Comparing the dimension of common items is a great way to figure out the dimension of something else the is similar in shape and dimensions.

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For example, if you knew the a paperclip is 1 customs long, and also 12 the them same the same length of a ruler, then you recognize that leader is 12 customs long.

I did some study to discover a perform of various other items that space 1 inch long.

Did you know? 1 inch amounts to 25.4 millimeters or 2.54 centimeters.

PaperclipEraserBottlecapAdult thumb from knuckleQuarter2.5 Staples3 CD casesSewing pinBolt25 Mustard seedsCanadian $1 coin diameter

1. Paperclip

Paperclips are used to hold several pieces of document together. Castle are typically made out of bendable stole wire but plastic paperclips are additionally used.

A standard dimension paperclip is 1 customs long.

Although over there are different sizes available, the most frequently used paperclip actions 1 customs in length.


2. Eraser

The common eraser has actually been used for plenty of years. They are made the end of rubber and their purpose is to rub out mistakes as soon as written on a piece of paper.

Erasers are available in plenty of different shapes and also sizes and also can be uncovered on the end of a pencil or as a stand alone eraser.

The traditional dimensions the a pink eraser is 2” lengthy x 1” large x 1” tall. Half of 1 eraser would certainly be 1 inch long.

3. Party cap

If you want to seal the optimal opening that a bottle, you will need a party cap. These caps room usually make of metal or plastic and can be purchased independently from a bottle.

The bottle cap will be threaded in order come tighten ~ above the correctly sized bottle.

Like numerous things, party caps have the right to be discovered in a variety of sizes.

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If girlfriend are searching for a 1-inch cap, measure across the peak from one edge come the various other to watch its diameter.

1 inch party caps are an extremely common and also easy come find.


4. Adult thumb from the knuckle

If friend look in ~ an adult thumb, the length from the knuckle to the thumb tip is generally right around 1 customs long.

The full length of an adult male ignorance is about 2.75 inches and also female thumbs are 2.5 inches long.

5. USA Quarter

The USA quarter coin has been in circulation due to the fact that 1796 and also has the file of George Washington top top one side.

The quarter or 25 cent coin, is equal to a 4 minutes 1 dollar. Therefore 4 of this coins equal 1 dollar.

If you measure the diameter that the USA 4 minutes 1 coin, it will equal 0.955 inches which is just shy that 1 inch long.


6. 2.5 Staples

Staples are an item used to tie or connect things together. Favor paper. A staple has 2 prongs typically made the end of metal and also is an extremely effective.

Staples are generally used through a stapler, but larger staples can additionally be supplied with a hammer or a clip gun for larger work in the construction industry.

The common staple offered in homes and schools is around 2 centimeters long. If you had actually 2 and also a fifty percent staples together, they would certainly equal closer to 1 customs long.

7. 3 CD cases

A compact bowl or CD, uses light come play music or retrieve and show data save on a computer. The very first CD to be released in 1982 by Philips and Sony and branded together a Digital audio compact disc.

CD’s space not as well-known today as they offered to be together there room so many more options obtainable like storing music in the cloud and on a wireless device.

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A CD case is provided to hold and protect the CD. These situations are made of plastic and are 0.39 inches thick. If you to be to ridge 3 of these situations together, they would certainly equal just over 1 customs tall or 1 inch long if inserted on their side.


8. Sewing pin

If friend are right into sewing, you recognize that a sewing pin is a an useful tool the comes in handy. The sewing pen is used to host pieces of fabric together, hold seams, before sewing.

There room different species of sewing pins and also they room not every the exact same size. Yet in general, the is usual for civilization to use a pin that is 1 inch long.

9. Bolt

A bolt is a fastener that is provided to connect 2 or an ext parts and also normally provided with a threaded nut to tighten together.

A 1 inch lengthy bolt deserve to be used for a selection of jobs and also will either have a screwdriver head installation or a wrench fitting for tightening.

Common bolts include anchor, carriage, lag, hex, and U bolts.


10. 25 Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are an extremely tiny seed that come from mustard plants. These seeds are well-known to be good for her bones and assist promote bone strength.

They additionally contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve pain.

A mustard seed has a diameter of roughly 1 millimeter. So 25 mustard seeds together would equal close come 1 inch in length.

11. Canadian $1 coin

The Canadian $1 coin is additionally called a Loonie and also is a yellow colored coin first introduced in 1987. These coins now replace the $1 invoice which is no longer used.

These coins function the photos of Queen Elizabeth and also a duck size loon.

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The diameter of the 1 dollar Canadian coin is 26.5 millimeter which is 1.04 inches.