“Hey Google, WTF is this song?”: new feature lets you hum, sing or horn to find music

Photo: Google

Google has unveiled a brand-new feature to aid you find a track by humming or singing to your phone. The best part? friend don’t even need an excellent pitch.

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The team in ~ Google have end up being the first tech company to carry out an answer come a concern we’ve all had before: “Do you understand that tune that goes, ‘da daaaa da da daaaa na naa naa ooohh yeah’? Or the one the starts with the etc chords going, ‘da na na naa’?”

The brand-new feature top top the latest variation of the Google app and also Google find widget on your internet browser will allow you come tap the mic icon and ask “What’s this song?” or click “Search a song”. Then every you’ve gained to execute is hum, sing, or whistle your finest impression the the tune in her head for 10-15 seconds.

Photo: Brett Jordan

Krishna Kumar, an elderly product manager for Google Search, explained the new feature in a blog post:

“When friend hum a melody into Search, our machine learning models change the audio right into a number-based succession representing the song’s melody… We’ll display you the most likely alternatives based on the tune.”

“Then girlfriend can select the ideal match and explore details on the song and also artist, view any accompanying music videos or hear to the song on her favorite music app, discover the lyrics, read evaluation and even examine out various other recordings the the song when available”.

This function is currently obtainable in English ~ above iOS and in much more than 20 languages on Android, which will be broadened to more languages in the future. Admittedly the isn’t good for those of united state who haven’t acquired the ideal pitch, however at the very least if English isn’t your best language you’ll happily be able to use Hum to Search.

The exponential rise in artificial Intelligence could be damn scary, however let’s no forget it to be Google who assisted us discover our favourite song to soundtrack the end of the world and the enslavement of the human race.

People find what track is play over 100 million time in search every month, so Google added hum to search. #search2020

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