Dove meanings and also symbolism incorporate peace, love, devotion, navigation, messages, grace, gentleness, purity, the divine Spirit, the human soul, and also hope.

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Doves belong come the Columbidae family members of birds, which likewise includes pigeons. With over 300 species, doves and also pigeons are found on every continent other than Antarctica. So, they show up in the mythologies and folklore the cultures around the world. In this post, you’ll learn about dove symbols, meanings, and also dove mythology. Plus, you’ll learn around the dove heart animal.

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What does a dove symbolize?

PeaceLoveDevotionNavigationMessagesGraceGentlenessPurityThe divine SpiritThe human being SoulHope

Detailed Dove Symbols and also Meanings

Symbols the Peace

Around the world, the dove is a price of peace. It’s difficult to determine exactly when the dove ended up being a tranquility symbol. We do understand that humans began to domesticate pigeons before the time of written language, maybe 10,000 year ago. For countless years, pigeons and also doves were supplied as a food resource and come send messages.

Both doves and pigeons space gentle and docile birds, especially compared to birds of prey, choose hawks and owls. In addition, they room monogamous and very affectionate with their mates. This gentleness an unified with the truth that they were used as one early form of long-distance interaction is likely how they come to end up being symbols that peace.

Dove Meaning: Love


Like most other types of birds, consisting of eagles and also ravens, doves are mostly monogamous and also mate because that life. Yet the dove takes things a step additional in that they are an extremely affectionate with their mate, including giving love nips, grooming them, and also cooing to them. Furthermore, dove couples are known to clasp their beaks and even bob your heads in unison.

The love dove pairs are also extremely committed to their chicks. In fact, the masculine dove share in the obligation of incubating the eggs and also feeding the chicks.

For every one of these reasons, the dove has become an enduring prize of love and also devotion.

On a an individual level, the dove spirit animal is a positive symbol because that bringing more love into your life. See a dove or a pair the doves have the right to be a positive affirmation that you’ve found your spirit mate or that you’ll be connecting through a soul mate soon.


Doves and also pigeons are well-known to have great sense that navigation. Even when taken numerous miles from their homes, they deserve to easily find their method back. Hence these birds have been supplied as messengers for thousands of years.

As a price of navigation, the dove is a valuable totem for finding clarity and also direction in her life. If it might not constantly seem noticeable to you, the dove reminds you the you have a sixth sense. Friend do have actually a greater level of awareness – it’s just a matter of tapping into it. You have the right to do this v prayer, meditation, or even setup an intention for guidance prior to you walk to sleep at night.


Early 20th century armed forces pigeon messaging station of the Russian army in Turkestan. Image: ministry of Defense the the Russian Federation.

Pigeons were used to carry messages together far ago as 3000 BC in old Egypt. They were likewise used in old Greece to share the outcomes of the Olympic games with world who were far away (and didn’t have actually the advantage of watching them on TV.) In fact, the pigeon’s capacity to find its method to a location was so precise that they were offered in battle time to send encrypted messages.

As a symbol because that messages coupled v being a price of peace, the pigeon and also its dove counterpart remind us of the prestige of communication in our relationships. Remaining in touch, express ourselves, and also acknowledging what others need to express is the key to having happy, high-quality relationships through others.

White Dove Meaning


A white dove symbolizes purity, innocence, and the divine. Favor a white lily flower or lotus, the white dove embodies the idea of something the rises over the profane come exist in much more exalted state.

Dove heart Animal


When the dove is your soul animal, you have actually been blessed with a gentle overview who can aid you together you navigate your life path.

You may currently know the the dove is your spirit animal, or one may have suddenly crossed her path and made themselves recognized to you. See a dove or also a pair the doves is constantly a positive omen.

Dove world are loving, gentle, and kind. In addition, they are naturals in ~ diplomacy. A dove suddenly coming into your life deserve to be a reminder for you to express your peaceful and also loving nature.

In addition, the dove spirit pet can remind you that the idea of spirit mates. The dove says to cherish the human being closest come you, together they will be through you life time after lifetime.

In addition to the dove, if you are curious around other pets who might be your heart guides, you have the right to take’s spirit pet quiz and also read much more about them in mine overview article on soul animals.

Dove power Animal


As the name implies, a power pet can authorize you through their most dynamic traits. So, if you want to transform an area of her life, consider the attributes that the power pet represents. Because that example, you deserve to meditate on the qualities of the dove power animal when you:

Are in an environment where over there is a most conflict and also you desire to find common ground and a method to create win-win scenarios.Feel lost in one area of your life and want to tap right into your higher power because that direction and guidance.Want to improve the high quality of her relationships, especially your connection with your mate. Or if you are single and you desire to discover your spirit mate, the dove power animal can it is in a useful totem when envisioning the type of relationship you want to have.

Dove Totem

An pet totem displayed the protective powers of the animal it represents. So, the dove totem is a helpful symbol for bringing an ext love and healthy relationships into your life. It’s likewise a good luck symbol because that creating much more peace, harmony, and understanding in relationships. Furthermore, the dove totem is a useful symbol because that finding guidance and direction together you navigate your life path.

Dove in Mythology and also Folklore

The dove and the pigeon have actually been crucial figures in the mythologies and also folklore that people about the human being for countless years. Below are few of those stories:


Ancient Akkadian cylinder seal portraying the Mesopotamian goddess Inanna (or Ishtar) ca. 2334 – 2154 BC. Image: eastern Institute the the college of Chicago.

The dove appeared in created mythology as far back as 3000 BC. The Mesopotamians linked the dove with their fertility goddess, Inanna, who was also called Ishtar in neighboring cultures. Innana ruled not only love and sexuality, however she was additionally the goddess that war.

Not just did the Sumerians and Akkadians depict Innana and Ishtar in the existence of doves, however they also told stories of their respective goddesses shapeshifting into a dove.

The Dove in the Epic of Gilgamesh

The Mesopotamian story the Epic the Gilgamesh, i beg your pardon pre-dates the bible to 2100 BC, tells the story that a great flood that consumed the world. The is uncannily similar to the biblical story that Noah’s Ark.

The god that water, Ea (also called Enki), speak Utnapishtim, a character in the story, that the gods are planning a an excellent food. Ea climate tells Utnapishtim the he must build a massive boat to organize all living beings to safeguard them from the flood.

Utnapishtim does together he is told, and a cataclysmic storm and also flood come and also rage for 7 days. Finally, the storm subsides and Utnapishtim goes out on deck. The cries tears that gratitude that he lived and also saved so much life. Utnapishtim then sent out a dove and a swallow to find dry land, but both bird returned. Next, he sent a raven. The raven did not return, for this reason Utnapishtim knew it found dry land.

Dove Symbolism in the Bible


The dove together a symbol appears in both the Old and brand-new Testaments of the Bible. In Genesis 8, the story the Noah and also the an excellent Flood is uncannily similar to the story that the flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

In the biblical story that the an excellent Flood, after 40 days, Noah sends a crow (or crow or, more likely, an previously ancestor of the two birds) to uncover dry soil after the flood. The raven does not return.

Next, Noah sends a dove to see if she will uncover dry land. At first, the dove returns. So, young name realizes there is quiet no an ideal land top top which come dock the ark. However, a mainly later, Noah sends the dove out again and she returns v a fresh plucked olive branch. So, he realizes that the earth is finally habitable again.

Olive trees also have symbolic meaning, and also one of those definitions is the they represent peace. So, the mix of the tenderness dove transporting an olive branch has pertained to be a universal symbol of peace and hope.

Doves space mentioned somewhere else in the Bible. Strangely, a variety of passages in Leviticus imply that turtledoves and also pigeons were used as sacrifices in the kind of “burnt offerings.”

Dove Symbolism in Christianity

In Christianity, the dove symbolizes gentleness, the divine, and the divine Spirit. The publications of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and also John, all referral a dove in context to the holy Spirit: “As quickly as Jesus was baptized, he went up the end of the water. In ~ that minute heaven was opened, and also he saw the heart of God descending choose a dove and also alighting on him. And also a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my Son, whom i love; v him ns am well pleased.’” (Matthew 3:16-17.)

In Matthew 10.16 – 22, the dove symbolizes pacifism when Jesus states to his disciples: “See, i am sending you out like sheep right into the middle of wolves; so it is in wise as serpents and also innocent as doves.”

Native American Dove Meanings


While plenty of Native American tribes supplied pigeons and also doves together a food source, they likewise viewed them icons of gentleness and also peace. In fact, there’s a Cheyenne proverb that is uncannily comparable to what Jesus said to his hands-on worker in Matthew 10: “If a guy is as wise as a serpent, he deserve to afford come be as harmless as a dove.”

For the Blackfoot tribe, the dove was a sacred bird. They regarded the dove together a protector that would assist warriors safely return native battle. Thus, warriors wore dove feathers together protective talismans.

For the Algonquian people of the eastern U.S., the cooing of a turtledove could be one omen the someone to be going come die. And also for the Pueblo the the Southwest, the dove could help to bring rain. Because that California tribes, such as the Miwok, the dove was much more of a naughty bird, choose the crow, who might get right into trouble.

Dove and also Pigeon Clans

Some native American tribes have dove or pigeon clans. These include the Abenaki, Pueblo, Ioway, Ho-Chunk, and also Mohave. In addition, the Cherokee have a spiritual Pigeon Dance.

Dove Symbolism in Aztec Mythology

Pre-Colombian artwork of the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal. Author: Unknown.

The Aztecs linked their goddess Xochiquetzal v doves. Like the Greek’s Aphrodite, Xochiquetzal was a love and also fertility goddess. And as in various other myths, the dove in the story the Xochiquetzal is linked to a good flood. According to the Aztec production legends, Xochiquetzal involved the earth in the type of a dove after ~ a cataclysmic flood.

The Dove in Greek Mythology

Venus (or Aphrodite) playing through Cupid (or Eros) and also doves. “Venus jouant avec l’Amour.” Artist: Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry (1828 – 1886.) Image: Pal Graphics.

The ancient Greek’s goddess that love was influenced in component from the Mesopotamian goddess the love, Inanna or Ishtar. And also like her middle Eastern counterparts, Aphrodite was often illustrated with doves around her.

For the Greeks, the dove symbolized love, renewal, and also immortality. In fact, the Greek gods’ and also goddesses’ beverage of an option was ambrosia, which was brought to them by doves.

The Greeks also associated the dove with the columbine flower. The surname columbine comes from the Latin indigenous columba, which way dove or pigeon. Favor the dove, columbine symbolism contains peace.

The Dove in Celtic Mythology

As they regarded the raven, the Celts saw the dove as an oracle bird. They would certainly watch your behavior and also flight patterns for signs. So, because that the Celts, the dove was also viewed together a messenger. In addition, the dove symbolized healing. So, unfortunately, the Celts supplied them for sacrificial purposes.

Dove meaning in Islam

In Islam, depending upon who is informing the story, doves are regarded as protectors that Muhammad. In one story, Muhammad and also his father-in-law, Abu Bakr, room being chased by Quraysh warriors who want to kill Muhammad to avoid him from preaching. Top top the run, Muhammed and Abu Bakr come throughout a cavern in Thowr hill in Mecca. So, they decision to hide in the cave.

According come the story, two doves nest outside the cave and a spider weave a large web across the entrance. The animals do this knowing that once the Quraysh warriors pass, they will assume that Muhammad and also Abu Bakr could not it is in hiding in the cave since the doves and also the spider’s web are undisturbed.

Dove Symbolism in Japan

In Japan, the dove symbolizes messages and also peace. In Japanese mythology, the 3rd century Emperor Ojin becomes a god whom they speak to Hachiman. He is the god that war, archery, fishing, and agriculture. In addition, he provides the dove as his messenger.

In Japanese culture, a dove delivering a knife is a prize of peace and the end of war. The dove is additionally used to honor those who died in Hiroshima in WWII.

Dove interpretations in China

In China, the dove symbolizes enduring love, faithfulness, and also springtime.

Dove in Hindu Mythology

The Hindu god the love and desire, Kamadeva, is often shown riding a dove (or parrot.)

Dove Dream Meaning


What walk it mean if friend dream that a dove or doves? The answer, in part, counts on exactly how you see doves and the emotions friend felt in your dream. While dream interpretations are distinct to the human being who has actually the dream, one thing we all have in common is that our subconscious emotions nothing lie to us. The emotions we suffer in the dream state can provide us a feeling of what the dream is trying to tell us.

In general, doves and pigeons space non-threatening animals. At worse, pigeons could annoy people. However a tranquil dream about a dove or pigeon can generally be construed as a positive omen.

Dove Tattoo Meanings


Like dreams, tattoos are an individual to the individual who has them. However, a dove tattoo is typically a hopeful symbol that shows the people you worth peace and also love. It can also demonstrate the you’re a human who has a sense of where you’re walk in life. Furthermore, a dove tattoo can show that you feeling you above with and also feel you have guidance in your life native God or your higher power. Every little thing your reasons are for acquiring your dove tattoo, hope understanding more about dove symbolism and mythology can carry even deeper meaning to it.

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Organizations that protect Doves

While plenty of of united state see pigeons on a everyday basis whose populaces are thriving, there space actually types of pigeons and doves who room endangered or at risk of extinction. World Atlas lists 11 varieties who space at threat of extinction.

Threats these birds face include habitat loss and also degradation; the results of climate change, consisting of temperature changes and storms; predation by dogs, cats, and invasive species; and also the bird pet trade. If you care about doves and pigeons, please do what you deserve to to defend them. Below are some establishments that are working top top Columbidae conservation: