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1. “Seventeen”

Artist: Ladytron

Album: Light & Magic

Genre: Electroclash

Year Released: 2002

Facts about “Seventeen”

“Seventeen” is just one of the ideal songs about being 17, known for that is minimalist lyrics with a touch of electronic music. Ladytron developed “Seventeen” together the an initial single indigenous their second album, Light & Magic. The song appeared in some movies and news documentaries such together Party Monster and also BBC documentary Secrets that China.“Seventeen” is somehow connected to just how modeling agencies choose their models. Some interpretations say that the digital song describes how agencies want you once you’re 17 and also have no interest anymore when you’re 21 and up. The song likewise compares how similar the choose of models is to choose employees for a particular job. Nothing is particular in this moments, perhaps. The song charted in ~ 45 ~ above the Australian Singles Chart and also 68 ~ above U.K. Singles graph in 2002 and 2003.

2. “17”

Artist: Avril Lavigne

Album: Avril Lavigne (Expanded Edition)

Genre: popular music Music

Year Released: 2013

Facts around “17”

The track “17” is a nostalgic pop song around being 17 produced by boy name Johnson.The track is indeed a lookback top top Avril Lavigne’s adolescence, wishing she can return to it. Avril Lavigne created this track to reminisce about the time, at the young period of 17, whereby she started her career and experienced plenty of things because that the first time. The music speaks about how she and also her brother spent time with each other stealing beers out of the trailer park, laying blankets ~ above the rooftop, and much more carefree stuff. It is one of Lavigne’s songs that she would favorably execute at she concerts or gigs.

3. “Carmen”

Artist: Lana Del Rey

Album: Born come Die: The sky Edition

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Year Released: 2012

Facts about “Carmen”

“Carmen” is about a protagonist aged 17-year-old that suffers from substance abuse. Moreover, Lana Del Rey revealed that the famed song is around a doomed woman who sells her body top top the streets. The song’s composer and also producer room Justin Parker and Emile Haynie. The song speaks the Del Rey’s teenage life wherein there to be a time when she came to be an alcohol addict. Some track spectators analyze the track title “Carmen” as a an allegory for alcohol.The song’s setting is in Coney Island or America’s so-called “Sin City.”Lana Del Rey revealed the this tune was one of her favourite songs close to she heart.The producer released the track together a promotional solitary in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

4. “Seventeen”

Artist: Marina and also the Diamonds

Album: The family Jewels

Genre: Pop-Rock, Indie-Pop, alternate Rock

Year Released: 2007

Facts around “Seventeen”

“Seventeen” is just one of the most renowned songs the Marina Diamandis, a Welsh singer-songwriter.The tune is around Marina’s emotional connection with her father. The tune represents a confrontation ~ above Marina’s seventeenth birthday. It is just one of the best and also aggressive songs around being 17 years old, revoked native Marina’s initial version on her debut album Mermaid VS. Sailor.

5. “Dancing Queen”

Artist: Abba

Album: Arrival

Genre: Disco Music/Europop

Year Released: 1976

Facts about “Dancing Queen”

“Dancing Queen” is among the famous and biggest pop standard songs of the Swedish group Abba.The song’s inspiration was the disco struggle “Rock your Baby” by George McCrae.The song didn’t simply top the U.S. Charts however ranked also in Australia, Brazil, and Zimbabwe.“Dancing Queen” ranked in ~ #174 top top “The 500 best Songs of all Time,” making the song one of the many recognizable and popular songs of the 1970s.It is just one of the ideal upbeat songs that accentuate every teenage life, the life of a 17-year-old.

6. “Strawberry Wine”

Artist: Deana Carter

Album: Did I shave My Legs because that This?

Genre: Country Music; Ballad Music

Year Released: 1996

Facts about “Strawberry Wine”

“Strawberry Wine” is one of the finest country songs about being 17 backed by stole guitar and also a percussion instrument.The track narrates exactly how a young 17-year-old shed her innocence and compares it come a strawberry wine’s sweetness.The track peaked in ~ #1 top top the U.S. Billboard Hot country Singles & Tracks.“Strawberry Wine” won the single of the Year Award in ~ the 1997 country Music combination Awards and also got nominated multiple times at the Academy of country Music Awards in 1998.The Grammy-nominated ballad details a mrs teenager’s first romance. It likewise highlights the too much transcending indigenous girl to mrs over one good summer.

7. “Edge that Seventeen”

Artist: Stevie Nicks

Album: Bella Donna

Genre: Rock Music

Year Released: 1981

Facts around “Edge the Seventeen”

“Edge of Seventeen” is a rock song about being 17 composed by Nicks to present her grief in the direction of the fatality of her uncle and also the assassination of man Lennon. “Edge of Seventeen” got nominated for the Grammy compensation for best Female rock Vocal Performance.The tune peaked at #11 ~ above the Billboard hot 100.The song is among the many recognizable song of the 80s since its debut on the collection “The Crown.”

8. “Seventeen”

Artist: Winger

Album: Winger

Genre: Glam Metal; absent Music

Year Released: 1988

Facts around “Seventeen”

“Seventeen” is a single released through Winger, one American absent band known for their glam metal songs.Some of the song attributes were on various video clip games such as Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, Saints Row, and Rock band 4.VH1 named the track the 87th finest hard rock track of all time. Winger revealed that they got the inspiration from the song of the Beatles’ “I experienced Her stand There.”“Seventeen” ranked at #26 top top the Billboard hot 100 in 1988.

9. “Anthems because that a Seventeen Year Old Girl”

Artist: Broken society Scene

Album: You Forgot the in People

Genre: Indie absent Music

Year Released: 2002

Facts about “Anthems because that a Seventeen Year Old Girl”

“Anthems because that a Seventeen Year Old Girl” is an indie rock song around a mrs looking ago on her teenage days as a sweet, fresh-faced 17-year old. The item represents the present of a girl ~ above the things she’s pursuing in her life. The song mainly talks around adolescence in general.

10. “Furr”

Artist: Blitzen Trapper

Album: Furr

Genre: Alternative Music, country Music, Indie folk Music, below Pop Music

Year Released: 2008

Facts about “Furr”

The group, Blitzen Trapper, obtained a two-page function in rolling Stone’s ideal Albums that 2008.“Furr” reached the 4th spot top top 100 best Singles of 2008 in rolling Stone.“Furr” was among the breakthrough song of 2008 because of that is tuneful and relevant message. The tune talks around the existing world and forgetting around the past.

11. “Seventeen”

Artist: Alessia Cara

Album: Know-It-All

Genre: Pop Music

Year Released: 2015

Facts about “Seventeen”

“Seventeen” is just one of the many memorable pop songs about being 17 created by Sebastian Kole.The tune is the opening track of Alessia Cara’s very first studio album Know-It-All.The track is about a present of life walking by too fast. In ~ 19, the personality in the song wishes she might go ago to when she was 17 years old and also agree v her parents every the time.Alessia Cara was about to rotate 18 as soon as she, she dad, and also Sebastian thought of composing the song.

12. “At Seventeen”

Artist: Janis Ian

Album: Between the Lines

Genre: Pop Rock and Soft Rock

Year Released: 1975

Facts about “At Seventeen”

“At Seventeen” is a pop-rock ballad song around a social outlier in a high school.The track talks about a story that a not-so-loved girl who explains life together unfair and biased.Janis Ian revealed in one interview that the item highlights the feeling of alienation while cultivation up at 17.“At Seventeen” winner the Grammy award for ideal Female popular music Vocal Performance.The tune peaked at #3 ~ above the Billboard warm 100 and also sold numerous albums worldwide.

13. “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”

Artist: Meatloaf

Album: Bat out of Hell

Genre: Hard absent Music, Glam absent Music, rocker billy Music

Year Released: 1978

Facts around “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”

“Paradise by the Dashboard Light” is just one of the ideal classic rock songs around 17 recorded by Meatloaf and Ellen Foley.Meatloaf revealed the the original length of the songs was 27 minutes. Then, they reduced it come 8.5 minutes.The songs reminisce the young days wherein you deserve to experience high school couple dates in ~ 17.Meatloaf to represent a 17-year-old character wanting to have actually sex in a auto with a girl for the very first time.

14. “17”

Artist: Youth Lagoon

Album: The Year of Hibernation

Genre: Indie rock Music

Year Released: 2011

Facts about “17”

Trevor Powers and also Youth Lagoon created the tune “17” and also recorded it in a studio in Boise, Idaho.The tune talks around innocence and untainted joy during the character’s youth.The many potent line in the tune talks around dismay and hopefulness in life that we need to not protect against imagining in ~ 17. The lyrics say that “The day that you carry out is the day that you die.”Trevor Powers was nostalgic around the time that spent once he was 17 year old.

15. “Let’s Go”

Artist: The Cars

Album: Candy-O

Genre: Rock Music, new Wave Music

Year Released: 1979

Facts around “Let’s Go”

“Let’s Go” is a track by The Cars about a young girl that loves the nightlife. The songwriter revealed the he acquired the characters of the music indigenous his observations from the people around him.The main character, a guy, do the efforts to get a day from a 17-year-old girl yet gets rejected.The song peaked in ~ #14 in the joined States and also different countries.

16. “Seventeen”

Artist: Stone Cold Fox

Album: Memory Palace

Genre: Rock Music

Year Released: 2014

Facts around “Seventeen”

“Seventeen” talks about heartbreaks at very early age.“Seventeen” is one of the most familiar songs about being 17, where the key character in the song shows on him being 17 when life has actually no hassle.The song came to be popular because of its amazing music video concept, whereby it all began with the key character’s friends cheering him up and helping come forget the pain.

17. “Born in Chicago”

Artist: Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Album: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Genre: Blues Music

Year Released: 1965

Facts about “Born in Chicago”

“Born in Chicago” is a blues song around 17 taped and revitalized by multiple artist such together Jesse Colin Young, Joe luigi Walker, and also Tom Petty.The song largely talks around awareness the societal concerns such together gun violence.Nick Gravenites, one American blues, and also rock singer-songwriter, composed the lyrics of the song. The song explained a team of young friends, most likely at 17, associated in gun violence.

18. “That Girl has Love”

Artist: Rooney

Album: Rooney

Genre: Pop Music

Year Released: 2003

Facts about “That Girl has Love”

“That Girl has Love” is among the saddest songs around being 17 together it talks around life discouragements and suicide. The track tells the story of a girl who committed suicide while struggling to see the an excellent in her almost perfect life.“That Girl has Love” is a memorial love track describing a special girl and also her life before taking her own life.

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19. “This Year”

Artist: The mountain Goats

Album: The Sunset Tree

Genre: Alternative Music and Indie Music

Year Released: 2005

Facts around “This Year”

“This Year” won the optimal Song Award for Guardian Australia’s good Riddance 2020 Playlist.The widely beloved single talks about the solemn event of eras and also cultures worldwide, which promotes commonality.The track is also around reminiscing teenage memories.The song likewise talks about being trapped in a depressing residence as a teenager as result of an abusive stepfather.

20. “Rock Show”

Artist: Blink 182

Album: Take Off her Pants and also Jacket

Genre: Pop Punk

Year Released: 2001

Facts about “Rock Show”

“Rock Show” is a lead solitary from Blink’s fourth studio album.The song is mainly around meeting a 17-year-old girl at a rock concert influenced by the band’s experiences touring about rock clubs in mountain Diego. The “feel-good” song came to be popular because of its catchy and also cool tune and also lyrics.The music interprets the feelings and also thoughts, i m sorry subsequently drops in love through a concert girl.The monitor peaked at #2 ~ above the Billboard contemporary Rock Chart and also ranked #71 ~ above the Billboard warm 100.

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