The mystery Life the the American Teenager: Season six Plans Revealed by series Creator

by Regina Avalos, October 29, 2015


The mystery Life that the American Teenager to be cancelled through ABC household two years ago, however there space still loyal fans the were left unsatisfied through the finishing of the series. The finale was left open-ended with Amy moving to new York.

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After the cast reunited because that a wedding recently, the reunion generated brand-new interest in the series and the ending. Fans want to know what would occurred to the characters if the series continued to air. MTV asked the creator that the series, Brenda Hampton, that question, and she gave a really detailed answer.

She revealed the Amy did relocate to new York, and she continued to be in new York. However, she go not remain alone in new York City. After a pair of years, her whole family, including her son and also his father moved to brand-new York City to be v her.

“The cross-country travel while taking on university was just too stressful because that Amy, yet no one wanted to see her abandon her dreams so everyone involved her. That’s right, Grandpa George, Ricky and also John every in an apartment in Brooklyn Heights, every so Amy could be with John more often while obtaining her degree. Yet they were a safe distance away over the Brooklyn Bridge, and also she continued to be in the dorm because that a couple of years.”

After college, Amy started a career in documentary films and Ricky went for the service side that things, and also he functioned to open a rapid food chain.

As fans have the right to see, Brenda Hampton, knew precisely where she wanted to take Amy and the remainder of her family members on The an enig Life the the American Teenager. She had actually it all planned out, but the collection was cancelled after ~ season five. There was not a sixth season.

MTV likewise asked if that was feasible to bring earlier the series, and also Hampton made it clear the was no possible. She did take it a moment to say thanks to the loyal fans that did clock the series while the aired.

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“Because this is the fact of producing a long-running series, that very an overwhelming to keep all the actors with each other over the years. Hey, it’s challenging to save fans as well! so I desire to give thanks to all the fans that watched us for five seasons and for tho caring what happens to Ricky and also Amy and also everyone in “The mystery Life that the American Teenager” family.”

Check out the MTV short article to uncover out much more about what would taken place to the other personalities on the series. Would certainly you have actually wanted to check out Brenda Hampton’s plans because that The mystery Life the the American Teenager play the end on the tiny screen? Tell united state what you think.