So I've been trying to number out exactly how to acquire my gamecube controller to work for mine emulation of supervisor Mario Galaxy but because it needs a wiimote I've been having some trouble.

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I've heard some human being say I have the right to just collection up the wii activity sensor together the c-stick top top the gamecube controller, but I can't even seem to open up the controller in the wiimote config.

Has anyone set this up before? ns feel like I'm making this harder 보다 it is for myself haha.


Thanks, but my difficulty is the the gamecube controller won't display up in the wiimote config so i can't set up the controls anyway

Try this profile out. That is setup because that a Xbox controller, yet the an easy idea should help you out a lot in obtaining the game to feel simply right. Simply something come note, Tilt Controls only occupational properly when the WiiMote is Upright (I Think), but that disputes with other controls if ns remember correctly. As soon as you obtain to among the few sections the the video game when you're balancing on a ball or something, it'd probably be finest to reconfigure the controller at the moment, or skip it.

Left pole -- Move

Right stick -- Camera Move

A -- run (A)

B -- rotate (Shake all axis)

X,Y -- Nothing

R -- shoot Star Bits (B)

L -- Crouch/Ground lb (Z)

RB -- every little thing C top top the Nunchuck go (C)

LB,RThumb -- Custom

DPad -- Tilt

The LB and RThumb space custom buttons that will remap few of the various other controls to do something totally different. It additionally unhides the IR pointer. All Controls not explicitly overwritten duty as normal.

RB -- Jump/Select (A), primarily used in Menus

Right pole -- IR Position, offered for collecting star bits or picking in Menus

Here's mine profile below. You have to type most the this in manually. For a GC controller, I'd more than likely use R together Custom button, Z as C, L together Z and while practice A, and also leave every little thing else as the same.

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Device = XInput/0/GamepadButtons/A = `Button A` | (`Shoulder R` & (`Thumb R` | `Shoulder L`))Buttons/B = `Trigger R`Buttons/- = BackButtons/+ = StartIR/Up = `Right Y+`IR/Down = `Right Y-`IR/Left = `Right X-`IR/Right = `Right X+`IR/Hide = !`Thumb R` & !`Shoulder L`IR/Hide/Range = 127.00000000000000Tilt/Angle = 60.000000000000000Tilt/Forward = `Pad N`Tilt/Backward = `Pad S`Tilt/Left = `Pad W`Tilt/Right = `Pad E`Shake/X = `Button B`Shake/Y = `Button B`Shake/Z = `Button B`Extension = NunchukNunchuk/Buttons/C = `Shoulder R` & !(`Thumb R` | `Shoulder L`)Nunchuk/Buttons/Z = `Trigger L`Nunchuk/Stick/Up = `Left Y+`Nunchuk/Stick/Down = `Left Y-`Nunchuk/Stick/Left = `Left X-`Nunchuk/Stick/Right = `Left X+`Rumble/Motor = `Motor R``Motor L`D-Pad/Up = `Right Y+` & !(`Thumb R` | `Shoulder L`)D-Pad/Down = `Right Y-` & !(`Thumb R` | `Shoulder L`)D-Pad/Left = `Right X-` & !(`Thumb R` | `Shoulder L`)D-Pad/Right = `Right X+` & !(`Thumb R` | `Shoulder L`)Edit: If girlfriend can't uncover the controller, we're gonna need more information than just that it's a GameCube Controller. If you room using the GameCube Adapter for Wii U, you're gonna have to either adjust the mode with the switch if that is mayflash, or use a Dinput interpreter for such a controller.