FlourishAnyway believes over there is a playlist because that just about any situation and also is ~ above a mission come unite and also entertain the world through song.

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While you wait because that someone friend love, game yourself through a playlist the pop, rock and also country wait songs. True love comes earlier around through patience.

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True Love Is precious the Wait

Love is hard sufficient to find, but then there's the an obstacle of gaining your time right. Occasionally you need to wait for the one girlfriend love to make up his or she mind, to uncover themselves before settling down, or to bridge the geographical street that the end you.

Over two decades ago (has it yes, really been that long?), mine husband and I dated long-distance for nearly four years while every of us constructed our careers. That wasn't always easy, however love was worth the wait.

If you are waiting for someone friend love, here's a list of rock, pop and also country songs around others that share your experience. Do yourself a playlist to listen to while you wait. And also may love be worth her wait in the end.

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1. "I will Wait" by Mumford and Sons

The stamin of this rock song is that is purity and also simplicity. With religious overtones, this 2012 fight is around a man who has actually made mistakes and is going despite a complicated time in his relationship. He has sought forgiveness and also is identified not to push borders while renewal and healing take ar over time.

2. "Kissing a Fool" through George Michael

It's painful once you love someone more than castle love you. Someone used to sing this 1987 song to me. It's around a male who loves a woman, yet she listens to various other people's opinions.

The protagonist thinks around the future lock could've had, and he blames his sweetheart for not being strong enough to stand approximately the naysayers. The feels the his utter devotion has left him playing the role of the fool:

But psychic this: every various other kissThat you ever before give, lengthy as us both live.When you need the hand of one more manOne friend really have the right to surrender with—I will wait because that youLike I always doThere's something thereThat can't to compare with any kind of other.

3. "You Can’t hurry Love" by Phil Collins

The lonely narrator in this 1982 track is passionate for a soft voice and also tender eight to hold him tight. Wanting someone to love that back, that recalls the sage words of his mother simply when he's around to give up his search.

His mom advised that you can't rush love, that you must wait because that it. And also that wait is ever so precious the struggle.

4. “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers

This achingly romantic song has actually been taped by over 670 artist in plenty of languages, but this 1965 version stands as the critical version. The narrator has been separated indigenous his lover for much too long and pines to rejoin her.

The song was offered as the layout in the 1990 movie Ghost. However, that was initially written for one more movie years earlier. The earlier movie was around a man who was being exit from prison and looking to reunite v his love interest.

5. "Waitin' on a Woman" by Brad Paisley

In this endearing 2005 nation song, a younger man meets and also older one and also realizes they have actually one point in common: they space both wait on their wives. The older man looks ago on his life and recounts every one of the times the he has actually waited top top the woman he loves, from their very first date as soon as she was half an hour late, to your wedding that took a year to plan, and almost every work thereafter.

He imagines that he'll end up waiting for her in death as well. However, that doesn't mind since that's what lover do: wait because that one another.

6. "Right here Waiting" through Richard Marx

The lovesick guy in this 1989 ballad is oceans apart from his girlfriend. That is left waiting it out, nearly going stunner for her to return.

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7. "The male Who Can't it is in Moved" through The Script

Still in love with the woman that has damaged his heart and left him, the man at the center of this 2008 pop song returns come the street edge where he an initial met his ex-girlfriend. Through his resting bag, a cardboard sign and a photo of she in hand, he waits, hoping she will return to the spot wherein their love affair began. He's the man who can't it is in moved.

8. "Time ~ Time" by Quietdrive

This 2006 work again, please again of Cyndi Lauper's standard rock track is about the mutual support that exists between two human being who treatment deeply about one another:

If friend fall, i will record you; I'll it is in waiting(I'll constantly be waiting)Time after time ... .

9. "I'll Wait because that You" by Joe Nichols

This heartwarming country song from 2005 functions a pair separated by miles however not love. The husband is trying no hope to return to his noble wife, yet he is detained through a Montana snowstorm.

As she guarantees to wait for him, the mam fondly recalls various other moments that she waited for his return: once he was on the road over Christmas and the bear of their very first child. (This guy has some sense of timing!)

Sadly, our hero doesn't come in time, and his waiting mam dies. (Let's hope she wasn't alone.) She leaves behind a note promising to wait for him ~ above the various other side.

10. "Please pertained to Boston" by Dave Loggins

Anyone that has ever before had come wait because that a lover to discover himself (or herself) deserve to appreciate this 1974 folk/pop hit. The narrator pipeline his sweetheart earlier in his native Tennessee together he bounces native Boston to Denver come Los Angeles looking for career success.

While he finds success, his one true love waits for him earlier home. That pleads for her to sign up with him, yet she insists the she won't leave; instead, if he love her, he'd return to her.


"Wait because that the one who would do anything to be your everything." - Unknown

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11. "I'll it is in Waiting" through Adele

The narrator in this 2011 pop tune feels remorse for just how she treated her lover, however she has learned native the experience. Now she is wait for when he is prepared to love her again. She promises to law him in different ways and far better this time.

12. "Waiting for Love" by Avicii

Having been with a bike of heartache, hoping and deep aching because that the return that his beloved, the narrator in this 2015 pop track awaits the return that his lover. Realizing the their love is one-of-a-kind, the waits for her to come back around.


"You usually have to wait for the which is worth waiting for." - Craig Bruce, American comedian

13. "A thousand Years" through Christina Perri

If friend feel choose you've waited your totality life—eternity even—for your one special sweetheart, think about yourself most fortunate to have discovered the one that is your perfect match.

This is the 2011 theme song from the Twilight Saga breaking Dawn - part 1. It explains a love so extreme that the narrator feel he has actually loved and also waited because that his far better half because that 1,000 years. Much better yet, he cases he will love her for 1,000 more.

14. "I’ll be Waiting” by Lenny Kravitz

Have you ever stood through supportively while you pined away for a friend whose heart was breaking over someone else? That's what the narrator in this 2008 rock track is doing.

The girl that loves is do the efforts to recuperate from heartbreak. Our patient narrator is so particular that his girlfriend is the one because that him that he will certainly wait unlimited for she to realize that the love she deserves has actually been there every along. Now that is confidence.


"Wait for the one that would carry out anything come be her everything." - Unknown

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15. "Come residence Soon" by SHeDAISY

In this 2004 country song, the narrator is a sad and also lonely wife that waits at house for her husband. Also though they are much apart, she cries it s her to sleep lacking him and waits faithfully because that his return.

16. "The longer the waiting (The Sweeter the Kiss)" by mockery Turner

The sailor who narrates this 2007 country song set sail tomorrow. He'll be leaving his lover until Springtime and also needs to understand if she will wait for his return:

Oh, the much longer the waiting, the sweeter the kissIt's better my darling, ns promise girlfriend this:The next time I hold you, I'm not letting goWill girlfriend wait because that me darling? I need to know.

17. "Patience” by weapons ‘N Roses

Take it slow. It'll all work out. Just have patience. While the narrator in this 1988 hard rock tune sits and also waits for his girlfriend, the tries to convince himself and also her the the finish will every be precious the wait.

18. "So far Away" through Carole King

This 1971 people rock song may be almost 50 year old, however it mirrors what's walk on this particular day with boosting regularity. World travel good distances native their residences on business, for school, and to serve their nation in the military.

Although there is social media and communication methods, it's lonely wait for who you love to return. Nothing important replaces having actually them right there with you:

So far awayDoesn't anybody stay in one location anymore?It would certainly be therefore fine to check out your confront at mine doorDoesn't help to recognize you're just time away.

19. "You Belong with Me" by Taylor Swift

Who cares the the male she wants is who else's boyfriend? That's a tiny detail. As soon as you're details you belong together, you gotta wait it out while you to convince him that you're the one. That's the narrator's strategy in this 2008 Taylor Swift hit.


"Happiness is accomplished when you avoid waiting because that it and make the most of the moment you room in now." - Unknown

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20. "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by Jack Johnson

The man in this 2005 rock song has actually been waiting on the mrs he loves because that such a long time currently that the feels foolish and cruelly treated. He claims that she builds him up just to knock the down, however still the waits. No one said waiting ~ above love was easy.

True love waits.

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Even an ext Songs about Waiting because that Someone you Love

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