Star Wars is back, and also it"s fantastic. But Star Wars: The force Awakens asks around as many questions together it answers, and also having checked out the movie three times now I"ve compiled a list of questions, some answered, rather left a mystery.

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While i don"t have all the answers, I have actually some of them. I"ve talked to my an excellent sources, delved deep right into the books, comic books, and even the main novelization to lug you answers and insight right into the film, what it could mean for the future that not only the Star battles saga but additionally the A Star battles Story independent movies. And when ns don"t have answers, I have theories and present the proof as its available. Journey with me to find the answers for some of the greatest Star Wars: The force Awakens questions.

Here are few of the Force Awakens questions we will certainly answer in this substantial piece (the links are come the page in which lock appear):

And right here we go.


This isn"t so lot unanswered together it is unclear in the film. The movie offers us part answers however the entirety story should be to fill in through the publications like Star Wars: Aftermath and Star Wars: The visual Dictionary.

The battle is over: The death of Emperor Palpatine has given the galaxy evidence that the empire can be defeated, and according to the Visual Dictionary, "a longing because that freedom and also peace drove a good tide of transformation from sector to sector, come the suggest of a truce — unthinkable in ~ the elevation of the Galactic Civil war — to be signed in between the brand-new Republic and the dilute Empire."A new Republic is formed: In Aftermath we find out that Chancellor Mon Mothma restores the Galactic Senate to create a forum for the republic, v all human beings having same say in shaping the government. The Alliance rebranded as the brand-new Republic.The brand-new Republic has a military: The publication says the new Republic fleet is the biggest defense force in the galaxy, yet nevertheless is a fraction of what it was throughout the Clone Wars.The Senate is restored: The senate was revived and happen the army Disarmament Act. The Galactic Concordance peace treaty was signed which minimal the Empire"s ability to fairy war, and turned its emphasis to reshaping galactic politics.The an initial Order rises up: through their capability restricted, the old empire withered away and also eventually arranged in the unknown regions of the galaxy together the very first Order.


Lets proceed with recapping the events because the battle of Endor....

Leia sees the threat, yet the brand-new Republic is unwilling to act: Princess Leia tries to acquire the new Republic come take notice of the increasing threat the the first Order yet they think she"s either gift an alarmist or a warmonger and also refuse to take action.The Resistance is formed: v the Senate too slow-moving in giving support, Leia created a tiny private force called the Resistance to store watch ~ above the climbing threat the the first Order. Follow to the book, the brand-new Republic "tolerates the Resistance, despite it is wary the risking war v the first Order." The opening crawl because that the film states the new Republic "supports" the Resistance, and General Hux also believes this to it is in the case in his speech.The power structure of the first Order: Kylo Ren "exists external the officially command framework of the an initial Order, and also has a direct link to the shadowy supreme Leader Snoke that is eventually in fee of these forces of darkness." Kylo"s agenda trumps the army objectives the the upper command of the first Order, and also he has actually personally been responsible for the loss of the Jedi order.The Senate pipeline Coruscant: as the new senate to trust all human beings should have equal say, they determined the Senate would leave Coruscant. Rather the resources shifts throughout member human beings by a procedure of election, hosting the Senate ~ above a rotating basis.

So basically, the remnants that the realm have reorganized together the very first Order in the much reaches that the galaxy, the Senate is too bogged under in national politics to take it action, for this reason Leia independently creates a tiny force called the Resistance to keep watch on the increasing threat.

Now together for the occasions of this film, the Senate has actually convened top top Hosnian Prime. Some civilization miss this yet the Starkiller base destroys this planet during their present of power, effectively killing every the members that the senate.


This is another question that is partly answered in the film, but I assumed you might want to know some that the extra details revealed in the books:

Han Solo: after ~ the Galactic war ended, that married Leia Organa, became "a household man" (could they have had much more than one son?) and "for a time – a effective racing pilot." They sent out their child Ben come train under Luke Skywalker since they feared he had "too much Vader in him." The tragic occasions that followed damaged up your marriage, and also Han went back to his old life as "a tramp freighter captain, smuggler, and also freelance law bender." having lost the Millennium Falcon, Han eventually settled on one enormous bulk freighter named the Eravana, which he supplies to haul substantial shipments of legitimate questionable cargo. Chewbacca changed as Solo"s wingman.Chewbacca: after the fight of Endor, Chewbacca assisted lead the new Republic effort to liberate Kashyyk from royal rule. With his sidekick currently settling down through a family, Chewbacca returned to Kashyyk and reconnected through his larger family. When Han Solo returned to his left together a smuggler, Chewbacca once again joined him. Chewie is currently 234 years old, i beg your pardon is not yet draw close the middle period for a Wookiee.Leia Organa: after the battle of Endor, Leia (no longer a princess) ended up being a influential brand-new Republic politician, married Han and also gave birth to a son. The household days finished after the tragic occasions at the new Jedi Academy. She suggested that the new Republic was no doing sufficient to certain the safety of that is citizens, and she was "estranged from the senate for her refusal come let the ghosts the the critical war remain dead." Leia is concerned around the suspicious activities of the first Order however the new Republic brand her as an alarmist. So she starts increase the Resistance to take a closer watch.R2-D2: He add Luke Skywalker in his journeys throughout the galaxy after the fight of Endor, and was "witness to triumph and tragedy." after ~ Luke Skywalker vanished, R2-D2 went into low power mode, wherein "his diagnostic systems space attempting come organize the large trove of information in his databanks from over seven decades of uninterrupted operation." His data has never been wiped due to the fact that Anakin Skywalker"s ownership.C-3PO: The protocol droid has been through Leia pretty much because childhood (give or take a few years), and he adhered to the previous Princess to work-related for the Resistance where he not only is a translator yet has to be tasked with keeping track v the organization"s motion pool that spy droids throughout the galaxy, managing the flow of details the comes from the field. He has been upgraded his TronLang III interactions package to increase his language fluency to over 7 million forms of communication. He sports a salvaged red arm, which is a memento of an additional druid"s sacrifice (the story will certainly be revealed in an upcoming comic book). Return you may miss it, C-3PO it s okay his arm restored to common at the end of the film (you can see that waving in ~ the Millennium Falcon together it takes turn off to find Luke Skywalker).Luke Skywalker: After the fight of Endor, Luke Skywalker collection up a new Jedi Academy wherein he hoped to train end a new generation that Jedi. He vanished after one of his college student was convinced by the dark side and also massacred most of the young Padawans. The felt responsible because that the catastrophic events and went right into exile, however where? Those that knew that best think he went trying to find the first Jedi temple.


In the film, Maz tells us that she came across the lightsaber numerous years earlier and has kept it safe and also locked up. But how go she come right into possession the Anakin Skywalker"s lightsaber that Luke Skywalker lost in Cloud City? as Maz Kanata puts that in the movie, "It"s a an excellent question for an additional time." I"m assuming a future Star wars novel or comic book will discover this story, or maybe it will certainly be revealed in among the Star battles Saga or A Star battles Story stand alone movies. For this reason we just don"t know exactly how she finished up with it.

Possible Explanation: one of the very first rumors come hit the internet came from Devin Faraci who reported the following:

Imagine the traditional Star wars crawl, and when it end the camera pans up to the stars. However instead the a spaceship zooming into frame we see... A hand! A severed hand, tumbling with space. A severed hand gripping a light saber. That hand drops onto a desert planet, where it is discovered by characters who will be ours heroes. One is Daisy Ridley.

Turns the end Devin was partially right. The initial opening crawl ended with the lightsaber tumbling through room towards a planet, but not a desert planet. Rey never discovered the lightsaber on Jakku, it always came to she in Maz"s castle. The shot apparently acquired abandoned in ~ some allude in the process, probably due to the fact that the expose in the basement the Maz"s castle is more powerful. Although i love the idea that the imagery that the saber flying v space, yet the opened shot of the silhouette the Star Destroyer blocking out an entire planet is additionally cool.

In a report from July, MakingStarWars common what appears to it is in an previously version of the events that take place in Maz"s castle. The report claims that Rey didn"t originally discover the lightsaber through wandering with the castle"s basement, yet instead the after the first Order began their attack, "Maz ushers the heroes inside the castle and also down a staircase" and also begins to tell them who Luke Skywalker was and why that is important. "They get in an underground chamber. Maz has them all hold hands." According to the unconfirmed report, the vision consisted of the adhering to extra bits:

We then see a peasant dropping the lightsaber and beginning a fire. He panics and also runs, but decides to go earlier for the lightsaber, conserving it.We then watch a regional trader go away through the weapon.The businessman sells the sword to a flourishing man. Then there"s a battle raging and the knife is being used by the clan versus the Seven.

I"m no sure exactly how this every fits together unfortunately. Leaving how Maz got the saber as a mystery is probably an ext interesting. I"m certain we"ll listen the story (probably a various story) someday.


Remember the second teaser trailer, the one that reuses the Luke Skywalker voiceover native the initial trilogy? over there is a shooting of Lupita Nyong"o"s character Maz Kanata handing over the Skywalker lightsaber to general Leia. Indigenous what we watch from the elevator of the shot, the scene shows up to take location in the Resistance headquarters. Yet in the movie Maz is never ever seen in the war room v Leia, and also has no interaction with the previous Princess. So what happened to this scene?

Possible Explanation: If it"s a deleted scene, it possibly confirms that Maz survived the assault on she castle. Its not unusual for shots to appear in a trailer and also not it is in in the final film, particularly shots from early trailers as soon as a final cut is far from locked. However the shot in the trailer features a fully computer generated performance, i beg your pardon is i have lot of money to produce. It"s been commonly reported that Abrams did an enig reshoots because that Force Awakens in his negative Robot offices, and also some of the reshoots apparently connected reworking the scene in i m sorry Maz appears — so it"s likely that something got changed along the way.

Our resources tell us that in the shooting script, Maz left through the Resistance due to the fact that her castle was left totally destroyed and also presented Leia through the lightsaber in the battle room.


We don"t recognize much about Max Von Sydow"s personality Lor mountain Tekka. We understand that Poe Dameron to be tasked by general Organa to uncover an old allied of Leia"s that holds information around her brother"s whereabouts. The Visual Dictionary tells us the following:

As the empire toppled, retreating royal officials ruined records that would have actually been an essential to the new Republic"s attempts in ~ Galactic reconstruction. New Republic bureaucrats turned rather to firsthand account from well-traveled locals to to fill in the gaps. A jar traveler and also explorer that the an ext remote edge of the galaxy, Lor san Tekka has actually proven his precious to the new Republic and also Resistance countless times over. Prepared to retire after decades of exploration and also adventure, the spiritual mountain Tekka has cleared up with a nest of villagers in the remote Kelvin Ravine top top the frontier human being of Jakku.

The official databank also offers the following about the character:

A legendary traveler and explorer, Lor mountain Tekka is a longtime ally of the new Republic and also the Resistance. After the battle of Endor, san Tekka helped Luke Skywalker recover mystery Jedi lore the the realm had tried come erase, and Leia Organa really hopes the old scout have the right to now assist find she brother. Following decades of adventure, mountain Tekka retirement to live simply on Jakku, wherein he follows the dictates of the once-forbidden Church of the Force. But his retirement is fated to be anything however peaceful.

But why has actually San Tekka hosted information about Luke Skywalker"s whereabouts for years without offering it up? Also remember his first line — the very first line of conversation in the movie — is "This will begin to make points right." What does that mean? Kylo Ren also insinuates the he knew san Tekka indigenous his previously years, commenting, "Oh, exactly how old you"ve become." san Tekka also states of basic Leia that "she"ll always be aristocracy to me" i m sorry insinuates the he knew Leia prior to A new Hope.

Was mountain Tekka somehow connected in Luke Skywalker"s new Jedi holy place where Kylo trained as a child? the doesn"t show up so, it appears as if he was a fan of the Jedi. The publication says that mountain Tekka witnessed the Jedi Knights before the Clone Wars and "never believed the lies the painted then together traitors." throughout Palpatine"s rule, san Tekka was a monitor of the Church of the Force, an underground faith made up of non Force-sensative worshippers the the Jedi idols, who thought the Jedi would at some point return.

It was originally rumored that the personality would reveal himself to it is in a personality we previously knew from the past Star wars films, the frontrunner being bounty hunter Boba Fett, however I can"t find any real proof of this. I"ve also heard the rumor the a younger version of this character could appear in one of the Star battles Story stand alone movies favor Rogue One or the Han Solo movie. The official descriptions point out his time as a previous Scout, which can fit right into the Rogue One story.


Hey wait a minute, Rey somehow knows exactly how to usage the Jedi psychic trick minute after discovering she has actually Force powers? That can be your very first reaction, but I think Rey"s vision creates that she trained as a youngling at Luke Skywalker"s Jedi Academy prior to Ben Solo got turned by Snoke and also led a massacre the the students.

We aren"t sure about her age, yet the child abandoned on Jakku (played by Cailey Fleming) appears to be somewhere in between 5 and 7 year old. She clearly remembers several of her teachings, using the Jedi mind trick on a stormtrooper to escape custody top top Starkiller base.

Earlier in the movie she claims she assumed Luke Skywalker to be a myth, which appears to suggest her early memories were suppressed by who with force powers (likely whomever abandoned her ~ above Jakku). She memories seem to return together Kylo Ren do the efforts to use the force mind review to delve right into her head.


I think it"s a mistake to think that just a Jedi or Sith can use and operate a lightsaber. I would argue the it is like a samurai sword — I have the right to pick it up, I have the right to swing it, I have the right to train to usage it but if I"m told to fight with it in a total fight, I most likely won"t have actually much luck. A Jedi on the other hand is able to fight through a ancient weapon in a pistol battle. Obi-Wan teach Luke to anticipate the shots and swings.

Okay, therefore this quiet doesn"t describe how Finn and also Rey room able to walk toe come toe through a trained previous Jedi favor Kylo Ren. Here"s the feasible explanation:


The movie reflects us the all stormtroopers are trained in using a Z6 Riot control Baton, which can be swung in a comparable fashion together a lightsaber. The Star Wars: before The Awakening book shows Finn training with this weapon. Therefore Finn had actually some experience using a weapon of the sort. Yet even so, Kylo Ren was seriously hurt by Chewbacca"s bowcaster and was bleeding out in the snow. And even through that disability, Kylo had the ability to seriously very own Finn in the lightsaber duel.

As for Rey, it"s established early on that she is quite adept at using her employee to fend turn off the scum that stays on Jakku. And also I"ve currently mentioned the her vision proves that she was an extremely likely trained together a youngling at Luke Skywalker"s new Jedi Academy. And also it"s not unreasonable to think that she had actually a lot of training with the mystical laser sword. But also it"s developed that Rey is strong with the Force. It seems prefer she could even be stronger with the pressure than Kylo.


I think that would be the most evident answer. Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy has actually said that the Star battles Saga films will be the story the the Skywalkers. And I think she way the new stories with new characters, which obviously goes beyond Luke and also Leia. Kylo Ren is obviously component of the Skywalker bloodline, and also it would be basic to i think the new Star battles trilogy will be around the redemption of the character (if lock are following the franchise"s formula, which evaluate by this film, is the case). However I"m also willing come bet over there is likewise a good guy in the brand-new generation the shares the Skywalker bloodline. But that can mean she could be either Luke or Leia and also Han"s child.

Let"s look in ~ what us know: She an extremely likely trained as a Jedi Padawan with Luke Skywalker prior to the Jedi temple was assaulted by the Knights that Ren. Let"s disregard the truth that she thinks Luke Skywalker is a myth when Finn brings his name up (her memory were probably suppressed, probably using the Force) and that she to know legend the the famed Smuggler Han Solo but clearly doesn"t remember that from childhood. She was exit by her household on Jakku.

Why would whomever conserved her in the Jedi Academy massacre just abandon her on a desert planet? probably to put her out of reach from the Dark next by hiding her whereby no one can discover her and where no one even know she exists. This probably describes why Kylo doesn"t acknowledge her, he probably thinks whomever she is was killed during the Jedi Academy attack.

And we also know the Anakin Skywalker"s lightsaber referred to as to her. Maz even makes a suggest of saying that the lightsaber belonged to Luke Skywalker and his father Anakin Skywalker before him, "and currently it"s calling because that you." So the must median she"s a Skywalker, right?

When Kylo is interrogating her, the looks into her mind and also says "You dream that a place" and also begins to explain a tiny island like the one she later on finds Luke on. Maybe she"s no dreaming however able to watch where she father is? Or probably she experienced the metaphorical X on the item of BB-8"s endowment map and also knew that it to be an island?

If she is a Skywalker: Why doesn"t Han Solo or Princess Leia identify her? Or perform they? Han is rapid to offer Rey a job on the Millennium Falcon after the learns she name, however later doesn"t seem too overly came to when she was abducted by the an initial Order.

When the Resistance returns ago from blowing up Starkiller base, Leia to walk right previous Chewbacca directly over to Rey and also hugs she never having actually met the girl before. Why wouldn"t Leia lull Solo"s ideal bud? Do they understand something us don"t?

Also it"s exciting that Leia sends out Rey to the island that can have Luke, and doesn"t do the trip herself. Perhaps its an unsafe mission for the General, but then why not send an achieved high-ranking Resistance member?


There is one much more possibility: She might be Obi-wan Kenobi"s granddaughter. I had heard early that the adjust from Michael Arndt"s script to the one J.J. Abrams was working on with Lawrence Kasdan was that it adjusted the story from being just around the Skywalkers to being a story about the Kenobis vs. The Skywalkers. Again, that was just a rumor and a lot of what we heard early on was wrong or developed into miscellaneous else. However it is possible.

Consider this: Obi-Wan Kenobi was in possession of that lightsaber for three decades, if Luke Skywalker had actually it just for a year or so. The lightsaber calling to her could have nothing to do with Luke and also Anakin Skywalker. Also, while Rey is having actually her vision we hear Obi-wan Kenobi say "Rey, you"ve taken your an initial steps." of course, Yoda is also heard throughout this sequence, however of food he is one of the greatest Jedi masters of all time. So the concern is, if Rey is a Skywalker — why did Rey hear Obi-Wan in her vision and also not Anakin Skywalker?

Berith on The defines how Rey might be a Kenobi:

Anyone who has actually watched Clone wars will know Obi-Wan had a partnership with Duchess Satine Kryze leader of the Mandalorians. In reality when Obi-Wan to be still a Padawan he and Qui-Gon defended her because that over a year. Obi-Wan and Satine grew so close the Obi-Wan stated he would have renounced his vow to the Jedi order had she asked. Now Qui-Gon was certainly no stickler because that the rules, but fathering a child is in reality not versus the Jedi code. The attachments that usually comes through such points is the issue. For this reason Obi-Wan can easily have fathered a kid with Satine and remained a Jedi so lengthy as he was detached sufficient from the situation. This son being of both Mandalorian and also Jedi descent would have to be kept a secret. That would have actually been an affront come the mandalorians search to go back to the old ways and a target that assassination together a result.

All of the said, it still seems more likely the she is a Skywalker.


Yes, catalent Kennedy did to speak the Star battles Saga is about the Skywalker family, yet the sequel trilogy already has Kylo Ren (who is of the Skywalker bloodline). For this reason what if Rey isn"t Luke, Leia or Obi-Wan"s kid? when I talked to director J.J. Abrams prior to seeing the film, i asked that if the movie would explore the opportunity that anyone can have the power. Abrams called me the while that would "never suspect to question anything George Lucas says is canon in Star Wars" he believes "the force has always seemed come me to be more inclusive and also stronger than" bloodlines and midi-chlorians.

I"m no someone who fairly understands the science of the Force. To me Star battles was never about science fiction — it to be a spiritual story. And it was an ext of a fairy tales in the regard. Because that me as soon as I heard Obi-Wan say that the pressure surrounds us and also binds us all together, there to be no judgement around who you were. This was something that we could all access. Being solid with the pressure didn"t median something scientific, it intended something spiritual. It meant someone who could believe, who who can reach down to the depths of her feelings and follow this primal power that was flowing through every one of us. I mean, it is what was claimed in that first film! And there ns am sit in the theatre at practically 11 years old and that to be a an effective notion. And also I think this is what your allude was, us would prefer to believe that once s*** gets serious, the you might harness that pressure I to be told surrounding not simply some of us however every life thing. And so, ns really feel prefer the assumption that any character demands to have inherited a certain variety of midi-chlorians or requirements to be part of a bloodline, it"s no that i don"t think that as component of the canon, I"m simply saying that at 11 year old, that wasn"t wherein my heart was. And also so ns respect and also adhere to the canon but I also say the the force has constantly seemed come me come be more inclusive and also stronger than that.

That all said, I do feel prefer Rey is regarded someone we know. And I"m certain we"ll uncover out in the following movie.


If Rey was abandoned on Jakku as a child, who raised her? In the rapid shot we view in Rey"s vision, we see her at age 5-7 attract an outfit that looks prefer that the a young Jedi Padawan looking up at a leaving spacecraft. We don"t acknowledge the spacecraft, however we think we acknowledge the arm in the shot. The looks like the eight of Unkar Plutt, the personality Simon Pegg plays in the film. Unkar is the extraterrestrial junk dealer the Rey goes come to trade her salvaged result for portions of food. In the scenes v Rey, that doesn"t seem like she has a past relationship with Unkar. And also it additionally doesn"t seem prefer he would be the type of person to agree to take treatment of a five-year-old girl.

But then that leads united state to the Millennium Falcon, a space ship that Unkar has had sitting in his junkyard for some time. Is it feasible that someone traded him that ship in exchange for watching end his daughter and teaching her how to endure on the unforgiving people of Jakku?

An interesting theory, but it appears unlikely. They filmed a step at Maz"s castle where Unkar confronts Rey around stealing the Falcon and Chewbacca involves save her, which was not included in the final film (but will most likely be seen in the home video clip deleted step collection).


When Rey touches the lightsaber, she experiences a vision. The events presented in this vision whiz through fast, so girlfriend may have missed something. Together we mentioned earlier in the Maz question, the vision initially showed more about just how the lightsaber go from Luke"s hand in Empire Strikes Back come Maz"s castle, yet the final film dialed this down.

Rey end up in the hallway from The empire Strikes Back where Luke once confronted Darth Vader. You have the right to hear Luke Skywalker shout "No!!!!!!" if friend listen closely in the background. The pressure Awakens main novelization adds the Rey sees numbers in a lightsaber duel far down the hallway. The initial reduced of the film had Rey run in the direction of them and also seeing a brand-new shot, various angle, of the Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader confrontation. This is actually the reason why Empire Strikes Back versions of Luke Skywalker and also Darth Vader were released in the Force Awakens activity figure line. Apparently the shoot was cut later in the editing process.

Back to the vision, Rey sees Luke Skywalker lay his metal hand on R2-D2 as fire and ashes to fill the background and foreground. This obviously argues a scene after Kylo Ren has damaged Luke"s brand-new Jedi Academy, right before Luke decides to get in exile. We watch a scene of body scattered on the floor in the putting rain through Kylo Ren having actually just eliminated one of them while a team of likewise dressed world stand next to him, may be the Knights the Ren. Keep in mind that the is the only one v a lightsaber in this shot.

We then watch Rey as a young girl (age 5-7) gift left behind ~ above Jakku v what looks to it is in Unkar Plutt. Note that she is attract an outfit the looks prefer something a young Padawan might wear, which suggests she was a college student at Luke"s new Jedi Academy. And also then the last shot features her in the snowy forest at night.

In the novelization, Rey hears a voice behind her say "Stay here, I"ll come ago for you." She whirls approximately trying to find the voice with the trees. "I"ll come earlier sweetheart, i promise." She states "I"m here, best here, where space you?" No response. And then as with the movie, a figure comes at she — it"s Kylo Ren, a premonition of the confrontation she has later in the film. She falls earlier and is back on the basement floor that Maz"s castle.

During this succession we likewise hear Yoda, a brand-new recording by candid Oz, talking around how the force surrounds us. And also near the finish we hear Obi-Wan Kenobi say "Rey, you"ve take away your very first steps." This voice over is actually cleverly edited through Alec Guinness speak the name "Rey" adhered to by a new recording the Ewan McGregor saying "you"ve take away your an initial steps." You can read an ext about how those voiceovers came around here.


Stormtroopers prefer Finn have actually been taken from your parents as children and raised to work and fight for the an initial Order. Finn does not understand where he came from or remember his parents, however that dangling plot thread leaves many people to believe its a set-up because that a future reveal.

At the Star Wars: The force Awakens push conference, actor man Boyega recalled a display test that did with his co-star Daisy Ridley wherein he stated to her:

There"s no method that our stories space so simple.

Boyega go on come apologize come Kathleen Kennedy who was sitting alongside him yet admitted that even though he"s viewed the movie:

And we still don"t know! so I"ve still acquired some conspiracy theories as a fan regarding where Finn comes from and I"m quiet trying to number that out, however I choose that it"s a mystery.

Later in the conversation Boyega stated he love the fan concept that Finn is Mace Windu"s grandson and also enthused around an conference he had actually with Samuel L. Jackson in ~ a party. Going by gyeongju alone, Finn might possibly be a descendant of Mace Windu or Lando Calrissian. Yet do we really need to make this universe any kind of smaller than it currently is? I would fairly see Finn try to check out his past and find a new story with brand-new characters and not make this galaxy any kind of smaller and too connected by fate.

It should additionally be detailed that an image of Finn as a child, aged 5-7, was displayed on a screen while the very first Order was pointing out his escape. For this reason it"s really likely this is the age he was once the very first Order acquired him.

This to be my biggest complaint coming out of the human being premiere screening. Just how does R2-D2 simply wake up? It simply feels favor an all-too-convenient minute for him come reactivate indigenous low power mode.

My initial Theories: The an ext I thought about this unusual moment, the much more I found reasons because that it. Here are some possibilities:

Luke turned him on: Luke Skywalker, feeling a disturbance in the force from the death of Han Solo, or at very least Leia"s reaction come the loss, decides it"s time to let his sister understand where the is and reactivates R2 utilizing the force.Rey arrives: It additionally seems not-so-coicidental that R2-D2 comes alive simply moments after Rey come at the Resistance base. Can R2 have had orders to only turn top top if she to be to involved the droid?

There"s additionally the inquiry of why R2-D2 had actually the piece of the map to Luke Skywalker"s location. Seems a little too convenient right? Or perhaps Luke planted the map over there so that one day people could come uncover him. Go that average that he gave the various other piece of the map come Max Von Sydow"s character? to be he ordered to just reveal the map if the Dark Side climbed up again? Another possibility is the he was in search of the long-lost an initial Jedi temple before the massacre, and also R2 has actually the piece he uncovered prior to skipping town.

The official Answer: Sadly, the actual answer is not very satisfying. Screenwriter Michael Arndt has actually said the the idea was that R2 plugged into the info base that the fatality Star, "and that"s how he was able to get the complete map and find whereby the Jedi temples are." manager J.J. Abrams describes the factor why R2 all of sudden awakens with the information:

BB-8 comes up and says something come him, i beg your pardon is basically, "I"ve got this item of a map, carry out you occur to have the rest?" The idea was, R2 who has been anywhere the galaxy, is quiet in his coma, however he hears this. And also it cause something that would at some point wake the up. While it may seem, friend know, completely lucky and an easy way out, at that suggest in the movie, when you"ve shed a person, desperately, and also somebody you hope care around is unconscious, girlfriend want someone to return.

Again, no really a satisfying answer. That should likewise be mentioned that C-3PO clearly knows BB-8 (when the protocol droid look at him outside the Resistance base, that greets him). This provides sense since they have actually been both working for the Resistance for some time. But why is it that BB-8 has actually never checked out R2-D2? Seems prefer a little bit of a plot hole?

BB-8 tries to wake up the old droid but C-3PO notifies him the it is unlikely that he has the rest of the map. I guess this supposedly sparks R2-D2 to analyze his backups for possible info. The fact that the wakes up ideal as they return native Starkiller base still appears too convenient. And why has actually the Resistance never ever tried to gain the information from R2-D2 before?


We don"t know why Ben Solo (likely called after old Ben Kenobi, a household friend the the Skywalkers) turned come the Dark Side. We room told in the film the Ben was studying under grasp Jedi Luke Skywalker at the new Jedi temple. General Leia mentions that it was Snoke that turned him to the dark side, however how? This is just one of the inquiries we really have actually no understanding on. Gibbs Adam Driver told IGN the following about his character"s motivations:

Kylo Ren idolizes Darth Vader, no Anakin Skywalker. That idolizes what Vader represents and also what Vader was trying to do. And also the idea that Vader didn"t succeed, if you look in ~ it native Ren"s allude of view, he was seduced by the enemy and also failed since of that seduction. For this reason the idea is the Ren wants to finish the thing that Vader started.

We suspect that point is hunting down and killing every last Jedi.


In Rey"s vision/flashback, we see Kylo Ren destroy Luke Skywalker"s new Jedi Academy v "the Knights of Ren." but who is this organization? The just thing J.J. Abrams has said ~ above record around the group is this:

He is a personality who concerned the name Kylo Ren when he joined a group called Knights of Ren.

Adam Driver offers a little an ext insight to the LATimes:

It was a group that existed prior to him, the he was a component of. Their location within everything is maybe much more of a satellite group than I would say ... This is really tricky.

It should be noted that Kylo is no Ben"s provided name, that is most likely a mix of his family names sKYwalker and also soLO.

Finn advert to Kylo Ren together "Ren" and not Kylo which appears to indicate he can be the only remaining member the the group. Because we know Snoke convinces Ben Solo to join the dark side, maybe he is just one of the various other members the the Knights the Ren? Nope. In the movie, Snoke tells Kylo that he is the understand of the Knights that Ren. I"m certain we"ll either discover out an ext about the group in future films or in the upcoming books.


When I first saw Star Wars: The force Awakens, I just assumed the Snoke to be a giant. However remember back to the holographic projections the the Emperor, lock featured his head in ~ a gigantic size. Neal Scanlan told world Magazine evidenced the personality is "7-foot-something tall; he"s very, really thin." So that looks prefer he isn"t a giant after all.

We don"t recognize much about the can be fried Leader other than he turned Ben Solo come the Dark Side and is collection to provide Kylo his last training. We understand from The arts of the force Awakens the his conference room was meant to reflect a little bit of the Lincoln Memorial, and also was originally going to be presented in greyscale yet they determined to shot to go more photo-real to preserve the disclose of him gift a hologram. At one point during the advancement Snoke was nearly made a female.

J.J. Abrams and also Neal Scanlan didn"t desire him to look old and also decrepit like the Emperor. The idea rather was to basic him ~ above the ghoulish looks in Hammer horror films. An elderly sculpted Ivan Manzella commented, "It"s nearly like Snoke was rather handsome as soon as he to be younger, and in mine mind, the an ext powerful he"s become, the an ext the Dark next consumes him." They at some point went with a slightly more youthful version of the design.

Some Star wars fans think that Snoke is Darth Plagueis, a character pointed out in the Star wars prequels. The filmmakers were asked about the opportunity at Comic-Con, where J.J. Abrams refuse the character"s existence in the film. But fans are not willing to take the filmmaker"s solution as a definitive answer together Abrams has lied in the past to safeguard secrets (i.e. Cannes in Star Trek right into Darkness). Pan also point the end the similarities between the soundtrack because that Snoke and also the soundtrack because that the step in i m sorry Palpatine tells Anakin the story the Plagueis.

According come Palpatine, "Darth Plagueis to be a dark lord of the Sith, so powerful and for this reason wise. He might influence the midichlorians to create life. He had such a expertise of the Dark Side, he could even save the ones that cared around from dying." While Plagueis had actually the capacity to cheat death, Palpatine claimed to have killed Plagueis in his sleep. George Lucas has actually said that Plagueis to be a Muun, a thin, narrow-faced species of alien with a flair because that finances. A Star battles book, Darth Plagueis, told the story of Plagueis" backstory but that is no much longer considered Star battles canon.


After finding out that BB-8 has actually a map causing Luke Skywalker, supreme Leader Snoke issues the very first Order come find and destroy the droid if they have actually to. Kylo Ren tells general Hux the he requirements the BB-8 unit in working order as he requirements the data the has. Kylo Ren obviously desires to find and also destroy Luke Skywalker but Snoke appears fine without that information. Why?

I have the right to understand the Snoke didn"t desire the Resistance to obtain the map, but why why he much less concerned around getting the information? Maybe having Skywalker out of the method makes it easier for the very first Order to climb up. Or probably Snoke knows the Kylo Ren is not strong enough to challenge his old Jedi master.


At the Force Awakens junket, IGN inquiry J.J. Abrams why didn"t Leia come to be a Jedi after ~ Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Abrams describes it"s a inquiry that he, co-writer Lawrence Kasdan and also even George Lucas discussed.

It to be a an excellent question, and also one us talked about quite a bit also with Carrie . If there is "another" why no take benefit of this natural force strength this character had? and one of the answers was the it was merely a choice she made, the her decision to run the rebellion and also ultimately this Resistance, and also consider it s her a general as opposed to a Jedi, that was simply a an option that she took. No that there isn"t any kind of regret the should might have and also didn"t. But clearly we"ve seen and we perform again, she is plainly Force strong.

So over there you have it, she made decision to be a general rather 보다 a Jedi but that doesn"t typical she can"t progress her force abilities in the future if she wanted to.


From the trailers, plenty of fans suspect the shot of Kylo Ren and the Knights that Ren was standing in the rain flanked with bodies was from a scene where they go to Endor and recover the stays of Darth Vader, yet that was no the situation at all. Last we observed Darth Vader, he to be played to remainder in a fire funeral ceremony ~ above the forrest moon that Endor.

We don"t know just how Kylo came into possession of the helmet, only that the charred and also melted helmet was "scavenged from a funeral pyre ~ above Endor." we may find out just how the relic came right into the possession of Kylo and also the First stimulate in one of the trip to the pressure Awakens publications that have actually yet to it is in released, return I"m not sure the details are vital in any kind of way.


This isn"t a question I had, together I took it at confront value. However /Film editor Angie Han posed the concern to me and also I found the conversation was worth part exploration. In the film, Captain Phasma provides it clear that FN-2187 passed every the tests and scored extremely in simulations with no clues of subordinate behavior.

The Visual Dictionary notes the FN-2187 "lacks the combat zeal or submission to authority apparent in his squadmates" but "keeps his misgivings well hidden." and of course when he witnesses the truth of war on Jakku and also the fatality of his squadmate, the finds self unable to participate and also thats as soon as he decides to make a run for it and also save captured resistance pilot Poe Dameron.

But the bigger concern is why was he unable to resolve the violence the war? might it be that seeing that in person with real world brought back subconscious memories native his childhood? It"s discussed in the movie the he has never well-known his name. I"m wonder if his instincts in the Jakku massacre stem from occasions in his beforehand former life before he to be abducted and brainwashed.

The book before The Awakening answers few of these questions. The mission ~ above Jakku is Finn"s second real mission in the field and seeing real civilians being slaughtered was too lot for him. Finn basically he aces the simulations due to the fact that he to know his "enemy." It"s the Republic. He"s been taught that since childhood. That starts to really have actually doubts, and also then the sims begin incorporating civilians and also he can"t justify shooting in ~ them. He tries to conserve a other stormtrooper (the same one that dies in pressure Awakens) in a simulation and Phasma reprimands him.


Luke Skywalker disappeared after the tragic events at the brand-new Jedi Academy, however why go he go into hiding? every we recognize is the rumor had it the went searching for the very first Jedi Temple, i beg your pardon we can only i think is on that ancient-looking island we check out at the finish of the film. Yet why did the go trying to find that details temple? and why had actually he remained in hiding?

The answers to every these inquiries will likely be answered at the begin of Rian Johnson"s Episode VIII as note Hamill supposedly already shot a step for that film ~ above the island. I"m assuming the Luke feels responsible. Look at how much damages his household has brought to this galaxy. Perhaps he believes the best thing he deserve to do is come isolate himself from this civilization to not make things worse. If i were a betting man, I would say Luke is wake up to accept his old lightsaber earlier from Rey and will most likely push ago at the idea of training her.


Some casual pan of the Star Wars series might be wonder why Finn is not a clone? Wasn"t the the whole suggest of the Star battles prequels? for those people, over there is a throwaway heat in the movie to acknowledge that the an initial Order Stormtroopers are no much longer clones. During a disagreement between Kylo and also General Hux, Ren says that maybe due to the fact that Hux"s brainwashed stormtroopers aren"t functioning out therefore well, and suggests they could possibly bring back the clones. In Force Awakens, that is created that General Hux decided to usage a collection of stormtroopers the trained indigenous childhood, in many cases stealing the youngsters from your families, and while it"s not explicitly stated, it"s argued the an initial Order brainwashed the new children troopers.

So why was the clone military abandoned? The best answer I could find because that this question comes from Rukh:

After the Clone Wars ended (Episode 3), Palpatine essential to solidify his strength to reorganize the Old Republic right into the brand-new Galactic Empire. To perform this his necessary a lot larger army (more than the currently clones) and likewise needed come generate well-known support, so he instigated a new propaganda campaign to instill loyalty and patriotism by transforming many that the greater learning centers into imperial Academies (Luke Skywalker to be attempting to apply to such an academy so the he might get turn off of Tattooine) where consistent humans were educated and simultaneously trained to offer in the royal military together officers, technicians, pilots, and also soldiers. In the approximately two decades in between Episode 3 and Episode 4 (the initial Star Wars) the majority of Stormtroopers were normal people that i graduated from royal academies and also recieved advanced training from among the imperial Military Centers, prefer the framework on Cardia.

The clone army was something that was abandoned well prior to J.J. Abrams got connected in the series. The original expanded universe (which is currently discounted only as "Legends") likewise established the relocate from clones come humans. The readjust that an ext recently acquired introduced come in the man television collection Star battles Rebels, which developed that kids were now being brainwashed and also trained to be stormtroopers.


It has been evidenced that Gwendoline Christie will be reprising her role as Captain Phasma in Rian Johnson"s Episode VIII. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy called the LA Times that they have big plans because that Phasma and also confirmed the the captain will lug on into the following movie: "She"s critical character, a baddie in the best sense that the word."

Many doubters have complained the Phasma"s role in Force Awakens to be too small and fans are already predicting the it will be beefed increase in future films, some referring to her as the Boba Fett of this trilogy.


Supreme Leader Snoke tells general Hux to bring Kylo Ren to him so the he can end up his training, and we find out that Hux has taken turn off from Starkiller Base before the explosive stuff goes down. But what around Kylo Ren? critical we observed he was seriously injured and left bleeding in the eye as the weapon began to activate.

We deserve to only assume the Hux take it off early on to retrieve Kylo. After all, it seems choose Kylo Ren will certainly be the Darth Vader that this sequel trilogy, so I mean we haven"t watched the critical of him. Also, the main novelization, i beg your pardon is also considered canon, says that Hux choose up Kylo v some troopers and they to be able to escape Starkiller base before it blows up.


Two personalities prominently featured in the merchandising don"t do an appearance in the film. What occurred to Sarco Plank and Constable Zuvio? What to be their roles in the movie going come be? Why go they get toys, books, and official picture (see above) if castle weren"t walking to end up in the last film? click the over two web links to uncover out around those two characters.

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You could have wondered just how it was that Rey was able to know both BB-8 and also Chewbacca"s native languages. The below screenshot native the Star Wars book Rey"s survival Guide offers us the answer.


Are there any type of unanswered concerns we may have actually missed? Is there any type of information or proof we didn"t present? What are your think on our theories? Is Rey a Skywalker, a Kenobi, or neither? let us understand in the comments below!

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