Discover every of the talented English voice gibbs behind Kingdom hearts 3, consisting of recognizable voices native the casts that fan-favorite Disney and also Pixar films.

With a video clip game relax as big as Kingdom mind 3, fans better believe that Disney and also Square Enix have spared no price on voice actors. The latest video game crossover adventure has been 13 years in the making, giving the developer ample time to find all of the best voice actors for any kind of given character, with numerous of them return to reprise their roles from vault Disney and Pixar film releases. Read on to discover the best names featured among the Kingdom hearts 3 voice actor cast.

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Kingdom understanding 3 English voice actors

It"s no surprised to discover a variety of A-list voice actors among the actors of Kingdom mind 3. Due to the fact that Kingdom Hearts is among the greatest crossovers in entertainment, and because Square Enix"s companion Disney is a humongous surname in film and also TV, the game"s developers had access to an tremendous pool of voice talent. In countless cases, the voices behind characters in Kingdom hearts 3 room the exact same ones indigenous the source media, including several returning voices native Frozen, Tangled, large Hero 6, and also the Toy Story series.

Here"s the list of certification voice gibbs in Kingdom understanding 3. Because that the complete cast list, be certain to inspect out the Kingdom hearts 3 web page on IMDb.

Sora - Haley Joel Osment

Sora is voiced through Haley Joel Osment

The voice the Sora in Kingdom hearts 3 is once again noted by Haley Joel Osment, now a veteran that the voice acting industry thanks come his starring role in the series. His face will doubtless be recognizable because that his involvement in movies like The sixth Sense, Forrest Gump, and also A.I. Artificial Intelligence, yet gamers may likewise recognize his voice from a recent function in NBA 2K19, where he played the part of character Zach Coleman.

Donald Duck - Tony Anselmo

Donald Duck is voiced by Tony Anselmo

The function of Donald Duck in Kingdom mind 3 is voiced by Tony Anselmo, who has been voice the character because its TV debut in DTV Valentine ago in 1986. In fact, based on information gleaned from Anselmo"s IMDb page, there"s very little that he"s done exterior of voice the instantly-recognizable duck because that the critical 33 years. He did provide extra voices because that Phineas and also Ferb around 2011, but beyond that one instance, the remainder of Anselmo"s 69 exhilaration credits involve voice Donald Duck.

Goofy - bill Farmer

Goofy is voiced by bill Farmer

Goofy in Kingdom understanding 3 is voiced through the same guy who has actually voiced the characters for years: Kansas indigenous actor invoice Farmer. Unlike Anselmo, who has almost exclusively voiced Donald Duck, Farmer has moved all roughly the people of movies and also games. He may be best known for voicing Goofy, but he likewise voiced Sam in Sam and also Max fight the Road, Sylvester and also Yosemite Sam in room Jam, and also a host of assorted voices in Robot Chicken. His video game voice credits largely revolve around Goofy, through Farmer providing his talent for gamings like Kingdom Hearts and also Epic Mickey, though he"s also listed voices for gamings like Crash tag Team Racing and also Yakuza.

Baymax (Big Hero 6) - Scott Adsit

Baymax is voiced by Scott Adsit

The Kingdom mind 3 crew tapped on the talent of Illinois indigenous actor Scott Adsit because that the voice that Baymax, the same male who voices the personality in the big Hero 6 movie and TV series. Outside of various other television duties in shows choose 30 absent or moral Orel, movie fans may recognize Adsit indigenous movies favor Uncle Nick, cultivation Up and Other Lies, and also We"re the Millers. He additionally played The Writer in the biggest Song in the world episode the HBO"s Tenacious D miniseries.

Fred (Big Hero 6) - TJ Miller

Fred is voiced through TJ Miller

The voice of Fred in Kingdom mind 3 is listed by popular funny male T.J. Miller, a Colorado-borne actor most famous for his roles in the Deadpool movies and also HBO collection Silicon Valley. Next from voice Fred in big Hero 6, he likewise lent his voice to roles in games like Yogi Bear, just how to Train your Dragon, and The Emoji Movie Virtual fact eXperience.

Olaf (Frozen) - mockery Gad

Olaf is voiced by mockery Gad

Florida aboriginal actor mockery Gad return to voice Olaf indigenous the Disney movie Frozen in Kingdom understanding 3. Gad"s exhilaration resume has quite a couple of hits, through acting credits in films like 21, Pixels, Jobs, She wants Me, and also The Rocker. He"s additionally starred in a variety of TV series including earlier to You, American Dad, good Vibes, Californication, 1600 Penn, The Comedians, and new Girl.

Anna (Frozen) - Kristen Bell

Anna is voiced through Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell returns to voice Anna from Frozen in Kingdom understanding 3. Though her acting resume is extensive, Bell is primarily known for her work in Frozen, Forgetting sarah Marshall, Veronica Mars, and Scream 4. Her TV credits encompass several substantial runs on renowned shows prefer Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, and House of Lies, through minor recurring point out in shows prefer Burning Love and also Heroes. Exterior of Disney-produced titles, her video game credits include roles in Astro Boy: The video Game, Disney Infinity, and also the initial Assassin"s Creed.

Elsa (Frozen) - Idina Menzel

Elsa is voiced through Idina Menzel

Frozen"s Elsa in Kingdom mind 3 is voiced by Idina Menzel, the very same actor who voices the personality in Frozen. Menzel"s acting resume has a number of video game credits based approximately her role in Frozen as well as TV series like Glee and also Lego Frozen north Lights. She film credits encompass Kissing Jessica Stein, The Tollbooth, Water, Rent, and also Enchanted.

Kristoff (Frozen) - Jonathan Groff

Kristoff is voiced by Jonathan Groff

The voice the Kristoff in Kingdom hearts 3 is listed by Jonathan Groff, one up-and-coming gibbs Disney pan will instantly recognize from his function playing the exact same character in Frozen. Groff has however one video clip game credit (for Kingdom mind 3), yet his TV credits incorporate roles in collection like Mindhunter, O.T.P., Glee, Looking, Boss, and One Life come Live. He"s additionally starred in a grasp of films, and also will it is in reprising his role as Kristoff in Frozen 2.

Hades (Hercules) - James Woods

Hades is voiced through James Woods

James Woods as soon as again voices the function of Hades in Kingdom mind 3. The Utah-borne actor and also two-time Oscar nominee is extensively recognizable across both film and TV, with starring duties in movies choose Straw Dogs, White home Down, Stuart little 2, Scary Movie 2, Ghosts the Mississippi, and Salvador. His signature voice is conveniently picked increase in a variety of video games as well, including gamings like Scarface: The civilization Is Yours, grand Theft Auto: san Andreas, and also several entries in the Kingdom mind series.

Hercules (Hercules) - Tate Donovan

Hercules is voiced through Tate Donovan

The duty of Hercules in Kingdom hearts 3 is voiced through Tate Donovan, a brand-new Jersey-borne actor and Primetime Emmy award winner. Movie buffs may recognize his challenge from movies prefer Argo, Shooter, Blame, and Love medicine No. 9, however others might recognize his work in television in series like The guy in the High Castle, Hercules, 24: Live another Day, Deception, Hostages, Damages, The O.C., and Friends. His major voice acting credits are in other Disney gamings like Hercules, Disney"s Hades Challenge, and Kingdom mind 2.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates the the Caribbean) - Jared Butler

Captain Jack Sparrow is voiced by Jared Butler

Jack Sparrow in Kingdom understanding 3 is voiced through Jared Butler, one of the just voice actors on this list whose work mainly includes video game roles. Exterior of exhilaration in shorts favor Judge Minty and Search/Destroy: A Strontium Dog fan Film, Butler"s video game credits encompass Pirates the the Caribbean: at World"s End, Rango, XCOM: opponent Unknown, grand Theft Auto 5, and Disney Infinity 3.0.

Gibbs (Pirates the the Caribbean) - Kevin McNally

Gibbs is voiced by Kevin McNally

The grizzled first mate pirate Joshamee Gibbs is voiced by Kevin mac line in Kingdom mind 3. Like plenty of of the various other actors featured on this list, mcnally voices — or in this case, action — the part of Gibbs in the live-action Pirates that the Caribbean movies. Recognizable from other films like Macbeth Unhinged, Bounty Killer, and Valkyrie, mac line can likewise be watched in TV series such together Frontiers, Underworld, Dad, Bedtime, Supernatural, The Mill, and also Downton Abbey. His video game credits encompass voice occupational for Disney Infinity and Assassin"s Creed 3.

Flynn driver (Tangled) - Zachary Levi

Flynn rider is voiced by Zachary Levi

Kingdom mind 3"s variation of Flynn driver is voiced by Zachary Levi, the exact same actor that voiced the personality in Tangled. More than likely best-known for playing Chuck in the TV collection of the exact same name, Levi has starred in a variety of popular shows prefer Tangled: The Series, Alias Grace, Telenovela, Heroes Reborn, and also Tiny Commando. Despite his voice acting resume is rather short, Levi has worked in past gamings like Fallout: new Vegas and Halo: Reach.

Mother Gothel (Tangled) - Donna Murphy

Mother Gothel is voiced by Donna Murphy

Mother Gothel in Kingdom hearts 3 is voiced by Donna Murphy, a new York-based actress with a variety of credit film, television, and theater performances. As well as her work in Frozen, fans may recognize her voice or likeness from TV collection like Mercy Street, Hindsight, Resurrection, make in Jersey, and also Trust Me. As well as Kingdom hearts 3, her only other video game credit transaction is voicing mother Gothel in the 2010 release Disney Tangled.

Hamm (Toy Story) - john Ratzenberger

Hamm is voiced by john Ratzenberger

The portly pink personality Hamm is voiced by none other than man Ratzenberger, a long-time actor and Connecticut native ideal known for play Cliff on 80s TV sitcom Cheers. Ratzenberger notably voiced Hamm in all three Toy Story movies as well as several various other spin-off programs, and also game fans might recognize his job-related from number of Disney- and Pixar-based games like Cars, Up, Disney Infinity, Disney Magic Kingdoms, and also LEGO The Incredibles.

Rex (Toy Story) - Wallace Shawn

Rex is voiced by Wallace Shawn

Rex in Kingdom understanding 3 is voiced by Wallace Shawn, the same brand-new York City-borne actor who voices the character in the Toy Story movies. Most fans will acknowledge him together the actor play Vizzini in The Princess Bride, yet Shawn has plenty of experience in video clip games too, voicing personalities in titles like family Guy: back to the Multiverse, King"s search 2015, and also LEGO The Incredibles.

Woody proud (Toy Story) - Jim Hanks

Woody is voiced through Jim Hanks

The voice of Sheriff Woody proud is listed by Jim Hanks. Possibly most well known for gift Tom Hank"s younger brother, Jim Hanks has had plenty of success throughout movies, TV, and also games, notably voicing the role of Woody native the 1996 Toy Story video game and also onward. He"s also appeared in TV collection like Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and also JAG, while also providing voices for gamings like Disney Infinity and LEGO The Incredibles.

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What carry out you think the the starring voice actors and cast members of Kingdom mind 3? based upon the crew"s full experience, it seems safe to say the the latest Disney and also Square Enix crossover will certainly uphold the series" heritage of solid voice exhilaration talent. The game is simply over a week indigenous its January 25 relax date, so be sure to keep it tuned come" Kingdom understanding 3 home page for every the recent news and also guides.