We have the right to round number to certain accuracy or come a details unit place. This is provided to make calculation much easier to do and also results simpler to understand, when precise values are not also important.

First, you have to remember your location values.


Rounding whole Numbers

The numbers have the right to be rounded to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, and also so on.

as soon as rounding a number, very first identify the rounding digit. Then follow the complying with two rules.

( a ) If the number to the appropriate of the round off digit is 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 ,     or     4 (that is, much less than 5 ), then store the round off digit and change the rest of the digits ideal to the rounding digit to zero.


round 234 come the nearest hundred.

very first identify the round off digit.

2 34

currently look in ~ the digit simply to best of it.

The number in the hundreds place is 2 and also the number ideal to 2 is 3 .

because 3 is much less than 5 , store 2 as it is and readjust the rest of the digits to zero on right.

So to the nearest hundred, 234 is rounded come 200 .


come the nearest tens, 43 rounded come 40 .

come the nearest hundreds, 619 rounded come 600 .

to the nearest thousands, 3367 rounded to 3000 .

( b ) If the number come the best of the rounding digit is 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 ,     or     9 (that is, greater than or same to 5 ), then add one to the rounding digit and readjust the remainder of the digits appropriate to the round off digit come zero.


ring 261 to the nearest hundred.

an initial identify the round off digit.

2 61

now look at the digit simply to appropriate of it.

The number in the hundreds location is 2 and also the number ideal to 2 is 6 .

since 6 is better than 5 , add 1 come 2 and readjust the remainder of the number to zero ~ above right.

So to the nearest hundred, 261 is rounded come 300 .


to the nearest tens, 46 rounded come 50 .

to the nearest hundreds, 353 rounded come 400 .

come the nearest thousands, 4732 rounded to 5000 .

See also rounding Decimals .

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