In this song, command singer fee Waybill theatre the role of a carnival barker touting his latest attraction: a beautiful girl who will also talk come you. For a dollar, you can see her for yourself, simply don"t loss in love.

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The original lyric was, "You can talk to a naked girl," however when it ended up being clear the tune was walking to be a single, producer David Foster insisted they change it to pretty girl for this reason radio stations would certainly play it. Fee Waybill protested, but Foster, the sensible hitmaker, won the battle.
In Canada, you"ll often hear sports of the phrase "she"s a beauty" to indicate approval. David Foster, a native of brothers Columbia, bandied that phrase around during the sessions, i beg your pardon is exactly how it got in fees Waybill"s head once he came up through the title.
The hype male Fee Waybill theatre in this track is a throwback to the "70s pipe concerts whereby he would act the part of an excitable game display host or egomaniacal absent star. Prior to their budgets dried up, the band placed on really elaborate stage shows. Al Kooper, who created their very first album, said: "For me, it was among the best, most hilarious live shows I have ever before seen and unique in ~ that. There to be costumes and collection changes, and incredible between-song patter. No issue what her ticket cost, ya got your money"s worth."

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