Want to smoke or vape in a rental car? The major rental car companies in the unified States and Canada operation smoke-free rental auto fleets. In fact, smoking will usually median you’ll finish up payment cleaning fees.

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A little subset the renters insist on smoking in rental dare anyway, and also the results are not pretty.

Cleaning fee for smoking cigarettes or Vaping in a Rental Car

If the rental car firm discovers the someone exhilaration or vaped in her rental vehicle, it will charge you a very hefty cleaning fee. Non-smokers often will no accept a rental vehicle that smells like smoke, for this reason companies need to go to great lengths to obtain smoky odors the end of a car. The firm will have to take the automobile out of business to clean and deodorize it.

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If you break the rules and also smoke in the car, the amount of the penalty counts on the rental car agency but that is constantly substantial. Because that example, spending plan assesses a clean fee of up to $250. Hertz and Dollar i charged a penalty of $400.

How execute Rental car Companies recognize if you Smoke or Vape

When girlfriend return the vehicle, an certified dealer will examine the vehicle. If an agent witnesses you or a passenger smoking, or if over there is physical evidence of smoking (ashes or butts in the vehicle, cigarette burns, etc.) or the odor of tobacco, friend will most likely receive a bill a week or more after returning the car. Vaping to produce a much less an effective odor, however if you leaving behind paraphernalia that says you to be vaping in the car, be prepared to be penalized.

How to obtain the smell of Smoke out of a Rental Car

Consider paying for a experienced cleaning before returning the car. The rental car agency will no look the other method if you return the auto with tobacco odors. Many automobile washes offer inner cleaning solutions for under $30, frequently including a an option of deodorizing scent. Think about ponying up because that this service, together the expense is much less than what the rental car firm would charge for de-odorizing.

How come Fight a cleaning Fee because that a Rental Car

If you pick up a rental car that smells prefer smoke, it’s crucial not to accept it and also drive away. As soon as you return the car, if the agent detects the odor of tobacco, you have the right to be on the hook for the cleaning fee.

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Anytime you choose up a rental car, it’s a smart idea to take it a few precautions so that you can protect yourself indigenous false insurance claims when girlfriend return the car.

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If you smell tobacco or see proof of smoking cigarettes or vaping, refuse the vehicle and ask because that a replacement.When you pick up your car, take a few minutes come look end the automobile before driving away. Take images of every dent, ding, and scratch on the vehicle’s exterior and interior. Take it photos the the wheels and also the windshield. Don’t believe the rental agent when he tells you that small dents or scratches “an inch or smaller” don’t count. You can be organized accountable for those dents later on on. Uneven the automobile is brand new, over there will most likely be some damages you’ll want to capture. If over there are big dents or a most visible damage, asking for another vehicle.Before you drive away, document all scratches and also dents ~ above a form where you can note the problem of the vehicle. There will certainly be a chart of a car where you deserve to note where you find any type of dents or damage.When girlfriend return the car, take an additional round of photos of the car’s exterior and interior. Covering the same ground together you did as soon as you picked up the car and pay attention to the windshield. Ideally, the before and after photos will certainly be basically identical.Ask the auto rental certified dealer to walk approximately the car with you. Asking the employee to sign off top top the investigate form, confirming the the car was reverted in the exact same shape as once you picked it up.