Alice In Wonderland: 10 things You Didn't Know around The White Queen anne Hathaway"s White Queen in Alice and Wonderland is really different native the publication version - here"s whatever you didn"t know.

The White Queen increased to prominence as a literary number in Lewis Carroll"s storybook Through the spring Glass and What Alice uncovered There, where she came to be a prominent part of Alice"s fantasy adventures in Underland and also a method for she to grow and also mature. She was placed in Tim Burton"s 2010 live-action version of Alice in Wonderland in a an extremely different capacity, and also became a dominating component of that is sequel Alice Through the feather Glass.

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Played by anne Hathaway in a flowing white gown and platinum locks, she"s a far cry native the White Queen the Carroll"s novel, and assumes an almost Glinda-like top quality with a backstory that might have been taken native the pages of The wizard of Oz. Despite -or perhaps because of- the differences in between her cinematic and literary form, she ended up being a well-known character, however there"s always an ext to know about her.

before Disney"s announcement the gothic auteur Tim Burton was going to be connected with bringing Alice in Wonderland to life, ann Hathaway was readily available the location role, yet she felt that the component of Alice was too much like various other roles she"d played.

A fan of Burton"s work, she opted because that another part that permitted her come stretch her exhilaration skills, and she was eventually actors as the White Queen. She had the ability to shoot all of her scene in simply two weeks.

In Lewis Carroll"s original Alice in Wonderland storybooks, none of the principal personalities in "Underland" had proper names. Castle were merely referred to together the "White Queen", the "Red Queen", and the "Knave of Hearts". Tim Burton preferred to flesh the characters out for this reason he offered them unique monikers.

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The White Queen became Mirana Crimms, and also she was provided a backstory including the Red Queen, who was well-known as Iracebeth Crimms, and also made come be she sister (and no to be perplexed with the Queen that Hearts).

once she first appears come Alice in Lewis Carroll"s 2 books, Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the looking Glass, the White Queen is an unkempt, anxious, absent-minded woman who Alice needs to take treatment of.

Alice has to help reunite her v her crying child, settle her hair and shawl, or sing her a lullaby. The character of the White Queen was meant to instigate a duty reversal, whereby Alice appears as the adult and she the child. In that way, she character enables Alice to feel mature, organized, and also even superior.

7 She wasn"t a beautiful young woman

In Lewis Carroll"s stories, the White Queen is a homely woman that needs constant help native Alice, uneven the ethereal and beautiful woman she"s depicted as in Tim Burton"s Alice in Wonderland. 

Anne Hathaway clues at the initial White Queen"s delicate nature v her human body language, always holding her hands at eye level and peering innocently v a doe-eyed stare, however she"s much from the frumpy relenten Carroll envisioned.

when Alice very first encounters the White Queen in Alice and Wonderland, she"s remarkable alone, absent any sort of romantic partner. In Lewis Carroll"s novels she"s married come the White King, who likewise happens to be one of the first "chess pieces" Alice meet on she adventures.

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The just king that shows up in Tim Burton"s films is King Oleron, the father of Iracebeth and also Mirana (the White Queen). It"s implied that he"s an alleged to be the stand-in for the White King"s character.

5 She wasn"t initially the focus of Through the looking Glass

Tim Burton"s Alice in Wonderland (2010)  borrows aspects from both the the novels by Lewis Carroll, but Alice Through the feather Glass (2016) is nothing choose his second novel and also focuses on the foolish Hatter"s origin and also the feud in between the Red Queen and also the White Queen.

The White Queen wasn"t the emphasis of Carroll"s second book, however she becomes central to the plot the Burton"s film, with her feud progressing from one all-out war to a orgasm where the two emperors -also sisters- ultimately make amends.

Wilkie Collins, a celebrated author from the victorian Era, whose critically acclaimed novels include The woman In White and The Moonstone, created a character for his book No Name that became the model for Lewis Carroll"s White Queen.

Her surname was Matilda Wragge, mam of Captain Horatio the swindler, and a giantess who had actually the psychic of a child. Her lumbering absent-mindedness and oafish man over the complexities of the most basic tasks contributed to the White Queen"s quirky personality in Lewis Carroll"s novels.

3 anne Hathaway do her into a vegetables punk rocker

There"s a minute in Alice in Wonderland when the White Queen defines that she has a vow to "harm no living creature", which to be something that struck actress ann Hathaway, who decided to design a backstory because that her thinking process.

According to her backstory, she determined the White Queen"s parents observed what eat meat walk to her sister the Red Queen, and also thought they could curb any potential violent tendencies through making her vegan. For this reason the White Queen acquired the "vegan punk rocker" sobriquet top top set.

if trying to attract inspiration for the White Queen, anne Hathaway collaborated v Tim Burton to uncover female icons of the music entertainment industry that ideal reflected the personality they want her to have.

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Burton said Nigella Lawson, one English food critic, and also Hathaway chose to comb through video clip clips that the enchanting Greta Garbo and also the frenetic Debbie bother to notify her performance.

1 Her costume was extremely delicate

though she"s to be banished native Wonderland, the White Queen nonetheless lives in a beautiful white castle and also wears a look white dress, both things that reflect the ethereal and graceful aspects of her upbringing.

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Anne Hathaway proclaimed in a lengthy Facebook Q&A when Alice in Wonderland was very first released the the dress designed by Colleen Atwood was incredibly fragile despite looking heavy, and also she was always worried around stepping top top it once she was claimed to "run like she to be dancing" and also "walk like she was floating".

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