Sometimes pan don’t know just how stars yes, really feel around their duties until they’re done through them. Secret Life the the American Teenager finished years back and Shailene Woodley has no problem saying she feeling “stuck” in the role by the finish of it. Find out why she struggled with playing Amy Juergens and more.

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‘Secret Life the the American Teenager’ had a cliffhanger ending

The display started through Amy being pregnant. She had her son, tiny John and also tried to number out continuing school and dating from there. It finished in 2013 with a cliffhanger ending. Amy made decision to leave for new York when Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) remained behind with John.

Show creator Brenda Hampton explained what occurred after the cliffhanger. “Amy did no come ago from new York,” she told MTV News. “After a couple of years, Ricky and John moved to new York, together with George, Amy’s dad and John’s grandpa. The cross-country travel while taking on university was simply too stressful because that Amy, yet no one wanted to view her give up her dreams so everyone involved her.”

Hampton additionally revealed even if it is Amy and Ben (Ken Baumann) get back together. “As far as Amy and Ben, it just took her a brief time come realize the she really did love Ben, however only as a friend, what could have been had actually she not gotten pregnant wasn’t what she want at all,” claimed the creator. “And yeah, ns think they did have actually sex to find that out.”

Shailene Woodley formerly said the present went versus her integrity

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The star has spoken out against the display recently. She called Flaunt that she wasn’t happy with how the role changed.

“I’m extremely grateful because that it,” she said. “It was a terrific five years of my life, yet towards the end, morally, the points that we were preaching ~ above that show weren’t really aligned through my own integrity.”

Woodley continued, “So that was a bit difficult to display up to work-related every day understanding that us were going to project every one of these themes come thousands—millions—of young adults across the country, when in reality they no what i would choose to be sending out.”

Woodley said she was stuck


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The actress talked around not always agreeing with the script of the show. She still had actually to proceed doing it offered her contract.

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“When i signed onto Secret Life, I check out episodes and I signed a contract for six years,” Woodley said Bustle. “ all hit home. I had actually friends in high school who to be pregnant. The felt like every little thing that I wanted to it is in sending right into the world.”

Eventually the personalities started focusing much more on abstinence. “There were a the majority of things the were written into the scripts that not just me, yet a lot of the cast, do not agree with,” she said. “There were belief systems the were pushed that were different than mine own. However legally i was grounding there.”

She continued, “To this particular day it’s among the hardest points I’ve ever before had come do. So gift on Secret Life propelled me come be more vocal about my own id systems.”

The actress has because moved ~ above to other roles. Her most recent one is playing Jane Chapman on Big small Lies.