The SEC Network dead its first live college football video game Thursday night as soon as Texas A&M and also South Carolina open the season.

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SEC Network launched Aug. 14. Prior to the launch, ESPN, which own the network, reached deals with a many major cable and also satellite operators, consisting of DirecTV, Time Warner Cable and also Comcast.

DEITSCH: Tebow committed to SEC Network for long-term

Below is channel information for SEC Network on countless of the major cable providers.

What channel is SEC Network?

Comcast XfinityVaries indigenous market-to-marketChannel 1738 (HD), 792 (SD)

Time WarnerChannel 384 (HD/SD)

DirecTVChannel 611 (HD/SD)

Dish NetworkChannel 408 (HD/SD), 404 (Hopper)

AT&T U-VerseChannel 1607 (HD), 607 (SD)

Verizon FiOSChannel 575 (HD), 75 (SD)

CenturyLinkChannel 1607 (HD), 607 (SD)

Cox Cable Channel 1077 (HD)​, 77 (SD)

Charter Communications: Channel 811 (HD), 30/318 (SD)

ROUNDTABLE: keolistravelservices.com’s university football writers on the SEC Network

More ~ above Texas A&M vs. South Carolina

The Gamecocks have won 14 right season openers and also enter on an 18-game house winning streak, the longest current streak in the country. The Aggies will be play their very first game there is no Johnny Manziel. It will be the team's very first Thursday night game keolistravelservices.comnce Kevin Sumlin take it over as coach in 2012.

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