In Russian, friend can readjust the order or native in the sentence without losing the meaning, so girlfriend can likewise say:

Я люблю́ тебя́.

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Both phrases average the same: I love you.

To to speak I love friend too use:

Я то́же тебя́ люблю́.

Let’s try to be more verbose. Here are some more useful romantic Russian phrases:

Я люблю́ тебя́ всем се́рдцем.I love friend from the bottom of mine heart.

Я люблю́ тебя́ бо́льше всего́ на све́те.I love you much more than anything.

Я тебя́ обожа́ю.I adore you.

Я не могу́ без тебя́ жить.I can’t live without you.

Я хочу́ быть с тобо́й.I desire to be with you.

У меня́ к тебе́ чу́вства.I have feelings because that you.

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Listen come "I love you" in Russian

The audio recording has all the examples (in bold and also blue) provided above.

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полюби́ть Verb , perfective
to loss in love, to flourish fond of, to pertained to like

влюбля́ться Verb , imperfective
to loss in love

любо́вь Noun , feminine

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