The creation of the Sims 2 Apartment Life left plenty of players ready and also eager to construct condos and apartments. Ultimately players can have multiple family members under one roof however still have them live separate lives. But if you"re dreaming of producing your own apartment instead of the pre-made ones that come through the game, you"ve acquired to take action.

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Make certain you"ve developed your apartment effectively in a residential lot first. This contains having the apartment door encountering the correct means and making certain there room no other leave doors in the apartment--even balconies should be closed in. The place should also have the basics such together hardware that would typically be found in one unfurnished apartment and also absolutely no Sims need to be life on the lot. Relocate them every out prior to the conversion.

Access the cheat window by pressing control, change and the letter C simultaneously. The box will display up in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Type "changeLotZoning apartmentbase" and press enter. Look for an error password to popular music up top top the screen. If you obtain an error code, this means you have another entrance or exit to the apartment or you"ve made an error with the apartment door. Watch at each apartment very closely to make sure neither of these mistakes have actually been made.

If you type the cheat code and the display screen stays as-is there is no a pop-up, you"ve correctly adjusted the many zoning. Conserve the game and then leave to the neighborhood. Native the neighborhood view, you must see the apartment icon--a square, rotating symbol, over the building. Once Sims room moved right into the apartment, the residential mailbox need to then end up being an apartment, multi-stacked mailbox, showing the conversion was complete.


Check the end the EA gamings apartment structure tutorial in the "Additional Resources" ar to make certain you"re structure correctly and apartments meet all structure needs. Also make sure garage openings are beside the doors to the apartment and are obtainable to the Sims from inside. Otherwise, they will certainly not be able to claim the room as their very own or acquisition a car.

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Do not transform a lot when a sim is on the no matter what due to the fact that the game will crash. Even to do subtle alters in building, you will either need to use one more building or relocating cheat, but it"s said to move the Sims out and move them ago in as soon as you"ve made your alters to prevent game damages. Usage cheat codes at your very own risk.

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