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Poe uses a number of literary tools in "The Lake" (also called "The Lake-To--" in various other texts). Poe uses metaphor in the very very first line ("In the feather of my youth it was my lot"). Here, the speaker explains the starts of his youth together his "spring." In explicate this...

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Poe supplies a number of literary tools in "The Lake" (also dubbed "The Lake-To--" in other texts). Poe uses an allegory in the very first line ("In the spring of my youth it to be my lot"). Here, the speaker describes the starts of his youth together his "spring." In relenten this time of youth as his spring, the reader gets the sense of a time the awakening: together the trees and natural world awake indigenous the winter slumber. 

Poe additionally uses alliteration to emphasize his love that the environment around and including the lake. The repeat of words beginning with "L" affix ideas of love, loneliness, and the lake. 

The which I might not love the less--

So lovely to be the loneliness

Of a wild lake, v black rock bound 

The speaker presents an interesting combination characteristic of Poe"s Gothic world of romance and dark images. The lake is wild yet the scene filling the speaker through love and loneliness. 

In the second stanza, the speaker personifies Night as if Night were a human who had come to readjust the environment around the lake, transforming it right into something much more striking in terms of "terror" and also loneliness. Again, the speak (Poe) combine feelings the terror and also "delight" ("not fright") describe the scene was exciting and also an awakening fairly than something to it is in feared. 

The rhyming the the city adds something as well. Just as the speaker is spellbound through the scene and experience, the poem itself could also read like a order or an incantation about the transformative power of enduring nature in its various manifestations. In other words, the speaker explains how he to be affected/spellbound by the scene and the poem itself is an effort to affect/cast a order on the reader, at the very least in regards to making the leader think. 

In the final stanza, the speaker repeats/concludes the idea that it is the loneliness (the "solitary soul") that can imagine together a "dim lake" in regards to a type of Eden. Below the speaker renders a literary reference, an "allusion," come the Bible and also the story the the Garden the Eden. A reader mindful of this Biblical story is then offered the chance to think of how the speaker"s experience at the lake (in his youth) is similar/different native Adam"s and also Eve"s suffer in the Garden of Eden.