A false-colour Magnetic Resonance picture (MRI) that a mid-sagittal ar through the head that a common 42 year-old woman, reflecting structures that the brain, spine and also facial tissues

(Image: Mehau Kulyk / Science photo Library)

The brain is the most complicated organ in the person body. The produces our every thought, action, memory, feeling and experience of the world. This jelly-like mass of tissue, weighing in at approximately 1.4 kilograms, includes a staggering one hundred exchange rate nerve cells, or neurons.

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The intricacy of the connectivity in between these cells is mind-boggling. Every neuron have the right to make contact with thousands or also tens of thousands of others, via small structures referred to as synapses. Ours brains form a million new connections because that every 2nd of ours lives. The pattern and strength that the connections is constantly changing and no two brains room alike.

It is in these changing connections the memories space stored, behavior learned and personalities shaped, by reinforcing certain patterns of brain activity, and also losing others.


Grey matter

While world often speak of your “grey matter“, the mind also consists of white matter. The grey issue is the cabinet bodies that the neurons, if the white issue is the branching network of thread-like tendrils – called dendrites and also axons – that spread out out indigenous the cell bodies to connect to various other neurons.

But the mind also has actually another, even much more numerous type of cell, referred to as glial cells. This outnumber neurons ten times over. As soon as thought to be assistance cells, they are now known to amplify neural signals and also to be as essential as neurons in mental calculations. Over there are plenty of different types of neuron, only among which is unique to humans and also the other good apes, the so dubbed spindle cells.

Brain structure is shaped partially by genes, but largely by experience. Only reasonably recently that was uncovered that new mind cells room being born throughout our resides – a procedure called neurogenesis. The brain has explode of growth and also then durations of consolidation, once excess relationships are pruned. The most notable bursts are in the very first two or three years the life, throughout puberty, and additionally a last burst in young adulthood.

How a mind ages additionally depends ~ above genes and lifestyle too. Exercising the mind and giving it the ideal diet can be just as essential as the is because that the remainder of the body.

Chemical messengers

The neurons in our brains interact in a selection of ways. Signal pass in between them through the release and also capture that neurotransmitter and also neuromodulator chemicals, such as glutamate, dopamine, acetylcholine, noradrenalin, serotonin and endorphins.

Some neurochemicals occupational in the synapse, passing certain messages from release sites to arsenal sites, called receptors. Others also spread their influence an ext widely, prefer a radio signal, making whole brain regions an ext or much less sensitive.

These neurochemicals space so vital that deficiencies in them are linked to specific diseases. Because that example, a ns of dopamine in the basal ganglia, which manage movements, leader to Parkinson’s disease. That can likewise increase susceptibility come addiction because it mediates our sensations of reward and pleasure.

Similarly, a deficiency in serotonin, offered by regions affiliated in emotion, have the right to be attached to depression or the atmosphere disorders, and the loss of acetylcholine in the cerebral cortex is properties of Alzheimer’s disease.

Brain scanning

Within separation, personal, instance neurons, signal are formed by electrochemical pulses. Collectively, this electrical task can it is in detected exterior the scalp by an electroencephalogram (EEG).

These signals have wave-like patterns, which researchers classify indigenous alpha (common while we room relaxing or sleeping), through to gamma (active thought). As soon as this activity goes awry, the is called a seizure. Some researchers think that synchronising the activity in different brain regions is crucial in perception.

Other ways of imaging brain activity room indirect. Sensible magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) or positron emission tomography (PET) screen blood flow. MRI scans, computed tomography (CT) scans and diffusion tensor pictures (DTI) use the magnetic signatures of different tissues, X-ray absorption, or the movement of water molecules in those tissues, to image the brain.

These scanning techniques have actually revealed which parts of the brain are associated with i beg your pardon functions. Examples include activity related to sensations, movement, libido, choices, regrets, motivations and even racism. However, some professionals argue the we placed too much trust in this results and that lock raise privacy issues.

Before scanning techniques were common, researchers relied on patients with mind damage caused by strokes, head injuries or illnesses, to determine which mind areas are compelled for details functions. This approach exposed the regions linked to emotions, dreams, memory, language and perception and also to even much more enigmatic events, such as religious or “paranormal” experiences.

One famous instance was the instance of Phineas Gage, a 19th century railroad worker who lost part of the former of his brain when a 1-metre-long stole pole was blasted v his head during an explosion. The recovered physically, yet was left v permanent alters to his personality, showing for the first time that specific brain regions are linked to various processes.

Structure in mind

The most apparent anatomical function of our brain is the undulating surfac of the cerebrum – the deep clefts are recognized as sulci and its folds space gyri. The cerebrum is the largest component of our mind and is largely comprised of the 2 cerebral hemispheres. It is the most evolutionarily recent brain structure, handling more complicated cognitive brain activities.

It is often said the the best hemisphere is more creative and emotional and the left deals with logic, yet the truth is more complex. Nonetheless, the political parties do have actually some specialisations, through the left managing speech and also language, the appropriate with spatial and also body awareness.

See ours Interactive Graphic for an ext on mind structure

Further anatomical divisions of the cerebral hemispheres room the occipital lobe at the back, devoted to vision, and the parietal lobe above that, handling movement, position, orientation and calculation.

Behind the ears and also temples lie the temporal lobes, handling sound and speech comprehension and also some aspects of memory. And to the fore space the frontal and prefrontal lobes, often taken into consideration the most highly developed and also most “human” of regions, handling the most complex thought, decision making, planning, conceptualising, fist control and working memory. They also deal with complex social emotions such as regret, morality and empathy.

Another way to share the regions is as sensory cortex and also motor cortex, controlling incoming information, and also outgoing action respectively.

Below the cerebral hemispheres, yet still referred to as component of the forebrain, is the cingulate cortex, which encounters directing behaviour and pain. And beneath this lies the corpus callosum, i beg your pardon connects the two sides of the brain. Various other important locations of the forebrain are the basal ganglia, responsible for movement, an inspiration and reward.

Urges and also appetites

Beneath the forebrain lie more primitive brain regions. The limbic system, common to all mammals, faces urges and also appetites. Emotions space most carefully linked through structures dubbed the amygdala, caudate nucleus and also putamen. Likewise in the limbic brain are the hippocampus – critical for forming brand-new memories; the thalamus – a type of sensory relay station; and the hypothalamus, i m sorry regulates bodily attributes via hormone relax from the pituitary gland.

The earlier of the brain has a very convoluted and folded swelling dubbed the cerebellum, which stores fads of movement, habits and repeated tasks – things we deserve to do there is no thinking around them.

The most primitive parts, the midbrain and brain stem, manage the bodily features we have no mindful control of, such together breathing, love rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and also so on. They likewise control signals that pass between the brain and the remainder of the body, through the spinal cord.

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Though we have uncovered an enormous amount around the brain, huge and critical mysteries remain. One of the most vital is exactly how does the mind produces our aware experiences?

The vast bulk of the brain’s task is subconscious. Yet our mindful thoughts, sensations and perceptions – what define us as people – cannot yet be described in state of brain activity.