example, i m sorry you have the right to see below, we’ve created the check to our landlord, Jack Wilson. If ours landlord was a company, such as Rental House, LLC, we’d replace Jack Wilson with Rental House, LLC.

Step 3 – Write examine Amount In Numbers there is no Cents

In action 3, you’ll compose the amount of the check in numbers in package to the appropriate of the “Pay come the order of” line.

You’ll an alert this box currently has a dollar authorize either in or just outside of the box. Due to this fact, girlfriend won’t need to write a dollar sign for the number amount of the check. Instead, simply write the amount, in this instance 950.00.

To be as safe as feasible when creating a check with zero cents, you must put a decimal and two zeros come the ideal of the decimal to present this is the complete amount that the check.

Without the decimal zero zero, the is less complicated to transform the lot of the check.

Step 4 – Write check Amount In Words with No Cents

Next, you’ll want to write the lot of the check in indigenous on the line the ends v dollars. since we’re writing a inspect for zero cents, you’ll want to write and also no/100 in ~ the finish of the dollar amount to specify the check is for zero cents.

It likewise helps to to fill in any blank room with a line through the center of the room so nobody can alter the amount the inspect is for by adding additional words.

Step 5 – include Any Memo Info

The “For” or “Memo” line in the bottom left hand corner of the inspect is to write any information forced by the human being you’re paying or, if lock don’t require any kind of information, because that your very own purposes.

Step 6 – sign The Check

Finally, in order because that the inspect to it is in valid, the account holder must sign the inspect on the line in the bottom appropriate hand corner of the check.

Here’s a snapshot of the completed check to Jack Wilson because that 950 dollars and also no cents.


Learning exactly how to create a examine for zero cent isn’t that difficult. As soon as you acquire the hang of it the an initial time, every time after will be supervisor easy.

What questions execute you have about writing a examine with zero cents? permit us understand in the comments and we’ll price them for you.


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