exactly how I Met your Mother: 15 ideal Songs Featured on The show From the timeless classic "Let"s go To The Mall" come Bloc Party"s "This modern-day Love," here are few of the best songs HIMYM ever used.

How i Met Your mother songs
Often, songs are featured much more prominently in single-camera sitcoms, whereby the aesthetic quality is to do the viewer feel choose they’re component of the show. Just how I Met Your mommy was an exemption to this, however. Below was a laugh-track sitcom that heavily relied top top music to tell that is story. 

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It worked like a charm too, together the present had so countless songs in its soundtrack the we’ve lost count of just how countless there were. What we do know is the these song were very closely cherry-picked, and always seemed come bolster the step they to be accompanying. Just how I Met your Mother never failed come use music to good effect, as these instances will make clear.

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Updated on December 20th, 2020 by Saim Cheeda: With the increase in streaming services, TV shows like how I Met Your mommy are getting new fans every day. This sitcom has charmed its method into viewers’ hearts through its comedy and the music it brings. Since fans often tend to have actually varying tastes, this list has actually been updated come deliver more songs that will wind up being a favourite to indulge in.

robin barney Cropped (1)
Those who space still unsure whether it"s Ted or Barney that is ideal for Robin require to check out this song, together it illustrates how Barney was constantly the one for Robin when Ted pined for something that wasn’t there. This track played as soon as Barney proposed to Robin, bringing come a close your “will they?/won’t they?” because that a time.

It manages to at the same time be a heartwarming and heartbreaking item of music, together the slow-moving speed washes over the happy sentiments of Robin and also Barney when highlighting Ted’s pains feelings to realize the woman he loves is marrying someone else.

partially why just how I Met Your mommy fans feel the Ted, Barney, and also Marshall room a far better trio 보다 Ross, Joey, and Chandler from Friends is because the former have an ext buddy moments. Naught stresses ~ above Ted and Marshall’s bromance much more than this song.

Played repeatedly due to the tape gift stuck in Marshall’s automobile stereo, the song deserve to make anyone ailing of it only to grow on the listener so lot that they start belting the end the lyrics together well. The a wacky track that has earned its ar in every just how I Met Your mom fan’s heart.

Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, and Cobie Smulders in exactly how I Met her Mother
yes no doubt the Marshall is an pure sweetheart, through the reality that he took the moment to sing this song confirming this notion. Marshall made a collage the the double date he and Lily had with Barney and also Robin, through this track accompanying the pictures.

Sure, that made his desperation come be preferred obvious, yet that did work since the tune brings Marshall’s lovable nature to the forefront. No to point out how the “Lily made part creme brulee!” line is for this reason hilarious it’s bound to obtain stuck in one’s head.

12 "La Vie En Rose" - Edith Piaf/Cristin Milioti

This song has always been a timeless classic, and also listening come it played on a ukulele is other else. The hinges totally on the actress’s performance, together her love is set bare with the feel she has of gift alone and also unsure of what she wants.

It can be interpreted as a heartbreaking ballad or a tune that evokes some measure of expect The Mother had actually for much better days come come. Every little thing it might be, the definition wasn’t lost on Ted as he heard the song and also was instantly enraptured through it, much like the fans.

This track constantly springs increase whenever one over-the-top hit takes ar in an episode. It’s also a very catchy tune, bringing come life the feeling of tension that was boiling come the surface ar up to the point. An ext than anything, the a funny take on what should have been an extreme rock beat.

Due come the recurring nature of the song, just how I Met Your mother fans prospered to expect it anytime a fight was around to start between the characters. They were typically right, as this upbeat monitor explodes whenever things are around to walk down.

10 "Hey Beautiful" - The Solids

we can’t go without mentioning the iconic layout song, now, can we? A simple 13-second intro to be all the was required to have How ns Met Your mommy fluttering around in everyone’s minds for almost a decade, and also even today we can’t go without smiling whenever we happen to hear it.

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The an easy yet upbeat song perfectly captured the show’s duration setting (if one considers 2030 to be present-day) and also the gang’s close-knit mentality. Prefer the display or hate it, girlfriend can’t claim to dislike “Hey Beautiful,” that’s for sure.

The show’s strange nature was firmly in place when it was revealed that Robin supplied to it is in a teenage popstar back in Canada in her younger days. They also gave united state a totality feature-length track to demonstrate!

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Even despite Robin found “Let’s go To The Mall” to be embarrassing, that’s really no the case, seeing as the tune is simply so catchy and upbeat that it provides us prompt fans. The song likewise became a recurring element of the show and was also played through Robin in the finale illustration for her wedding.

8 "Prophets" - A.C Newman

Season 4’s finale will constantly have a special ar in our hearts for transferring a genuinely uplifting message. When Ted learns to let go of what he thinks he’s claimed to execute and embrace what the human being is telling him he need to do, it"s simply beautiful. 

The final moments that the episode had actually the corridor all head to the roof to take the leap over to the various other building, and the track was perfect for structure up our excited to watch these people letting walk of apprehension and also just leaving points to fate.

speak of leaving things behind, this episode had actually Ted letting go of his anger towards Stella for ditching him prior to their wedding. Prior to the finish minutes, Ted envisioned himself tearing right into Stella for betraying him, only to view her with her family and realizing lock were always meant to it is in together.

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“Better” to be the exactly word here due to the fact that Ted could tell he to be the thorn in the family’s side fairly than the other means around and chose to walk far to a much better future. It wasn’t together sad as it sounds, either, because we then witnessed Ted feeling totally free to walk wherever he want in new York, no longer feeling humiliated about what happened to him.

6 "Let the Roll" - George Harrison

If you want to sum up Season 6 of exactly how I Met your Mother with a an easy feeling, climate you can allude toward the jingle the struck increase curiosity in us in “Let the Roll”. The song was featured appropriate from the very opening secs of the season right into the very last moments.

It was supplied to stir up the wonder in fans over whose wedding the was claimed to it is in in the flash-forward, where we observed a worried Ted. That wasn’t its just use, though, as the track was also heard when Ted thrust the button to damage the Arcadian, cementing the sentiment that civilization need to relocate onto enlarge and much better things, no matter exactly how much human being like Zoey wanted to cling onto it.

just how I Met Your mother was the hip, cool brand-new show ~ above the scene in 2005 ~ Friends ended, and the more recent generation responded really well to song being made use of to play up the story. Season 1’s “This contemporary Love” do the last moments a must-see, and it still ranks together a top moment in the show’s history.

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It was really appropriate as well, together the modern-day woman, Lily, couldn’t comprehend simply settling for the traditionalist the was Marshall, and also the bad guy was left lamenting his fortunes in the rain. ~ above the various other end, we had Ted, who was basking in joy after lastly getting together with Robin - 2 very modern styles of romance wrapped up in one.

4 "Shake it Out" - Florence and the Machine

prior to Taylor Swift told united state to “Shake that Off,” us were told to shake out our troubles by Florence and the device and How i Met her Mother. Here, the episode essential a very solid song to view off the audience ~ a an extremely turbulent episode, wherein we observed Ted establish his mistake together Robin didn’t love the after all. 

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The to win shot, though, was the vision of the street whereby Ted walked being complete of females holding yellow umbrellas, a reminder come the fans that Robin was simply one that the pit stop Ted had actually to walk through before finally meeting The Mother.

together it turn out, this song foreshadowed The Mother’s death all along, what through it being called “The Funeral.” in ~ the time, though, that did a good job of telling us to hold fast, together Ted’s story was coming come an end in a couple of years.

The thunderous chorus and also its accompanying text complemented the scene that unfolded, together we observed Future Ted waiting on a train platform, every while The mom stepped out of a taxi and also stood only a quick distance away from him. While we didn’t get to view them accomplish at the time, the song had actually us hyped for as soon as the moment would arrive.

2 "Nothing Suits Me favor A Suit" - Barney/Neil Patrick Harris

Nobody could have envisioned whole dance number gift featured on the show, especially not one the was for this reason elaborate. Here, Barney imagine a whole musical-styled tune to go through his love for suits, and also we were lugged along because that the ride.

Being the great talented man that that is, Neil Patrick Harris had actually us wowed through his dance skills, and the show’s prop and costume department deserve applause themselves for making the song come alive. Anybody who heard this track would have actually been inclined to dump your girlfriend and go turn off in search of suits instead.

We’re every pretty bummed v the widely-hated collection finale together well, but you can not deny that the meeting in between Ted and The mom deserves full points because that being sweet and justified in bringing the totality story together.

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What make this minute so beautiful was the track that seamlessly went with all the time the couple had throughout their marriage and completed the result by accompanying us when we saw Ted and The Mother accomplish for the very first time in 2013. Had actually the display ended ideal then and there, exactly how I Met your Mother could have pleasure the fans with its finale; unfortunately, fans had actually the terrible ending to follow. This take away nothing away from "Downtown Train," though, the track that do us believe in happy endings because that those few minutes.