How high up need to a shower curtain be installed? It relies on the length of the shower curtain/shower curtain liner being installed, the height of the tub/lip that the shower, and personal preference. However, in an initiative to figure out the appropriate height because that the shower head curtain in my own bathroom, I created a an easy equation that deserve to be provided to determine the minimum and also maximum suitable shower curtain elevation that you have the right to use in your own house.

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Here is exactly how it works:


First determine the length of the shower head curtain/shower curtain liner. To do things straightforward I to be going to assume the the shower curtain and also shower curtain liner are the very same length. Here in the us the traditional shower curtain size is 70 come 72 inch (178 to 183 cm)and square, but it is getting much easier to find shower curtains that are not the traditional length. In my case my shower head curtain to be 71 customs (180 cm)long.

Next determine the shower head curtain hook/ring drop. This is the quantity of an are between the peak of the shower curtain and also the bottom the the shower curtain rod once the shower head curtain is held on the rod with everything hook/ring you will be using. Depending on your shower head curtain hooks this amount might be negligible, however if that is an ext than .5 inches (1.3 cm), or you are working with an extremely tight tolerances,it must be taken right into account when figuring the end the shower curtain height. In my bathroom the autumn was about 1 customs (2.5 cm).

Then identify the exterior interior height of the bathtub or shower head lip. To identify the exterior height measure the distance in between the floor external the tub/shower and the height of the tub/shower lip.My tub was 14 customs (36 cm)tall. To identify the interior height measure the distance in between the inside tub/shower floor and also the lip of the shower. The interior elevation of my bathtub was likewise 14 inches (36 cm).

Last recognize the amount the shower head curtain liner must overlap the bathtub or shower head lip so the it go not permit water out. In a shower you typically want the shower curtain to overlap the lip the the shower head by at the very least 1 inch. Minimum overlap in a tub is normally 3 inches (7.6 cm), since tubs space curved and the shower head curtain liner generally cannot hang right down a small extra overlap size is needed. Preferably overlap have to still leaving the liner about .5 inches (1.3 cm) native the floor so that it will certainly not be stepped on. Subtract .5 customs (1.3 cm) from the interior tub height to determine the maximum overlap.

Now put every one of your measurements in the listed below formulas:

Maximum shower head Curtain elevation = shower head Curtain size + shower head curtain hook autumn + height of tub/shower – Minimum shower curtain liner overlapMinimum shower Curtain elevation = shower head Curtain length + shower curtain hook fall + height of tub/shower – Maximum shower head curtain liner overlap

In mine bathroom the maximum shower head curtain elevation = 71in (the shower head curtain length) + 1in (the hook fall length) + 14in (The exterior shower head height) – 3in (the minimum overlap for a tub) = 83in (211 cm)

The minimum shower curtain elevation in my bathroom = 71in (the shower curtain length) + 1in (the hook drop length) + 14in (The exterior shower height) – 13.5in (the preferably overlap for my tub) = 72.5in (192 cm)



Since mine bathroom will certainly be used by children, who space liable come splash water out of the bathtub accidently, I made decision to go v a bit an ext than the minimum lot of overlap together a security measure and also hung my shower curtain pole 80 inches (203 cm)from the floor.

Within the variety of Minimum come Maximum shower curtain elevation how carry out you determine just how high you need to hang your own curtain?

Here space a few considerations that may assist you out:

If there is an extra tall human being in your household (like Firebeard in my house), make certain that the shower head curtain is hung at least a couple of inches greater than they room tall or castle are most likely to hit their head ~ above the pole every time they obtain in the shower.Is the former of your tub/shower particularly ugly? cave the curtain a little bit lower come hide it.Is the prior of your tub/shower great looking? hang the curtain a bit higher to show it off.Want to make the ceiling appear greater than it actually is? cave the curtain together high as possible (even take into consideration buying one extra long shower curtain or a long home window curtain to cave at ceiling height) to provide the illusion that extra height.

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What about width?

Most tubs and also showers are around 60 inch wide. The mean shower curtain is 70 come 72 inches wide, or 10 come 12 inches more comprehensive than the typical tub/shower. This enables the shower head curtain and also liner to overlap the shower by a few inches on each side to store water from escaping. If your shower is significantly more comprehensive or narrower 보다 60 inches, you may need to discover a specially sized or practice shower curtain. If you have actually a vast shower, or just want a fuller looking shower curtain,an alternate to practice curtains is come use two shower curtains or 2 standard window curtains in place of simply one.