The contributions of the Phoenicians To mankind are really varied and were of good importance for the development and development of the people of the time.

The Phoenicians were an ancient civilization composed of elevation cities and also states that stretched along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea in between the years 1,500 BC and also 300 BC.

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consisted of was the shore that today synchronizes to Lebanon, north Israel, Gaza, Syria and also southwestern Turkey. Its substantial territory ran from the mouth the the flow Orontes in the north, to the just of Haifa in the south.

return the Phoenicians together a world did no survive, countless of their accomplishments remained end time.

Greece, Rome , and also many various other civilizations, absorbed key elements of the Phoenicians in a process known as social diffusion, with which many social traits to be diffused indigenous one region to another.

key contributions that the Phoenicians to humanity

This is a quick list of seven of the Phoenician"s most essential contributions to humanity:

1- Alphabet and also writing

many are the chroniclers who protect that the Phoenicians created the alphabet, if others conflict this idea.

irrespective of this, the contribution of this to the advance and propagation that the exact same was very critical, and this being thought about the most crucial contribution that the Phoenicians.

The Phoenician alphabet originally had a basic writing device consisting of 24 phonemic signs.

once the Phoenicians began to use the alphabet as simple and simple way to monitor up their shops, it was exposed to every ar they visited.

Taking into account that money and wealth were factors connected in the matter, plenty of were encouraged to discover this system.

This technique proved to it is in much much better than previous methods, for this reason it started to be provided by countless people and also in countless different languages. He had given so much impetus that he could not stop.

The Greeks and many other cultures embraced the Phoenician alphabet and added their own improvements, such as vowels. Indigenous this came the writing and all that this entails.

2- Industry, commerce and also the use of the money

throughout that time commerce was no common. Nevertheless, the Phoenicians manufactured and also traded an enormous quantity of products, favor wood, stones, metals, fabrics, glasses, jewels, ceramics and more.

they were good promoters that the industry, together for instance the textile industry, where they was standing out v their cloths stained of a violet color. Castle stood out v the manufacturing of metals, ceramics and handicrafts, as well as glass products.

as result of the an excellent availability of products such together wood, they pioneered designs and carpentry products, producing furniture, ships and also ships that would serve as examples and inspiration for the advancement of the naval field.

Their trade was luxury, which gave them existence along the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic. This allowed the advancement of the economic situation of assorted civilizations.

Initially, castle traded by barter. When the currency was invented, they adjusted this revolutionary tool of commerce, and, together they controlled to with a big number that ports and regions, they were able to expand its use.

3- Architecture and also engineering

The Phoenicians stood the end for your knowledge and also architectural and also engineering innovations. They were able to develop bridges, dikes, harbors and also buildings up to six stories high, which to be a milestone for the time and served as motivation for future constructions.

Walled cities, temples, and also carriages are likewise among his best-known works. The good commercial success is due, in part, come the ability and ability to build an excellent innovative boats.

4- navigating

Gra and to the tremendous amount of product they had actually available, such together wood, because of their geographical location, stood the end in the area that ​​shipbuilding.

They do technical renovations that made it possible to navigate long routes, ending up being masters the navigation, this being among the factors why profession prospered.

They came to be masters the the seas, i beg your pardon is why they had no cultivation interest in occupying or gaining brand-new lands.

5- plan

other that characterized the Phoenicians were their assemblies and also councils, these being the pillars of your political system. Likewise, they exercised thalassocracy, which is one orientation that the government concentrated on the manage of the seas.

This politics system based upon assemblies where considerable deliberations took place, along with debates, which concluded in agreements on an essential issues, to be the forerunner the democracy as we know it today.

6- Science and Literature

The Phoenicians wrote huge quantities the literary product that contributed to the development of the basic science and culture of the time.

Dictionaries, international language manuals, vocabularies, administrative, legal and commercial literature, and navigation charts are simply a few examples.

They also wrote scientific texts based upon mathematics, astronomy, physics, medicine, and also other branches. Likewise, spiritual and philosophical themes were also the focus of his literary works.

7- Agriculture, Livestock and also Fisheries

The Phoenicians resolved in plenty of places, and also in every of castle they left a note of their daily activities.

because that example, castle propagated the practice of cultivating vine, wheat and barley. Also the production of various wines, beer and also dairy. Also, lock were reflecting their usual manufacturing of bread and salads of meat and also fish.

regardless of all the really varied and also important contributions of the Phoenicians come humanity, these, together a civilization, space not as well known as other people of antiquity.

This is due to the fact that they fail to type a vast or incredibly rich empire, such together the realm of the Assyrians, Akkadians, Romans or the Persian Empire.

due to the fact that of this, lot of its cultural wealth was lost over time. Even so, all his contributions were an essential points in the advance of human human being as we recognize it today.

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