What is the Security market Line (SML)?

The security market line (SML) is the graphical depiction of the funding Asset Pricing design (CAPMCAPMThe funding Asset Pricing model (CAPM) defines the supposed return indigenous a portfolio of assorted securities with varying levels of risk. It likewise considers the volatility the a particular security in relation to the market.read more) and also gives the supposed return of the industry at different levels of systematic or sector risk. That is additionally called ‘characteristic line’ where the x-axis to represent beta or the hazard of the assets, and the y-axis represents the intended return.

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Security industry Line Equation

The Equation is together follows:

SML: E(Ri) = Rf + βi

In the above security market line formula:

E(Ri) is the intended return ~ above the securityβi is a non-diversifiable or systematic risk. The is the most an important factor in SML. Us will talk about this in information in this article.E(RM) is expected to return on sector portfolio M.E(RM) – Rfis well-known as industry Risk Premium

The above equation deserve to be graphically represented as below:


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Characteristics the the Security industry Line (SML) are as below

SML is a good representation that investment opportunity cost, which offers a combination of the risk-free asset and also the market portfolio.Zero-beta security or zero-beta portfolio has an meant return top top the portfolio, which is same to the risk-free rate.The slope of the Security sector Line is determined by market risk premium, which is: (E(RM) – Rf). Greater the market risk premium steeper the slope and also vice-versaAll the assets i m sorry are correctly priced are stood for on SML.The assets over the SML are undervalued as they provide the greater expected return for a given amount of risk.The assets i m sorry are listed below the SML room overvalued together they have actually lower expected returns because that the very same amount of risk.

Security sector LineExample

Let the risk-free price by 5%, and also the expected sector return is 14%. Think about two securities, one v a beta coefficient that 0.5 and other with the beta coefficient the 1.5 v respect to the sector index.

Now let’s know the security sector line example, calculating the supposed returnCalculating The expected ReturnThe supposed Return formula is identified by applying all the Investments investment portfolio weights through their respective returns and doing the total of results. Supposed return = (p1 * r1) + (p2 * r2) + ………… + (pn * rn), where, pi = Probability of every return and also ri = price of return with probability.read an ext for each defense using SML:

The expected return for defense A as per the security industry line equation is as per below.

E(RA) = Rf + βi E(RA) = 5 + 0.5 <14 – 5>E(RA) = 5 + 0.5 × 9 = 9.5%

Expected return for security B:

E(RB) = Rf + βi E(RB) = 5 + 1.5 <14 – 5>E(RB) = 5 + 1.5 × 9 = 18.5%

Thus, as deserve to be watched above, security A has a reduced beta; therefore, it has actually a lower expected return while security B has actually a greater beta coefficientBeta CoefficientThe beta coefficient shows the readjust in the price the a protection in relationship to the motion in the market price. The Beta the the stock/security is likewise used for measuring the organized risks associated with the details investment.read much more and has a greater expected return. It is in line through the general finance concept of higher risk greater expected return.

Slope the Securities sector Line (Beta)

Beta (slope) is vital measure in the Security industry Line equation. For this reason let us comment on it in detail:

Beta is a measure of volatility or methodical risk or a protection or a portfolio contrasted to the market as a whole. The market deserve to be thought about as an indicative industry index or a basket of universal assets.

If Beta = 1, then the stock has the very same level of risk as to the market. A greater beta, i.e., greater than 1, represents a riskier asset than the market, and also beta much less than 1 to represent risk less than the market.

The formula for Beta:

βi = Cov(Ri , RM)/Var (RM) = ρi,M * σi / σM

Var (RM) is the variance the the marketρi,M is a correlation in between the asset i and also the marketσi is the typical deviation of legacy iσi is the typical deviation the the market index

Although Beta provides a solitary measure to understand the volatility of one asset v respect to the market, however, beta does no remain consistent with time.


Since the SML is a graphical representation of CAPM, the benefits and restrictions of SML are the exact same as the of the CAPM. Let united state look in ~ the benefits:

Easy to use: SML and also CAPM deserve to be conveniently used to model and also derive supposed return from the legacy or portfolio

These space the far-ranging advantages the the SML or CAPM model.


Let us have a look in ~ the limitations:

The risk-free rate is the yield of short-term government securities. However, the risk-free price can change with time and also can have also shorter-term duration, for this reason causing volatilityThe sector return is the permanent return native a market index that includes both capital and dividend payments. The industry return can be negative, which is normally countered by using long-term returns.Market returns room calculated from previous performance, which can not be taken for granted in the future.The far-ranging input that SML is the beta coefficient; however, predicting accurate beta for the model is difficult. Thus, the dependability of expected returns from SML is questionable if ideal assumptions because that calculating beta are not considered.

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Security industry Line (SML) Video


SML provides the graphical depiction of the funding asset pricing version to give expected return for organized or industry risk. Reasonably priced portfolios lied on theSML if undervalued and also overvalued investment portfolio lies over and below the line respectivelyAbove and also Below The line RespectivelyAbove the line room items the appear above the company"s pistol profit worth on its income statement. In contrast, listed below the line represents item shown below the pistol profit value of the agency in its revenue statement.read more. A risk-averse investor’s investment is an ext often come lie close come the y-axis than the start of the line, conversely, a risk-taker investor’s investment would lie higher on the SML. SML provides an exemplary technique for comparing 2 investment securities; however, the same counts on assumptions of industry risk, risk-free rates, and also beta coefficients.

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