I loved The Sisterhood of the travel Pants books. Because I loved the books, I had a actual affection for the films. (Although, if I had actually to compare the two, the publications would always win.) What I had thought to be the last publication of the collection came out practically five years ago, and also I was quite satisfied with its ending. So ns was surprised as soon as I discovered out that author Ann Brashares had actually written one more Sisterhood the the travel Pants book. Not only had actually she written another book, but this one was collection ten years after the last publication ended. It is what really intrigued me. I was very curious to see exactly how Tibby, Bee, Carmen and Lena were doing in a new part the life. After analysis it, i regret that i did. Not to to speak the book was bad, ns did gain it. Yet it felt much more like fanfiction than anything else.

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As I had actually mentioned, Sisterhood Everlasting takes ar ten year after Forever in Blue. The girls room all about to rotate thirty, and also they aren’t as happy or well-off together you meant them come be. For one thing, they no living close to each other anymore. Carmen is engaged to a TV exec and also has a small acting duty on a TV collection in new York City. Bridget is helping the homeless and living v Eric in California. Lena is painting and also teaching in Rhode Island. Finally, Tibby is ~ above the various other side of the earth with Brian, life in Australia. For the previous two years, the girls have been trying to store in contact with every other, in certain Tibby. After no hearing from her in months, lock receive airplane tickets to Greece and plan because that them to all reunite. Lena, Bee and Carmen are alongside themselves through excitement, not just are they return to Santorini, but seeing Tibby again. However, their trip ends up gift a terribly life-changing one and has lock questioning their own relationships and also themselves.

Something exceptionally unexpected and terrible wake up in Greece. I honestly couldn’t believe it. Ns don’t want to damn it for you too much though. But that occasion is pretty much the catalyst of the novel. In a way, I know why the author had that happened, yet I can not say that I’m specifically happy about it. Sure, it helped Carmen, Lena and also Bee realize part things, however was it yes, really necessary?

This all leads me to inquiry whether or not this book was necessary. To reiterate, ns was happy with how Forever in Blue ended. In my mind, castle went off to fictitious character fairy tale land and lived happily ever after. I kind of wished I continued to be ignorant and could quiet think that. I really loved this characters. Every the books came out throughout my high school years, and I couldn’t help but feel an attachments to this girls. I construed them. While ns did have to suspend id for few of their situations, ns felt the characters were real enough. In the latest book, i didn’t feel exactly feel that way. Ns can’t pinpoint precisely what make them feel much less real; it’s more just a general vibe I obtained from it.

And together for the story, well… ns can’t prevent shaking mine head. Sisterhood Everlasting was small too melodramatic because that my tastes. I didn’t agree with few of the plot turns. Few of it was rewarding, many of that wasn’t. Overall, i can’t say ns hated the book. It was well-written and also engaging. I read it in about two job or so. Yet, i still wish the I remained ignorant the its existence. If you loved The Sisterhood the the travel Pants and how Forever in Blue ended, you might want come hesitate prior to you read. However, if girlfriend really desire to know how they are prefer as adults and also what is this big thing I save alluding to, then, go for it and also tell me what friend thought. Ns all around quelling curiosity, even when it’s no recommended.

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Rating: 3/5 stars

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