If girlfriend think Peter Crouch is the tallest football player in this world, girlfriend will most probably obtain flabbergasted analysis this article. Having actually tall football football player in your football team is one asset.

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On our trip to compile the most accurate perform of tallest football players of every time, we came across plenty that inaccuracies and also historical evidence to do this a daunting proposition. The default for selection was that the footballer had actually to have played some sort of experienced football during their career. This would be fitting to prize the eternal question: that is the tallest footballer in the world?

Notable mentions: Although the likes the Peter Crouch, january Koller and Nikola Zigic are well-known giants in the game, none of them make the list of Tallest Footballers in the world. For the record, Crouch, Koller and Zigic room all 6ft 7.5in (2.02m), in order to just lacking the reduced in the list of high football players. Rather a tall order!

#10 Kjell Petter Opheim


Height: 6ft 8in (2.03 metres)

Country – Norway

Position – Goalkeeper

This high Norwegian goalkeeper plays for Stryn Fotball, a 3rd tier organization team from Norway.

Opheim has likewise played for various other clubs in Norway such as two-time Norwegian Premier organization winners Lyn Football and also the 1983 Norwegian Cup winners Moss FK.

Despite his huge frame, Opheim never really do a note for himself in the people of football.

#9 even Iversen


Height: 6ft 8in (2.03 metres)

Country – Norway

Position – Defender

The 31-year-old Norwegian defender hasn’t yes, really played exterior his residence country.

The existing whereabouts about Even Iversen space still unknown but most the them believe that also is there is no a society at the moment.

The pinnacle that his expert career was once he represented three-time Norwegian league Champions Bode/Glimt between 2006-2007. He likewise scored 3 times during his 33 appearances because that the club.

Iversen is, in fact, so off the grid, that also a substantial google find did not turn up any kind of images of him

#8 – Øyvind Hoås


Height: 6ft 8in (2.03 metres)

Country – Norway

Position – Striker

Yet another tall bloke from Norway. However unlike the various other two in our perform so far, Hoås is some what recognized. He began his job at Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s Molde FK and also then relocated to Fredrikstad two years later on with both that these teams being in the top department of Norwegian Football.

Later, Hoås relocated to a second department team Sarpsborg 08 through whom that enjoyed good success. He helped them accomplish promotion in 2010 however they to be relegated back to the second division in the an extremely next year. Nonetheless, Hoås score 44 purposes in 128 appearances because that the team.

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He has actually been attached with a hold of 2nd string English groups in the past including Luton Town and also Norwich City.