a indigenous or group of words designating something, specifically in a particular field, as atom in physics, quietism in theology, adze in carpentry, or district leader in politics.

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terms, problems with regard to payment, price, charge, rates, wages, etc.: reasonable terms. Problems or stipulations limiting what is proposed to be granted or done: the terms of a treaty. Footing or standing; relations: on great terms through someone.Obsolete. State, situation, or circumstances.
Algebra, Arithmetic. each of the members of i m sorry an expression, a series of quantities, or the like, is composed, as one of two or more parts of one algebraic expression. A mathematical expression of the kind axp, axpyq, etc., wherein a, p, and also q are numbers and also x and also y are variables.
Logic. the subject or property of a categorical proposition. Words or expression denoting the topic or predicate of a categorical proposition.
Also referred to as terminus. A figure, especially of Terminus, in the type of a herm, offered by the old Romans together a border marker; terminal figure.
Law. an legacy or interest in floor or the like, to be took pleasure in for a solved period. The expression of one estate. Every of the periods throughout which details courts the law hold their sessions.
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bring come terms, to pressure to agree to stated demands or conditions; carry into submission: ~ a long struggle, we carried them to terms.
come come terms, to reach an agreement; do an arrangement: to come to terms with a creditor. To become resigned or accustomed: to concerned terms through one's life.

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in terms of, through regard to; concerning: The book offers naught in regards to a satisfactory conclusion.

OTHER WORDS indigenous term

termly, adverbhalf-term, nounin·ter·term, adjectivemis·term, verb (used v object)
tergite, tergiversate, tergum, Terhune, teriyaki, term, termagant, Terman, term day, termer, terminable
phrase, style, word, name, language, course, duration, session, time, phase, quarter, dub, describe, call, appellation, head, moniker, designation, title, locution
a name, expression, or word used for some details thing, esp in a committed field of knowledgea medical term
law an heritage or interest in land minimal to operation for a specified perioda ax of years the duration of an estate, and so on (formerly) a duration of time during which sessions of courts of law were held time permitted to a debtor to settle
maths either of the expression the ratio of i beg your pardon is a portion or proportion, any type of of the separate facets of a sequence, or any kind of of the separation, personal, instance addends that a polynomial or series
logic the word or expression that forms either the topic or predicate of a proposition a surname or variable, as opposed to a predicate one of the relata that a relation any kind of of the three subjects or predicates occurring in a syllogism
Also called: terminal, terminus, terminal figure architect a sculptured post, esp one in the form of an armless bust or an pet on the optimal of a square pillar