The Rocky roadway To Dublin

(Written through D.K. Gavan; i ordered it by Brendan Nolan, Gerry O'Neill and also Toby Kinsella)


Key the D minor, changing to E minor in the critical 2 verses. This song is composed to the win of what is called a slip-jig. However, as soon as I'm performing it, it deserve to vary between a consistent jig and also a slip-jig. It to be written roughly the middle component of the 1800's by the Galway poet, D.K. Gavan. He created it because that Harry Clifton, an English Musical hall performer. Maybe this is why the was supplied in the recent movie "Sherlock Holmes" through Robert Downey Jr. The song is played throughout the fight scene and also when the credits room rolling in ~ the end. It is the version recorded by Luke Kelly and also the Dubliners which was my very first introduction to the song ago in the at an early stage 60's.

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The story pertains to the protagonist's adventures as he travels from his home in Tuam, ar Galway, in the west the Ireland. He's headed to Liverpool on the west coastline of England, probably searching for work.

In the funny month that May, indigenous me home I began i left the girl of Tuam nearly broken-hearted Saluted dad dear, i kissed me darlin' mother Drank a pint of beer, me grief and also tears come smother Then off to reap the corn, leave whereby I to be born I cut a stout blackthorn, to banish ghosts and also goblins In a brand brand-new pair the brogues, rattlin' o'er the bogs Frightenin' every the dogs, ~ above the Rocky road to Dublin Chorus: One, two, three, four, five, hunt the hare and turn her down the Rocky road, and also all the way to Dublin Whack-fol-lol-de-ra In Mullingar that night, ns rested limbs so weary began by daylight, me spirits light and also airy take it a drop of the pure, to keep me love from sinkin' That's the Paddy's cure, once e'er he's on for drinkin' To check out the lassies smile, laughin' every the if in ~ me curious style, 'twould set your love a-bubblin' they ax'd if i was hired, the earnings I compelled Till i was almost tired, the the Rocky road to Dublin In Dublin following arrived, I thought it such a pity To it is in so shortly deprived a check out of the fine city Then ns took a stroll, all amongst the high quality Me bundle it to be stole, in a neat locality Somethin' overcome me mind, then ns looked behind No bundle might I find, upon me rod a wobblin' Enquirin' because that the rogue, they said me Connaucht brogue Wasn't lot in vogue, top top the Rocky road to Dublin From over there I got away, me spirits never ever failin' arrived at the quay, just as the ship was sailin' The captain in ~ me roared, claimed that no room had he as soon as I jumped aboard, a cabin discovered for Paddy Down among the pigs; i played some funny rigs Danced some hearty jigs, the water 'round me bubblin as soon as off Holyhead, ns wished myself was dead Or better far instead, on the Rocky roadway to Dublin The guys of Liverpool, once we safely landing referred to as myself a fool, I might no longer stand that Blood started to boil, temper i was losin' poor ould Erin's Isle they began abusin' "Hurrah me soul," sez I, me shillelagh ns let paris some Galway guys were by, witnessed I was a-hobblin' Then through a according to hurray, joining in the affray We easily cleared the way, because that the Rocky roadway to Dublin