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enthalpy, the sum of the inner energy and the product the the pressure and volume the a thermodynamic system. Enthalpy is an energy-like residential or commercial property or state function—it has actually the size of power (and is for this reason measured in systems of joules or ergs), and also its worth is identified entirely by the temperature, pressure, and composition that the system and not through its history. In symbols, the enthalpy, H, amounts to the amount of the interior energy, E, and the product the the pressure, P, and also volume, V, of the system: H = E + PV.

According come the law of energy conservation, the readjust in internal energy is same to the heat transferred to, less the work done by, the system. If the only occupational done is a change of volume at consistent pressure, the enthalpy adjust is exactly equal to the heat transferred come the system. When power needs come be added to a material to change its phase from a liquid to a gas, that amount of energy is called the enthalpy (or implicitly heat) of vaporization and is to express in systems of joules every mole. Other phase transitions have similar associated enthalpy changes, such together the enthalpy (or implicit heat) of combination for alters from a solid come a liquid. Similar to other power functions, that is neither convenient nor crucial to recognize absolute values of enthalpy. Because that each substance, the zero-enthalpy state deserve to be part convenient reference state.


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