: a Soviet plan permitting open discussion of political and also social issues and also freer dissemination of news and also information

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Glasnost" wasn"t coined by former Soviet chairman Mikhail Gorbachev, but he to be responsible for catapulting the word into the global media and also the English vocabulary. The term derives native the Russian adjective "glasnyi," which means "public" and which chin traces to "glas," a root meaning "voice." In Russian, "glasnost" was originally used (as long ago as the 18th century) in the basic sense of "publicity," and also the Oxford English thesaurus reports the V.I. Lenin provided it in the paper definition of liberty of details in the Soviet state. However, that wasn"t till Gorbachev asserted it a public plan in the mid-1980s the "glasnost" came to be widely known and used in English.

Recent examples on the web throughout the mid-1980s, under Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev’s plan of glasnost, or openness, people started to talk more freely around the genocide, said Harutyun Marutyan, director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute. — WSJ, 26 Apr. 2021 grandfather Putin, who started his presidency twenty years ago by covering up the sinking that the Kursk submarine, is figured out not come repeat the glasnost experiment, which assisted to carry the entirety system crashing down. — The Economist, 21 may 2020 In the 1980s, there to be a brief change of course as Mikhail Gorbachev denote openness and transparency policies, or glasnost, which had limiting the Communist Party’s power and allowing a freer and more critical press. — Justin Sherman, Wired, 1 might 2020 Celebrities nothing owe something to your fans, nor have to viewers expect any type of real glasnost in documentaries around their lives. — Arielle Pardes, Wired, 7 Feb. 2020 The newfound glasnost on Novichoks, likewise known together fourth-generation nerve agents, need to spur study on their system of action and ~ above countermeasures and treatments. — Richard Stone, Science | AAAS, 23 Oct. 2019 His partnership to Putin goes earlier to glasnost, when a young Gergiev was new music director of Mariinsky, and also Putin championed the agency as deputy mayor of St. Petersburg. — Los Angeles Times, 21 Aug. 2019 The main bank glasnost over the past decade represents a U-turn from exactly how policy was conducted a generation ago. — Nick Timiraos, WSJ, 14 June 2018 Jews to be fleeing to the West by the thousands then, fearing that the antisemitic sinkhole produced by glasnost would quickly swallow them. — Margarita Gokun Silver, Longreads, 30 Apr. 2018

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History and also Etymology because that glasnost

Russian glasnost", literally, publicity, indigenous glasnyĭ public, native glas voice, from Old Church Slavonic glasŭ — an ext at call