The most essential word that you require to know when traveling or living in Thailand is ‘Thank you!‘ together you will find countless occasions to give thanks to people and to show your respect and gratitude.

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This blog write-up will guide you on exactly how to to speak ‘Thank you’ and also respond ‘You’re welcome’ in different ways.



How come say ‘Thank You’ in Thai

Simply, ‘thank you’ in Thai language is ขอบคุณ /khoob-khun/.

Most the the time, you will use this expression with polite particles: ค่ะ /ka/ and ครับ /krab/. For examples:


And oftentimes, you additionally use this expression with various other friendly corpuscle to make it sound sweet and sincere. Because that example:

ขอบคุณนะจ้ะ /khoob-khun na-ja/ typically used by a woman speaker with friends (It sounds yes, really sweet)


Please keep in mind that once you say ‘Thank you’ to an elderly people, your boss or her parents, it’s usual to placed your palms with each other (wai ไหว้) together a means to show respect.

Click come Learn around ‘wai’ come greet in give thanks to in a Thai way

Alternative means to say ‘Thank you!’

Another method to say ‘Thank you’ but less official is ขอบใจ /khoob-jai/ in which it also way ‘thank you’ in Laos. 


This indigenous is quite casual so you will usage it only for friends or anyone that is younger 보다 you.


Thank friend + Adverbs

Besides, you have the right to use these 2 words: ขอบคุณ /khoob-khun/ and ขอบใจ /khoob-jai/ with various adverbs to show an ext gratitude:

For example:


Showing her gratitude

In addition, you deserve to use various other phrases to describe how thankful you are.

ซึ้งใจ /sueng-jai/= i am for this reason touched. (appreciated)ประทับใจ /bpra-tab-jai/= i am really impressed.คุณใจดีจัง /khun jai-dii jang/= You’re so kind.ใจดี /jai-dii/ = kindคุณมีน้ำใจ /khun mii nam-jai/= You space so (generous, caring or kind)
Please note that มีน้ำใจ /mii nam-jai/ is one of the important values in Thai society. That is a personality of being kind, caring and also generous. If who told friend ‘khun mii nam-jai’, they yes, really adore and appreciate you.

How come say ‘thank girlfriend for’


ขอบคุณสำหรับ …/khoob-khun sam-rab…/= say thanks to you because that …

 ขอบคุณสำหรับเวลาดีๆ/khoob-khun sam-rab we-laa dii-dii/= give thanks to you because that such a great time ขอบคุณสำหรับของฝาก/khoob-khun sam-rab khoong-faak/= say thanks to you for the souvenir. 

Please note that the word สำหรับ /sam-rab/means for and is supplied only through nouns. If you want to give thanks to for any kind of actions, you quite use ‘ที่’ /thii/ + verb.

 ขอบคุณที่มางานวันเกิด/khoob-khun thii maa ngaa-wan-gued/= give thanks to you because that coming to the birthday party ขอบคุณที่พาฉันไปเที่ยว/khoob-khun thii phaa chan pai-thiaw/= thank you for taking me to travel 

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How to say ‘You’re welcome!’ in Thai

Like in English, over there are plenty of words and phrases that can be used/said to respond come ‘Thank you’. 
ไม่มีปัญหา /mai-mii bpan-haa/= No problem!(You will use this word once you available a help) ไม่ต้องขอบคุณหรอก /mai-dtong khoob-khun rook/= No have to thank เต็มใจ /dtem-jai/= It’s my will to help. เล็กน้อย /lek-nooi/= It’s together a tiny thing.

Dialogue Examples

Example 1: Michael is visitng Suda (his colleague) at the hospital through his full hands of fruits.

Michael: haai wai-wai na krab = acquire well soon!Suda: khoob-khun maak-maak loey thii maa-yiam = thank you so much for visiting me.Micheal: yin-dii krab = It’s mine pleasure!Suda: khoob-khun sam-rab pon-la-mai duai na ka = say thanks to you because that the fruits as well.Micheal: phom dtem-jai = It’s mine true will. 

Example 2: Sabrina’s automobile ran the end of gas in the center of a big road. A Thai guy showed up to press the car to the next of the road. 

Sabrina: khob-khun maak-maak loey ka. = say thanks to you so much! A man: mai mii pan-haa. Yin-dii thii chuay krab = No problem! i am glad to help!Sabrina: khun mii-nam-jai maak! =You space such a an extremely kind person.

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It’s quite an easy to to speak ‘Thank you!’ in Thai right? simply remember at least the indigenous ขอบคุณ /khoob-khun/, you will be currently ready to get around Thailand and impress Thai people with your gratitude.If possible, take a look at at another article I composed below around how come greet Thai people. You will be learning how to ‘wai’ appropriately (put the palms together) together the way to greet and to give thanks to Thai people.〉〉Learn Thai greetings and also how to say ‘Hello’


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