appropriate now, every music is essential. It"s helping united state power with this unsure time if helping united state feel connected. We asked you come share the songs that make you feel connected, and you responded! us will begin playing the 893 song That bring Us with each other Monday, may 4 in ~ 1 p.m. CDT. Songs will show up on the web page below.

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every of this songs, whether they be written about romance, self-empowerment, resilience, companionship, or community, all have one underlying thread to me: mystical hope the is grounded in a larger love beyond one"s self. Together hope, together love can help bring all of us together, throughout times like these and also always. - Matthew Y.



I determined mostly Beatles, because it is the music I raised my girls on, and also we all love to this day. All of these melody remind me of my family, whom I miss dearly appropriate now. - Donna V.

This song is quintessential for me. It has gained me through a lot of of tough times, and it enabled me to share this song with others going through a difficult time! It just oozes positivity in my mind. Through such a straightforward message of hope, this track is mine default "keep moving"!! - Adam D.
The mountain Goats have a perfect mix that this grim acknowledgement of the existing situation well balanced with this emotion that it completely can and will job-related out. Thank you so lot to the Current and all the wonderful employee for proceeding to work-related through this time in the world! - Allison G.
Folks, let"s face it. For this theme, "Get Together" by the Youngbloods is the cake, and also the various other 892 songs will certainly be the icing... - Jerry V.
This music bring away me to moments when everyone in the room lit up in ~ the sound of the first couple of notes. People joined together in a circle, castle swung their glasses v the chorus and also they sang loudly in unison. These song celebrate living and living as component of a community. - Kelly R.
"Wonderwall" has taken on together a new and important definition to myself and all of Minnesota"s soccer supporting community. Offered to be when I heard the song, I simply thought of the old tape of brother that hate each other, yet now it"s community, it"s charity, it"s family, and also these days, it renders me miss my community an ext than any type of offseason. - Jace R.
these anthems -- native Arcade Fire, talking Heads, Tom Petty, and an ext -- are the soundtrack of mine life. - Christine C.
I"m indigenous WV, which is why "Country Roads" is ~ above the list — anytime our family members would walk on vacation, we had a tradition of to sing "Country Roads" when we crossed ago into WV. The rest of these songs remind me of details times in mine life as soon as things were not so tough, or to be songs that gained me through other tough times. - Karen F.
"We"re walking to be Friends" and also "For Baby" room each of mine children"s "songs" that us listened to quickly after their births. We"ve really been leaning ~ above music in ~ bedtime when both mine husband and I sing with our kid (5 and also 3) to help them walk to sleep. It"s been a time that bonding and growing of ours nuclear family members unit. - Emily K.
Long hours of dancing. A giddy five minutes in ~ Otter"s Saloon. A crowd sing-along in between sets in ~ a show. "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" has constantly helped me follow the blues away. - Cecilia J.
There"s a ton of songs in the world about feeling connected, united, or with each other — i love all of the songs that i picked, yet I tried come think the what songs best fit the invoice for what i hear ~ above The Current, which i listen to almost every day. I"m honored to be a part of this gigantic family, and also I thank you every so much for being here. Every the finest & continue to be safe - Tom B.
most are song I"ve shouted along to through friends or strangers in ~ a show. Music keeps me sane. I can"t walk to shows, but I hear to music all day to aid ease mine anxiety. - Jen D.
"All my Friends" reminds me of every my friends and also dancing to this song with them. Music help me continue to feel different emotions past fear and also confusion. It brings me joy on days once that deserve to be hard to find. - josh S.
"Jump Around" by residence of Pain needs a little of one explanation due to the fact that I’m reflecting my real Wisconsinite colors. The true: i’m a Badger! ns didn’t frequent football games, but “Jump Around” to be still ubiquitous during my undergrad at the college of Wisconsin-Madison. I have actually a lot of of great memories centered about this tune that proceed to follow me approximately as one adult and also fill me v pride to be a part of that collegiate community. To trust me, if you an outbreak this song while DJing a wedding in Wisconsin, you’ll fill the run floor no trouble -- you might even end up summoning Bucky himself! - Kelsey B.

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"Songs that bring us together" has actually several meanings to me. I provided 3 categories: song that bring people together (like going come a concert), song of protest, or songs the reach the end to someone else. A pair are subtle protest song -- "Chumbawumba" was written about a marine strike in England in the "80s. Music has constantly been one integral part of mine life, and also I enjoy all species of music. In these trying times, with whatever being taken away from us as we battle this COVID-19 mess, music is the one point I can hold on to, that can"t it is in taken away, and also it provides me expect of far better things come come. - Daniel H.