When it comes to receiving passes, plucking them from a towering elevation is the easiest means to bypass all various other plays.

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As such, there’s no far better way to carry out that than to have a tall, sturdy receiver on your side. So keep analysis as us look ‘up’ come the 10 Tallest NFL Receivers in History.

Plaxico Burress (Source: Flickr)

Receivers are mostly tasked to catch forward catches from the quarterback. While a receiver has to be fast, having a towering visibility will constantly lead to an useful path in the direction of scoring a touchdown.

Keeping the in mind, let’s look in ~ the 10 Tallest NFL Receivers in History.

10 Tallest NFL Receivers in History

The complying with list is compiled from various trusted sources such together NFL.com and also Football Perspective.

Before us gander into the specifics, here is a quick picture of the 10 Tallest NFL Receivers in History.

NameHeight (in feet and also inches)
10. Randy Moss6 ft 4 inches
9. Charle Young6 ft 4 inches
8. Vincent Jackson6 ft 5 inches
7. Calvin Johnson6 ft 5 inches
6. Malcom Floyd6 ft 5 inches
5. Jeremy Shockey6 ft 5 inches
4. Plaxico Burress6 ft 5 inches
3. Boyd Dowler6 ft 5 inches
2. Andrew Glover6 ft 6 inches
1. Harold Carmicheal6 ft 8 inches

10. Randy Moss

Starting off our list, Randall Eugene Mossis one of the best broad receivers the game has ever before seen. Moreover, through a towering visibility of 6 ft 4 inches, Moss conquered the NFL for 14 seasons.

During his 14-year-long career, Moss played for Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans prior to bidding farewell come the San Francisco 49ers.

Moss created history in 2007 by record 23 touchdown receptions, the highest single-season touchdown reception in the NFL. What’s more, v 156 regular-season touchdown receptions, Moss ranks second on the all-time regular-season touchdown agree list.

Randy Moss for the 49ers. (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

Moss’s excellence top top the ar was unmatched, so much so that words “mossed” has uncovered its ar in the soccer lexicon.

Furthermore, Randy Moss is a name that is fondly remembered as a dominant athlete who conquered aerial battles, particularly when it pertains to securing challenged catches.

While the never obtained his hands on the elusive Super key ring, he was important in leading the 49ers to 2 Super Bowl finals. In recognition of his continued dominance on the field, Moss was inducted right into the Pro Football room of Fame in 2018.

9. Charle Young

Another athlete v a 6 ft 4 inches height measure, Charle Young, is a former American tight end who succeded in the NFL for 13 seasons.

Young started his footballing career as a ‘young’ star that had already amassed exceptional numbers throughout his collegiate career. Moreover, Young overcame the collegiate circuit, earning the a unanimous first-team All-America in 1972.

Furthermore, in irradiate of his magnificent collegiate career, Young to be inducted into the College Football hall of Fame in 2004.

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Equally exceptional in his expert career, Young led the 49ers to a Super bowl title, overcoming the an obstacle put soon by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1981.

Furthermore, the three-time Pro Bowl attendee to be pivotal in immortalizing the final 89-yard journey in the 1981 NFC Playoffs, famously referred to as “The Catch.

8. Vincent Jackson

For 12 awful seasons, Vincent Terrell Jackson established himself together an imposing athlete ~ above the field. Soaring high in ~ 6 ft 5 inches, Jackson was a vast receiver because that the San Diego Chargers and Tampa just Buccaneers.

After being drafted in the 2nd round the the 2005 NFL Draft, Jackson do his experienced debut for the San Diego Chargers versus the Oakland Raiders.

While his very first season in the NFL to be a hit and miss, he would gradually establish himself together a dynamic visibility on the field.

Eventually, as the years passed, Jackson thrived into his gameplay and became the go-to broad receiver because that the groups he represented. Furthermore, Jackson to be a top-tier athlete who earned himself 3 Pro Bowl selections throughout his 12 seasons in the NFL.

The NFL ar received deep saddening news top top the morning that February 15, 2021. Jackson, who lit up the organization with his towering presence and also mesmerizing enigma, was found dead in ~ the Homewood Suites in Brandon. Jackson lost his life at the young period of 38.

7. Calvin Johnson

“Megatron” of the NFL, Calvin Johnson Jr., possessed the perfect mix of physical attributes.

Not just is he gifted v a 6 ft 5 inches presence, his impressive catching capacity powered by his significant speed, strength, leaping ability, and body regulate meant the he to be a nightmare to take care of for the opposition defenses.

During his eight periods in the NFL, Johnson played because that the Detriot Lions, where he presented a level of dominance that only the finest of the ideal can produce.

Calvin Johnson. (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)

To shed some light on his illustrious career, Johnson was the receiving yards leader for 2 consecutive seasons in 2011 and 2012. Furthermore, he had actually three first-team All-Pro call-ups come his name.

In addition to that, through 11 games, Johnson holds the NFL record for 100-yard gamings in a season. Similarly, he likewise holds the document for consecutive gamings with 10 or much more receptions, having recorded the feat in 4 consecutive matches.

“You either leave as a hero or live long enough to end up being a villain.” Johnson made decision to execute the previous as he retirement while tho in his element in 2015.

Finally, in irradiate of his glorious career, Johnson was inducted right into the 2018 College Football room of Fameand the 2021 Pro Football room of Fame.

6. Malcom Floyd

Another one-club man on our list, Malcom Maiuu Floyd, is a former wide receiver who represented theSan Diego Chargersfor 11 periods in the NFL. The 6 ft 5 inches athlete began his NFL journey after gift selected through the Chargers as an undrafted certified dealer in 2004.

A promising prodigy, Floyd to be an All-Metro and also Offensive MVP of the league throughout his high college career. However, regardless of his notable achievements, Floyd was omitted in the 2004 NFL Combine.

After signing for the Chargers in 2004, Floyd do his expert debut versus the Kansas City Chiefs. Floyd play admirably ~ above the field, record 321 receptions during his 11-year-long career.

Furthermore, he spanned 5,550 receiving yards and has 34 receiving touchdowns to his name. The talented vast receiver referred to as it quits on June 9, 2015 – retiring v a memorable career under his name.

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5. Jeremy Shockey

If ever there was an athlete the resembled a superhero, it would certainly be Jeremy Charles Shockey.

During his prime, Jeremy was practically a carbon copy that Marvel’s Thor, with a tall framework of 6 ft 5 inches and a muscular construct to go together with his natural talent top top the field.

Winner the the inaugural Pepsi NFL Rookie the the Year in 2002, Shockey ‘shocked’ enemies with his capacity on and off the ball.

Jeremy Shocker. (Source: sportingnews.com)

Having started his career v the New York Giants, Shockey also played for New orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers during his nine years in the NFL.

Possessing a wide selection of skillset, Jeremy developed himself as a force to it is in reckoned with on the field. Furthermore, that was dubbed up for four Pro Bowls in his first five seasons in the NFL.

While his an initial Super Bowl ring was eerily controversial, the history books will review two Super Bowl rings in Jeremy’s name.

Jeremy finished his career through the Carolina Panthers, amassing an significant 547 receptions, 6,143 receiving yards, and also 37 receiving touchdowns during his illustrious journey in the NFL.

4. Plaxico Burress

As a large receiver, naught is more surreal than the feeling of receiving the Super Bowl-winning touchdown. And also nobody to know that much better than Plaxico Antonio Burress – a towering athlete of 6 ft 5 inches who caught the match-winning touchdown in Super key XLII.

Over his 12 years in the NFL, the Virginia-born athlete terrorized defenses week-in-week-out. Moreover, the eighth pick of the 2000 NFL Draft, Burress played because that the New York Giants, brand-new York jets before hanging up his total representing the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Buress let go two seasons while offer a 20 months jail sentence since of a weapons charge conviction in 2009. But, regardless of the adversities, Burress came back with a allude to prove the 2011 season. And also so the did, reflecting the human being that he to be still a capable wide receiver.

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3. Boyd Dowler

At number 3, Boyd Hamilton Dowler is a former wide receiver and also punter that played in the NFL for 12 seasons.

Standing in ~ 6 ft 5 inches, Dowler to be an instrumental number in the Packers’ domination throughout the 1960s. Moreover, the Wyoming-born athlete led the Packers to 5 NFL championship victories before clinching the very first two version of the Super Bowl.

Given his significant contributions in forming a empire with the Packers, Dowler has actually been permanently inducted into the Packers hall of Fame.

2. Andrew Glover

Measuring at 6 ft 6 inches tall, Andrew Glover is the second-tallest athlete on ours list. Moreover, Glover had actually a quick playing career spanning over just 3 seasons in the NFL.

His career began after Los Angeles Raiders initially drafted Glover in the 1991 NFL Draft. In his relatively brief career, Glover played for Minnesota Vikings and also the New orleans Saints together well.

The Lousiana-born athlete is just one of the leading proponents for preventing brain injuries in the NFL. He and also his wife were the leading plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against the NFL.

1. Harold Carmichael

The Burj-Khalifa that receivers, Lee Harold Carmichael, is the tallest recipient in the background of the NFL. Standing can be fried at 6 ft 8 inches, Carmicheal played for 13 seasons in the NFL.

During his 13-year-long career, Carmicheal represented the Philadelphia Eagles for 12 years prior to moving to the Dallas Cowboys because that his last hurrah.

The 6 ft 8 inches broad receiver, Harold Carmichael.

The four-time Pro bowl player is just one of the best the sport has ever before seen. V numerous accomplishments to his name, Carmicheal will always soar v the history of the NFL.

While he never ever won the desire Super Bowl throughout his playing career, he etched his name as a Super key Champion together an administrator because that the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017.


While several factors come right into play in the NFL, gift a tall and sturdy vast receiver can constantly be a solid foundation to develop on.

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Not every high player will certainly reach the meant ‘heights’ in NFL, and also it is never ever the wrong location to start. So, on that note, we pertained to the finish of our list of the tallest NFL Receivers in History.