A famed family’s grief spilled end in court Friday as Carroll O’Connor’s daughter-in-law recalled the critical days of she husband Hugh’s tormented life and visits to the guy she believes provided him through cocaine.

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Angela O’Connor, struggling for composure, finally burst into tears together she told jurors in the slander trial of Carroll O’Connor around her husband’s drug-induced self-destruction on the job of their third wedding anniversary.

Across the courtroom, Carroll O’Connor’s face reddened and also his wife, Nancy, wept.

“I called him,” Angela O’Connor stated of her husband’s critical day. “It to be our wedding anniversary. I wanted to see how he to be doing.”

Angela O’Connor and also her son had been living through her in-laws in the weeks preceding Hugh O’Connor’s death.

“How to be he doing?” request O’Connor lawyer Lucy Inman.

“Not good,” replied Angela.. “He to be hallucinating, thinking our conversation was being broadcast over the neighborhood.”

A short time later, she said, Hugh O’Connor referred to as his father and also said he to be going come shoot himself. The elder O’Connor called police, and also the family rushed to the son’s home.

“I had no idea I would certainly arrive and also be told he was dead,” she said, dissolving in tears.

Superior Court judge Malcolm Mackey recessed court for having lunch at that point.

Earlier in the day, Carroll O’Connor testified the he wanted to damage Harry Perzigian, who is suing him, “in the worst way,” yet insisted he never ever intended come incite violence against Perzigian.

Perzigian, 41, is suing Carroll O’Connor because that slander over his commonly televised remarks about Perzigian ~ his 32-year-old son’s self-destruction in 1995.

Perzigian has actually admitted share cocaine with the actor’s boy for years and also even supplying it, but said he never sold it to him because that profit and also considered self the young actor’s best friend.

Perzigian offered a short prison sentence because that possessing and also furnishing cocaine after ~ Hugh O’Connor’s death.

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Under questioning by Perzigian’s attorney, O’Connor the admitted that had asserted on TV: “I want to injury him in the worst way.”

“Harm yes, not physical harm,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor additionally said he assumed it would certainly be widely interpreted that that was talking figuratively once he branded Perzigian a “partner in murder.”