Norah Jones, Grammy winner and creator that hits like "Don"t know Why" and also "Happy Pills," to surname a few gems, boasts a renowned career that has spanned decades. And as she said The Telegraph in 2016, she trajectory to stardom has actually been a little overwhelming at times. "It happened too fast," the musician admitted. "It feel insane and stressful, human being knowing who you are, human being critiquing you."

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Jones take it a small break after the 2016 release of she album, Day Breaks, and also came back even more powerful in 2019 with Begin Again. The singer then adhered to up that success through the June 2020 debut of Pick Me Up turn off The Floor. "I hear a person record," she told Forbes about the work"s vibe. "We all get sad, we all must be picked up, we all kind of have actually our moments. We go up and down, that"s what we do. Ns think that"s what the is."

With the release of Pick Me Up turn off The Floor, there"s a renewed interest in Jones" life and background, particularly where it concerns her parents. The star, born Geethali Norah Jones Shankar to concert promoter, Sue Jones, and also famed musician, Ravi Shankar, in 1979, had actually a compelling childhood comparable to many other musicians the end there.

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Norah Jones to be born in brand-new York yet moved come Texas through her mom, Sue Jones, after she parents" split in 1986, every D Magazine. Ravi Shankar (pictured above right), a "sitar virtuoso and also composer" that "created a passion" for "classical Indian music," as The new York Times described, was reportedly 59 and also had a son with his very first wife, Annapurna Devi, at the time of Jones" birth.

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Despite Shankar"s outstanding resume (he to be a mentor to The Beatles" George Harrison, to perform one accomplishment), Jones to be tight-lipped around her dad. "I don"t like talking about him since he doesn"t have actually anything to execute with me or my music," she revealed come Rolling Stone in 2004. The "Shoot the Moon" singer had noted context for this in 2002, informing The Guardian, "Although ns love mine dad very much, i did only spend a portion of mine adolescence approximately him. This is probably why I try to downplay our partnership in the press."

Shankar passed away in 2012 at age 92, with Jones stating about the death, per NME, "My dad"s music touched millions of people. He will be greatly missed through me and music lovers everywhere." before Shankar"s death, the musician told Oprah Winfrey in 2003 the she and her dad had actually "gotten nearby in the last five years."

As because that Sue, her bond through Jones is strong. "We talk every work on the phone, no issue what," the singer relayed to Winfrey.