In Maths, the line of the opposite is the line the passes through the centre of the shape/object and also divides the form into identical halves. That is an imaginary heat or axis that the object. The line of the contrary is likewise known together the axis of the opposite or the mirror line. We are already acquainted v the hatchet symmetry, i beg your pardon is a balanced and also proportionate similarity found in 2 halves of an object, that is, one-half is the mirror image of the other half. In this article, we space going to learn what is a heat of symmetry, two lines the symmetry and also the shapes having two present of symmetry v examples. 

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What is line of Symmetry?

Let united state take up an task to know the line of symmetry. Speak you room asked to carve a ‘heart’ the end of a item of paper. Because that the heart to be perfect symmetrical, you wrinkles the record into half and draw half of the heart along the fold. After ~ cutting and opening the fold, you discover the symmetrical heart. The vertical fold along which girlfriend made the love is the line of symmetry.

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Now try to find some other fold along which the perfect symmetrical heart might have been cut out. You wouldn’t uncover any, would certainly you? It deserve to be concluded right here that the love shape has only 1 line of symmetry. Us have currently seen the instance of a form with one line of symmetry. However, numbers with more than one line of symmetry likewise exist. In fact, a shape might have:

No heat of symmetry, which suggests that the number is asymmetricalOne line of symmetryTwo lines of symmetryMultiple (more 보다 two) currently of symmetry.

For now, permit us focus on shapes with 2 lines that symmetry.

Two currently of Symmetry

If the shapes can be divided into two equal components with 2 lines, climate the forms are said to have actually two currently of symmetry. The line of symmetry deserve to be a horizontal line of symmetry, vertical heat of the contrary or diagonal heat of symmetry.

Two lines of symmetry Shapes

Now, permit us have a look at several of the shapes having two lines of symmetry.

A rectangle


A rhombus


Alphabets prefer H and also X


An hour glass


A reduced Out From double Fold

Let us carry out an activity to acquire a figure with two lines that symmetry.

Take one A4-sized paper of paper. Fold it right into two same halves, say follow me the vertical. Fold it again, upright this time. Draw some style along the folds and cut it out. Open the fold. The shape that you obtain by following this procedure will have actually at the very least 2 present of symmetry.



Determine the number of lines of symmetry because that the complying with figures:


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A number is stated to have actually two present of symmetry if a number can be split into 2 equal parts with two lines.