Today"s Taylor Swift tune is the an interpretation of "The lucky One" from her "Red" album.Who is this song about?

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It is about Taylor"s fears and also stories of human being she has actually been inspired by. She doesn"t clearly say who is the main person in the song.(*When i met Taylor i asked her exactly how many human being this song was about, she claimed three and also there space three verses, Coincidence? ns think not.) i think it is about many people. It might be about Joni Mitchell, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn etc. Who carry out you think the is around specifically?The subject of the track starts out being "The happy One", The camera flashes make it "look like a dream/You had actually it figured out due to the fact that you to be in school/So overnight, you look favor a 60s queen/Another name goes increase in lights/Like diamonds in the sky..." however end up not being happy also though "they call you the you"re lucky yet you"re therefore confused/cause you don"t feel pretty, you just feel used." She talks around how they have known when todisappear, to enjoy their life more. Climate she talks around how she has become "The happy One".Click below for the lyrics to the song, "The lucky One."

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Taylor says in her paint the world Red website, "The "Lucky One" is a tune I created while i was inAustralia. It sort of talks around some that my fears through informing the story the other civilization that ns was inspired by. More than their story being told, I"m pretty much singing around what I"m scared of in the song, ending up sort of recorded up in this totality thing and lonely and feeling misunderstood and feeling favor when people think you"re lucky the you"re really not. It type of expresses my greatest fear of having this not come to be fun anymore, having actually it come to be a scary place. Some people get there, some people end increase there. It"s a story song and also its something I"m yes, really proud of due to the fact that it kind of goes come a location that I"m terrified of."Being renowned can be fun at first, but people have finished up in a scary location over time. Taylor says,"Everybody"s acquired their means of handling it. And for me, occasionally it"s neighboring myself v my friends and also venting, occasionally it"s continuing to be up at the piano until 4 o"clock in the morning, periodically it"s city hall TV and forgetting around all of it, occasionally it"s call my mom up and also crying. Sometimes you have a really poor day."Your life is constantly also analyzed. Taylor said, "There"s a many trade-offs. There"s the microscopic lense that"s always on you. The camera flashes, the are afraid that something friend say will be bring away the wrong way and you"ll let your fans down. There"s the fear that you"ll it is in walking down the street and also your skirt will blow up and also you"ll it is in in the news for 3 months."Right currently it"s worth it for her, best now. Taylor says,"You"re fear of a many things for a many the time, but the trade-off of gift able to get on a big stage and also sing her songs — it"s worth it." She hasn"t ended up prefer the girl in the song and she knows when her time is increase she is going to leave.She is way to understand when to gain out of it, when it"s not funny anymore. She has actually a very an excellent head on she shoulders. Taylor said Katie Couric top top the Katie present October 26, 2012 "I just feel choose there will be a time once I"ll more than likely kind of action a little backwards from it. I think the it"s essential to yes, really live in the minute while you"re here, but I also think it"s necessary to know when it"s time to walk off stage."I because that one hope it is no anytime soon, but I"m glad that Taylor has actually a an excellent head on her shoulders and can watch that she demands to it is in happy to keep doing what she does and also not get recorded up in it.