Proverbs 23:7 “For he is the type of human who is constantly thinking about the cost. ‘Eat and also drink,’ he claims to you, yet his heart is not v you.”

Explanation and Commentary of Proverbs 23:7

The KJV said, “As he thinketh in his heart, for this reason is he.” Either version teaches the the guy who says, “eat and also drink” however is yes, really begrudging the expense in his heart, is betraying his true feelings through his false words. That doesn’t desire you come eat his food and drink his wine at his expense. That is, in actuality, resistant.

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The warning here is twofold. First, recognize that some people do not say what they space thinking. For instance, this greedy male does not really desire you come eat and also drink his supplies. The 2nd warning is the if you room invited to eat by this man, it would certainly be finest to decrease because every bite is reckoned and also there will be a price to pay later. The following verse states that if girlfriend eat and drink in ~ this male expense, you will certainly “vomit up the little you have actually eaten, and you will have wasted her compliments” (Pr 23:8).

In a normal case of loving hospitality, one guy invites an additional to dine. The pays and the receiver of the meal is thankful and free of the meal and the person who to buy it. This will lug the two guys closer together, and also the other will likely return the favor at some point, deepening the friendship even more.

But in this situation, over there is a false motive and the provider that the meal has some greedy purpose that the is not disclosing. That wines and dines the various other with wishes of wiggling his method into part deal, or with wishes of acquiring influence because that his own personal gain. If you suffer this operator you will vomit the meal and also take ago your thanks.

Breaking down the vital Parts the Proverbs 23:7

#1 “For he is the type of person…” everyone is unique, yet there room some general types we can notification without entirely stereotyping or profiling. Greedy and also duplicitous men and women are all of a specific type.

#2 “…who is always thinking around the cost.” There space those who think that nothing yet the bottom line. In business, this have the right to lead to unscrupulous dealings and cutting corners on things that matter at the very least as lot as earnings (people, helpful products, quality work). Doing business and also making money is no a poor thing. It deserve to be ethically neutral, and even ethically good. However when the bottom heat matters an ext than anything else in business or life, climate money has become an idol.

#3 “‘Eat and drink,’ he states to you, but his heart is not v you.” He may tell you to eat and drink, and he may also want girlfriend to, but it is for a nefarious purpose. The is trying come manipulate you and also even coerce you into some scheme of his to benefit from you. Trading worth for worth in the marketplace is a great and righteous thing, but this is introduce to something much less than that: a cunning scheme that causes one to profession value because that garbage.

Expert summary of Proverbs

Biblical Translations that Proverbs 23:7

NIV for he is the sort of human who is always thinking about the cost. “Eat and also drink,” he states to you, however his love is not with you.

NLT they are always thinking around how much it costs. “Eat and also drink,” castle say, but they don’t average it.

ESV for he is prefer one that is inwardly calculating. “Eat and also drink!” he says to you, however his love is not v you.

KJV For together he thinketh in his heart, therefore is he: “Eat and drink,” saith he come thee; but his love is not with thee.

NKJV For as he think in his heart, for this reason is he. “Eat and also drink!” he says to you, yet his love is not through you.

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