Bulgaria is a land filled with history and is the third archaeological rich nation following Greece and Italy. The funding city, Sofia was founded 7000B.C through the Thracian tribes and also was ruled and occupied by plenty of different superpowers, such together the Romans and the Ottomans. Today, Sofia is a modern-day city but the background of this place could be viewed everywhere, native the floor floor that a hotel come the subway stations.

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is the most beautiful building in Sofia during sunset

We to be originally here in Bulgaria to watch the renowned abandoned communist monument, Buzludzha, yet local authorities closed turn off the an enig entrance just days before we came to Bulgaria. Us still had fantastic time trying out the history rich capital city that Sofia. Below are the height 10 exciting facts we found around Sofia and also Bulgaria.

No. 1- Sofia city is built on optimal of Roman damages

During the first century, Romans realm expanded and also occupied the area of contemporary day Bulgaria. Under the roman rule, Serdica, i beg your pardon is modern-day day Sofia, became the most vital Roman city in the region. Today, so lot Roman ruins are uncovered in this major city. Once you walk right into Saint Sofia Church, you could see the old roman theatre v the glass windows on the floor.


Saint Sofia Church is really simply built on the inside and outside. That doesn’t also have a church bell. That would have guessed that it is built on top of a beautiful roman theatre?

However, Bulgarians, in general, doesn’t have actually a great concept the protecting these an important archaeological sites. In 2004 a corporate purchase a item of land in Sofia to build a hotel and when they to be digging under for the structures for the hotel, they uncovered the Amphitheatre of Serdica, i beg your pardon is a vast structure just 10 meters much shorter in diameter than the Colosseum in Rome. Unfortunately, the this firm or the federal government didn’t prevent the building of this hotel to safeguard this extremely beneficial archaeological site. This day we can only view a small component of this Amphitheater under the Arena di Serdica Residence Hotel. Us simply could not imagine exactly how much history is buried under this city.


There space three glass home window floors in the Saint Sofia church which permits you to watch the roman theatre below.

No. 2- The an initial subway terminal took 30 year to develop

A capital city with a large population requires dependable transportation systems. Top top the surface, Sofia has numerous bus and tram services however underneath, the city only has actually two Subway lines. The very first subway terminal took 30 years to construct with the start of construction beginning in 1960 and also finishing in 1990. This is because, every meter castle dug, lock found more and more archaeological sites varying from the era of Thracians come the Romans. They even discovered thermal water.


Bulgaria’s most renowned Metro station, Serdika Metro. The place is full of roman ruins.

This an initial station is the Serdika metro Station and also here you could find numerous of this Roman structures merging with the modern-day structures. The roman inn walls room so well developed that they room utilized to organize up the upper floors in the subway stations. There room so countless other archaeological far-reaching items placed on public see in the secret walkway. Just exterior the subway station, over there is a vast area of Roman structures that room excavated and also are totally free to to walk around.

In Serdika subway Station, they usage the Roman damages as walls and also pillars to host the top floors.

No. 3- Bulgaria had actually the biggest cathedral ~ above the Balkan

On the Bulgarian short article cards, you would generally see the incredibly beautiful Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. It is just one of the largest Orthodox basilicas in the world and also was built between 1904 come 1912 to honour the Russian soldiers who passed away to liberate Bulgaria from the ottoman Rule. The style of this Cathedral is extremely innovative and numerous of that domes space gold plated.


The repair of the gold plated domes ~ above Alexander Nevsky Cathedral were only completed recently. They look outstanding from afar.

It continued to be as the best church on the Balkan until Serbians perfect the Church that Saint Sava. The enntrance gate to the Cathedral is cost-free but they fee 10 LV (USD $5.60) for acquisition photographs. Luckily i took part photos v a allude and shooting camera before I to be told by the security guard. One more interesting truth is that an ordinary beggar in Sofia accumulated and donated € 20000 to the repair of the Cathedral’s dome. Us personally believed he should have actually donated to a far better cause with that money.


The pictures in the Cathedral are exceptionally beautiful but some that the colours have actually faded through time.

No. 4 Bulgarians were allies v Nazi Germany but saved 48,000 Jewish citizens.

During WWII, when Bulgaria was required into the battle they made decision to be Allies through the Axis. Therefore alliance, the Bulgarians were required to send the Jews to the concentration camps. However thanks to the aid from the monarch, Tsar Boris III and the Bulgarian Church, the Jewish world were saved from being deported come the fatality camps. Over there were also widespread protests against the deportations, including petitions to the government in Sofia.

After WWII, the communist party built around churches choose this to hide castle from level view.

In the end, the German requests for the 48000 Bulgarian Jews to be exile to concentration camps were no complied with. Later Bulgaria to be officially thanked by Israel because that the defiance against Germany. Yet Bulgarian authorities did no offer protection to Jews that were not Bulgarian residing in Bulgaria, including those who had fled over there from Nazi lived in regions. Unfortunately, this Jews were deported by the Bulgarian government.

No.5 The last monarch exiled by the communist ended up being the prime minister 50 years later. Exciting politics!

When Tsar Boris III mysteriously passed away after having a meeting through Hitler in 1943, his kid Simeon Borisov Saxe-Coburg-Gotha pertained to the throne. After ~ the WWII, a referendum was held with the existence of the communist Russian military which caused Simeon to it is in exiled come Egypt.

Many buildings, consisting of the Parliament residence are developed in during the communist period. They room big, functional and also meant to critical forever.

Later Simeon became a organization man in Spain and also was granted a Bulgarian passport after the fall of communism in 1990. He went back in the year 1996 and became element Minister in 2001. However, Simeon did no live as much as the guarantees he made and also spent more of his time claiming ago the chateaus that were shed to him. In the following election in 2005, because of low popularity, Simeon suddenly took component in a coalition federal government with the ex-communist government. Plenty of Bulgarians assumed it to be shameful for Simeon to team up through the communist party which exiled him 50 year ago.

No. 6 Bulgarians use the Cyrillic alphabets.

Bulgarian is a language which uses the Cyrillic alphabet and is a language system completely foreign to us. In ahead countries, us may have the ability to guess interpretations from specific words yet it is difficult to perform so with words spelt out in Cyrillic alphabet! Inconveniently, most of the street signs and menus on the walls room printed just in Bulgarian. Fortunately, many Bulgarians space friendly space fluent in English for this reason we get plenty of aid when we are stuck. Us could also instantly analyze the language with google translate app on the phone.


Some Cyrillic alphabets signs. It’s incredibly hard to acknowledge roads here!

No. 7 Bulgarian’s an enig food which provides you live longer, The Bulgarian Yogurt

In a family fridge in Bulgaria, you have to have had actually the Bulgarian Yogurt. It is just one of the most generally eaten food in Bulgaria and also studies have displayed that it has actually the potential to rise your life span. Bulgaria is the third country in the world with civilization living past the age of 100 and every one of these human being eat the Bulgarian Yogurt.

What is for this reason special about this yoghurt is that it consists of a bacteria called Bulgaricus which just exists and survives in Bulgaria. This bacteria is only properly grown v special technology in Japan. Bulgarian additionally commonly do a cold soup with this yoghurt called Tarator. Throughout our Food Tour v Bulkan Bites, we were offered the opportunity to try this soup.

No. 8 Bulgarians love come drink soup!

Bulgarians yes, really loves soups and you can uncover many small stores in the streets selling soups. The an initial store in Sofia marketing soup is referred to as Supa Star. In this store, they comprise to 6 different soup a work costing roughly USD$2 per key of soup. They have cold soup and hot soup varieties and also each soup are extremely hearty and also full that ingredients. Return the menu in the store is just in Bulgarians, the staff room all fluently in English and are happy to explain the ingredients in the soup.


Bulgarian world love drinking soup. This shop referred to as Supa star cooks 6 different varieties of soup daily.

No. 9 Sofia has plenty of thermal water springs yet are they room not well utilized.

Bulgaria has many thermal water springs and also are made right into thermal baths throughout the Ottoman empire rule. Yet in Sofia today, there room no thermal spas close to the city. The closest heat spas are built in a town close by the is only easily accessible by bus or car. There supplied to be a heat spa bathtub in Sofia dubbed Sofia main Mineral Baths developed in the 16th century. However, this bath was closed in 1986 and also converted right into a Museum, Sofia background Museum.

Bulgaria has countless thermal springs. This building used to it is in a heat spa bath yet now it’s supplied as a museum.

The an important thermal water is now used as free drinking water offered through 2 fountains ~ above the outside of the museum. Locals in Sofia often come right here to fill their water bottles v this heat water as it has an excellent minerals that is helpful to the body.

The heat water now comes out of drink fountain outside the Museum. The water is warm has a little bit that sulfur taste however is for sure to drink.

No. 10 over there are cost-free food, hiking, biking and walking tours easily accessible in Sofia.

I know cost-free walking tours are not a surprise to most human being now yet many human being are not conscious that there are cost-free food, biking and hiking tours in Sofia! together Bulgaria is only more known come the western civilization in recent years, Bulgarian cuisine is rather infamous. Balkan Bites is a complimentary walking tour that us joined i m sorry took united state to 5 different stores and restaurants come teach us about the uniqueness of Bulgarian food.

When we were in Sofia we were interested to climb the Vithosha mountain which is well-known to be incredibly beautiful. If we were to perform the hike we would have joined the totally free hiking tour through Sofia eco-friendly Tour. The only tour cost is to pay for her the Taxi i m sorry is about 10Euro shared among 2-4 people. Finally, if you desire to watch a bit more of Sofia than just with your own two feet, friend could also join the totally free bike tour through Sofia environment-friendly Tour as well. However, with this tour, you need a bike. Otherwise, you can the tour overview can take you come a bike hiring location for 10LV (5 Euro).


 Highlights of our take trip in Bulgaria- Sofia (32 seconds Video)

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